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L San Diego, CA Review updated:

Our dog was recently killed by another dog while staying here overnight. He was a six pound Pomeranian left unattended (and unwatched) overnight with 20-30 lb dogs for over 12 hours.
This complete lack of supervision is NOT how their services were described to us, and it is clearly unacceptable for this to have happened. We were always told the toy dogs stayed in a room alone and that ALL dogs were watched 24/7... well, I found out that their definition of this supervision is having two tenants who live in apartments upstairs who aren't even associated with Camp Diggity Dog! They're not even allowed to "open the doors and turn on the lights, because they do not want disturb the dogs" in the middle of the night.
Their website and front desk reps always told my fiancee and I that our two dogs (Bailey, the Pom and a 40-pound Bulldog) would be kept separated at night due to their size differences. We were told they'd only play during the day, with supervision. This was fine because we understood the size differences and all.
My Pom was left in a room with at least five other dogs, including our bully, and two other dogs who were described to us as "20-30 pounds"... one of which was better described as, "12-13 years and irritable". The owner believes that this 'irritable' dog is to blame but said that he won't even contact this owner to discuss this matter!
The owner tried to pay us off to stay silent... he then had every review I posted on Yelp removed immediately. I am only telling the truth here! I have a necropsy and other solid (attorney confirmed) proof that what I am saying is 100% accurate.
I would STRONGLY recommend finding somewhere safer to board your dog so that you have a wagging tail and warm lick to come home to next time you travel away. Please be 100% sure of who you trust your four-legged buddies with. Word of mouth (how we found Camp Diggity) is unfortunately not enough :(

Camp Diggity Dog


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      Aug 26, 2009

    So sorry to hear about your dog. I know that nothing they do can bring him back. They sound totally irresponsible. Thanks for the warning.

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  • D
      Sep 18, 2009

    I am so sorry that this happened to you. It is a horrific story and I can't imagine coming home to that when you thought that you had left your pets at a safe place. Thanks for the warning.

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  • U
      Sep 22, 2009

    so sorry, can u email me I have further questions.

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