Camp Australia / over billing

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Since my daughter starting attending Camp Australia's out of school hours care 3 months ago, Camp Australia has not applied the child care benefit to my fees and has consistently charged me the total fee with out the child care deduction. I have telephone Camp Australia on 9 occasions to rectify this and have been told a horrendous list of excuses as to why the deductions haven't been implemented. I have also tried on several occasion to lodge a formal complaint but have be denied so by customer service workers who won't transfer me to make a complaint, they refuse to do so.
I have contacted centre link and they have no record of Camp Australia having ever contacted them, but have confirmed my details are set up.
I have just made a formal complaint through centreline and will continue to do so until this is rectified.
This is ridiculous that you won't apply my benefit and are effectively fraudulently over billing me.

May 5, 2014

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