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British Columbia, Canada Review updated:
I went to CanScribe and after what has been done to me, i now have to let everyone out there know the truth behind this institution. First off, they are very good at selling! They will they you feel as if you have chosen the best school hands down and will tell you that they are associated with one of the biggest canadian transcription companies, Accentus, and thus, if you get high marks, you will most likely get hired by Accentus. After what i read about Accentus, the plethora of complaints and such really prompted me to speak out about this school and how it now seems to me that both CanScribe and Accentus have something going on that is most disturbing. When i chose this course, i thought about the working from home advantage and how that alone would save me on gas, money, clothes, etc. The more i got into the course, the more i realized that the way the transcription part was done was completely wrong. The first part of the course was easy as pie, then the transcription part happened and there was literally no rhyme or reason whatsoever! It was complete madness! The dictations were so hard that even one of my instructors could not do a couple of them, yet as a student, i was expected to do it! It was so discouraging and so hard, that several times, myself and my friends wanted to throw in the towel. Unfortunately, Canscribe is the MOST EXPENSIVE online school for medical transcription out there, so i really didn't feel like losing my money and decided to keep going. I finally graduated and so far, all of the companies that have interviewed me were just plain awful, if it wasn't the work, it was the rate of pay! This is not a career where you are going to make money, get that out of your head right now! I have a friend who was actually 'blacklisted' by this company because of a huge misunderstanding, she finally got a good job at a hospital and i guess that's where you are most likely to get something that makes sense (they even went as far as to give her a bad reference! and she paid for this course, they have no right doing this!). My opinion, keep it local! Go to a local college and you'll be much better off!


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  16th of Nov, 2011
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Have you tried contacting the school to see if they can help you? They have unlimited grad support.
  16th of Nov, 2011
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The school has completely denied me any support of any kind as per their wonderful Dictator/Director. I was told this by their secretary that as per the Dictator/Director, that i will not be given any support of any kind, and i paid in full for this course! As far as i'm concerned, i hope they get theirs in the long run, until then, i will NOT stop tearing them down and showing them for what they are! I stand by what i say, to go to a local college or if you really are interested in MT work, please think twice as this is not something rewarding, i've talked to too many ppl out there, it's a bloody shame, but i suppose that's life. Peace^^
  11th of Jan, 2012
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I tend to agree to an extent. My experience with them was great during the course. The so called support afterward just does not exist. They send out emails all the time that companies are hiring...they're not. In fact I have an email from a large company that they "deal" with that says they are not hiring the same day the email came out from CanScribe! The course itself is good, the people there are supportive as long as your are paying...good luck once you leave. There are so many hospitals that have gone to voice recognition that the transcription jobs are diminishing. I do have a job at home related to transcription but I am utilizing nothing from the course. The people in student services need to be let go!
  7th of Feb, 2012
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Hello Youronyourown. Please do not hesitate to call CanScribe for help in your employment search. We are here for you every step of the way. There are many medical transcription service providers willing to give a new graduate an opportunity. I am pleased to hear that you have gained employment, however, if you need further assistance, please let us know. We are truly here to help.

Warm regards,

Carolyn McEwen
CanScribe Career College
  8th of Feb, 2012
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HAHA oh wow, , , so hilarious, , so hey Carolyn, you copy and paste that all over in every complaints board? Tsk Tsk Tsk, oh Carolyn, really, accept the truth that we all clued in about your scam school and i'm talking about Career Step and CanScribe, you're both the same. These schools should be banned.Period.
  21st of Jul, 2012
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Once they receive your money...they are not helpful at all. I have had nothing but headaches and discouragement from taking this course. I would not recommend it to anyone. I agree first part was fantastic, the actual transcription is horrible and working in this field..I can tell you you hardly find transcription like this. I was full-time as I did not have a job...20 hours per week, no problem. Soon as I found a full-time job I could not keep up with the 20 hour week deadline..so I asked for some slack. Temporarily a 4 hours/week was taken off the 20 hours a week. Then I get an 2nd absence letter stating they will cut me off and have financial aid start harassing me. Not an understanding group of people. I was also told not to worry before the 2nd notice f, that I could receive an extension. Fine, I thought I can work and do this as well...It has been HELL...so now I am under a tremendous amount of stress working at a hospital downtown, trying to perform my 20 hours/week, knowing if I don't I will be cut off...What kind of school is that. I am extremely disappointed in this program...
  4th of Oct, 2012
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I too am a Canscribe graduate, but, so far they have been great with me! I am just starting my practicum and everyone there has been very supportive. I researched what transcription was all about before taking the course, and acutually knew a transcriptionist a few years ago who loved it! I can work around kids and husband, it is perfect. Medical is a 24/7 ongoing world and I know that going in. I am sure that there are stories like mine out there as well, good I mean!!
Sandi, Calgary, Alberta
  5th of Nov, 2012
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Report them to the Better Business Bureau...they have an A+ rating...sounds like they don't deserve it.
  22nd of Nov, 2012
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I am also a CanScribe grad and they are the best seconday school I have ever attended. I was worried about taking a course online, but it worked out great. I have absolutely no complaints about the school and refer people to it all the time.
  23rd of Nov, 2012
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First of all, reading many of the complaints, I noticed immediately that many of you have difficulty with spelling, grammar and punctuation. It is, therefore, no wonder you can't get through this course. The dictations presented in the course are difficult on purpose. This helps a person learn. It is frustrating and difficult, yes. BUT, I feel as though I am learning because of this. I have had very good support from the Canscribe staff and all my questions are answered quickly. The only problem I'm having is the American spelling and medication trade names. The Canadian version of the course really should be more Canadian. That really shouldn't affect the overall course negatively though. So, so far I am enjoying the CanScribe Medical Transcription course and I feel it is worth every cent I paid!
  23rd of Nov, 2012
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I certainly didn't write it like that!! Oh well, the message is still pretty clear. :) I guess I should not write contractions! OOPS!
  17th of Dec, 2012
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Due to an injury, I had to change careers after being in it for 35 years. I had heard so much about how medical transcriptionists were so desperately needed. I researched the colleges that offered the MT course and found so many positive comments from people who had taken their educational training at CanScribe and that I can take the course online from home; that made my mind up for me, CanScribe it was.

