California Psychics / fraud, unprofessional psychic readers

Burbank, CA, United States

I have read with more than one psychic from this California Psychic. They have some "psychics" that are true to their gift . They are the ones that didn't ask me for my birthday. A representative from California Psychics even invited me to their office in Burbank, California to see what they can to improve their services. I wanted to see what they were about. I went . Their office is located in Burbank adjacent the old NBC studios. It's a telemarketer office with people behind desk with partitions, but with a scenic view of Burbank. No wonder they charge so much. Some of the "psychic readers" would ask you stupid as questions as to what I am calling about... When I said "relationship" they asked me more information. Well if they were psychics, why did I have to give them information. Isn't that why I am paying them money to read for me???? . Little be known to some of these "fake psychics" I am also intuitive and the reading they gave me was so off. I questioned and asked them to clarify on what they supposedly saw... Some of them were to disgustingly rude. I had one psychic yelling at me on the phone (I wondered if she was on drugs) . If I am paying them to read for me, then they need to clarify. Some the psychics were so insistent that they were correct in their readings. I wanted to the tell them, no human being is 100% correct in their predictions. I only know of 1 who's is 100% and that is GOD. Unless they proclaim they are GOD, their prediction is 60% accurate. So they need to stop acting as if they are GOD. If they truly had a gift of psychic vision, they need understand they are using a God given gift and any misleading of their gift does not honor themselves or God. I made a complaint to their company. Apparently the person who read my complaint didn't understand what I wrote, and "apologized for their inaccurate psychic predictions". I complained about the rudeness of their psychics. I also told them that the psychics that are not companied owned are more accurate and cheaper than the ones from California Psychics. Do I want them to refund me? NO.. What I want to let the public that they are not what they seem to be. Some 50% of the readers are so Unprofessional. California Psychics need to get rid of those who are not professional and sympathetic... They will bring your company down. The public should try Meet Your Psychic. They are more professional there.

Dec 26, 2015

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