The staff at CanScribe are always willing to help you if you are stuck, confused, or need clarification about any subject in the course. I have nothing but GOOD things to say about CanScribe and how they helped change my life in such a positive way. With being disabled, I have many hurdles to overcome, CanScribe has helped me tremendously.

The one thing that really made my mind up was the fact that CanScribe uses the Career Step software. Most of the better employers for medical transcriptionists look to see what training you took. I was told by the company that employed me, that they LOVE CanScribe graduates because of the training they receive.

Since I completed my educational training, almost 2 years ago, I have been employed and I actually cannot wait to get up in the morning and go to work. And if I want to, I can go right to work in my pajamas as I can work from home.

Check it out, and if you want to be your own boss then seriously consider taking the CanScribe Medical Transcription Course.

  22nd of Dec, 2012
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CanScribe IS a good school, and many of their graduates have gotten medical transcription jobs. However, the way things are going with the amount of money one can make in this industry, unless you are not depending upon this job for your existence, I wouldn't recommend anyone to get into it, regardless of what school they attend.

I graduated from the CanScribe course in late 2005. Within three weeks of graduating, I landed a contract with one of the biggest medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) in Canada. After five months with them, I moved on to another of the biggest companies in Canada, and was grossing around $2000/month within my first month. Mind you, it took me 10-16 hours a day, seven days a week, to make that much.

Within a couple years, I got faster and was able to make that $2000 in, on average, five hours per day, four days per week.

The sad news is, though, that even though I now have nearly seven years of experience under my belt, my rate of pay has not gone up, but, rather, it has gone down twice. This is the trend for almost every other medical transcriber with whom I have had contact - and I'm talking hundreds of them, as I started an online support group for our industry in 2006, called Canadian MT Forums. Check it out and see for yourself. The old forum is set to be read-only at the end of 2012 as a new and improved ad-free board has been started by a friend and colleague of mine.

Here is the old site: www.atfreeforum.com/canadianmt/
Here is the new site: http://www.canadianmt.ca/canadianmtforums/forum.php

Please note that the messages in these groups are viewable by members only, so if you are not a member, you will need to apply to join.

MTSOs know that there is a plethora of new graduates coming out of the schools, willing to take a pittance for pay just to get their foot in the door after all the expense and stress of the course. We're talking pay rates as low as 3 cents per line (when I started working in January 2006, I was being paid 11 cents per line, and that was one of the highest rates in Canada), or 50 cents per dictated minute, the worst rates being offered to those doing voice recognition (VR) editing, some of which can be more quickly re-typed than edited, what with all the jumping around the report to correct the VR mistakes.

The bottom line is that if you want to work from home in an industry that is dying due to VR and off-shoring bringing our income level down, go for it. If you can afford the thousands of dollars and months it takes to complete the training, have at it. CanScribe is a good and supporting school from which to develop your skills, but unless something changes to make this a financially worthwhile career choice, there may be no more CanScribe, nor other schools offering MT courses, able to stay in business, as word gets out concerning the sad direction this industry is taking.
  4th of Feb, 2013
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I graduated from CanScribe this month, applied to 3 companies that they directed me to, and was offered a job by all 3 companies. The support throughout the course was excellent. The instructors always get back to you within a few hours, and the online assistance provides instant help whenever you need it. CanScribe remained in touch after my graduation, e-mailing me information about companies that were hiring, and offering future assistance should I require it.
The course is not something you can rush through or pass without commitment, but that is the whole point!! Why make the course easy or irrelevant to the job you will be doing after you graduate? I thought this was an excellent course, and all 3 companies I applied to said how impressed they are with the skills of CanScribe graduates.
Bottom line: This job is not an instant money-maker, but that is not down to CanScribe. Research the job before starting an expensive course so you know what to expect.
  25th of Apr, 2013
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I am almost done the CanScribe course, and so far it's been great. Yes, it's hard, yes, some of the dictations are virtually impossible. But they're supposed to be. I've gone back to some of the ones I did a few months ago and can't imagine how I couldn't understand what was being said. It's so clear now. This is how we learn; by practice and repetition.
One idea is that if you're continuing to write 'I" in lower case, then perhaps transcription is just not the right career for you.
  23rd of Jun, 2013
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The Medical Transcription course at CanScribe was very difficult, however the staff are excellent and will help you with any problems/ complaints you may have. They continue to keep in touch with you and send job opportunities to you after you graduate until you get a job or contract.
  15th of Dec, 2013
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I graduated from Canscribe over a year ago. The day I graduated I was offered a job and have been with that company since. I enjoyed the course and the instructors. I always had help whenever I asked for it. I received phone calls just to see how I was doing. When they say to dedicate 20 hours a week, the actual number is more like 40 hours a week. I took a little longer because I wanted to ensure I understood everything and my marks reflected that. CanScribe trains you, they don't place you in a job. What other postsecondary does? I found the program difficult in parts, mostly the super crappy dictation files. Being in the real world, the files are not like that. Very seldom do I ever get bad audios. Having said that, the horrific files served their purpose and made me sharper. I can't say anything bad about CanScribe. Would I do it again? Definitely.
  8th of Jul, 2014
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Please reconsider taking this course if you are expecting a baby or have a newborn. Do you have a quiet place to study, regularly, during the day? You are unlikely to keep up with the practicum schedule if you have children around you. The book learning was easy, but the practicum impossible to do in a timely way with noise around. Are you hard of hearing at all? Then the muffled and accented voices on the audio files will make it much more difficult for you. All this might be overcome if you have double the required hours, daily, to work on the practicum. There is no mercy for falling behind, even if you have a newborn. This lack of compassion has turned me off of conventional medicine completely. I am becoming a herbalist, and having no difficulty with it.
  20th of Mar, 2017
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@Brisec I completely disagree...I had a 3 year old and was pregnant with my 2nd when I took this course. Half way through the course I had a newborn...I was able to always put in the needed time and complete the course without difficulty. When you are dedicated to something it is always possible. I was always able to keep up with the schedule or to be ahead, so I cant agree with that at all.
  10th of Feb, 2015
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I have been in the MT industry now for a total of 4+ years and graduated in 2010 from Canscribe "THE ONLY" school I would recommend to pursue this industry. It is 100% a transcription course and the extensiveness this course offers from beginning to end has been the definite factor that has lead to so much success. The biggest factor which made me successful in addition was the fact that I had a passion for healthcare, for specifically a career in medical transcription and a focus to succeed. I was not looking for an "at home job to just save money on expenses in the commute." I extensively researched the job, the companies offering jobs, my own skills, my discipline and time management qualities and knew it was for me. This career is VERY CHALLENGING even for the best MTs, but you can most definitely succeed in it, and I have worked 4 years with Accentus, now part of Nuance and as well now MModal and I can tell you if you are skilled in this you will succeed. In my 4+ years with Accentus/Nuance they have been a very accommodating, fair, consistent employment. Granted, the medical industry is changing and that is beyond our control. Long gone are the days where you can sit at a computer typing long easy reports, we are facing the new age of voice recognition and starting out it may seem a bit challenging, but the software programs are improving making it faster process. The learning curve is always very slow in any new job and the first year is a little challenging but if you are in this career for the RIGHT reasons, you will grow in skill and paychecks in time. I know this first hand. I am growing more each day. I was hired IMMEDIATELY upon graduating and have worked steady in my 4+ years with Accentus and now recently Mmodal and I feel confident to continue this path. It is definitely not a career for everyone, and the student needs to do a lot of research before taking the leap into this course. CanScribe does sell, because it is a FANTASTIC program if you are meant to be in this industry. The reports are difficult beacause they are preparing you for the WORST case scenerios out there and when you are a student it all seems hard. I do not encounter the difficult reports on an all day, every day basis, but thankful that I was given the opportunity to train my ear throughout the extensive amount of time I did so I can pick up on words, on accents, on speed, on noise disturbances. That is what this job is, and in the curriculum you are training your listening ear over and over and over again to gain familiarity. You learn soon enough in the course if this job is for you, because reality check, that is what this job will be when you come out, day in and out. There is no other school I would recommend and companies in Canada DO APPRECIATE and favour CanScribe graduates because it is extensive. I consider myself a fantastic MT and I know CanScribe deserves a HUGE part in that. Its the only school I recommend in this challenging but rewarding career.
  5th of Nov, 2015
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I probably should not be writing at this moment because I'm extremely upset with CanScribe. Shame on you for the way you have acted. Shame on you for the way you have conducted yourself with my 18year old daughter. I will NOT recommend. I will talk to anyone who even thinks of enrolling of how we were treated. I hope you sleep well at night. Taking FYI when talking to potential "young" people who are planning on a great career with your company. Make sure you explain. NOT tell them but EXPLAIN your policy. Better yet, re write it so it is clear.
Well done canscribe thank you for hearing my words. I take back what was said and will definitely recommend you from this time on.

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