Buykudhorrific business practices

I ordered the forever hungry "light blue" pullover. It arrived approximately 3 weeks after it was ordered. As soon as my mailman delivered it on a bright sunny dry day, I carefully removed it from it's flimsy plastic package. It was wet! I re-examined the plastic bag... Nothing of interest. The collar was shreded and totally beyond repair. It was advertised as "light blue" but it is gray-green and cannot be worn with my light blue capris for which it was intended. This is the third time i've given buykud a "second" chance. Wrong decision! Previously, I ordered size 40 shoes and was sent size 37 (size not stamped in shoe but it fit my friend who wears a 37 or usa 6 1/2) which I had to give away...; then I ordered a one-size-fits-all (including my size 10-14)... The "long sleeves" were elbow length which I loathe and upper arms too narrow; the custom do-over at the seamtress cost me $70. This company should be eliminated! I've always ordered direct from china which was my small way of saying "good to do business with our new partner in trade"... I feel so sorry for those ordering from amazon because I cant leave a comment on that site for these particular items. Horrific. Unacceptable. Wrong wrong wrong. I am a professional psychiatric clinician retired. We have a saying: the definition of insanity is trying to correct repeated mistakes with the same response. Yes, I am insane for ordering from this company, again. I have sent buykud emails with no reply. I have no intention of trying to recoup my loss by sending it back (impossible according to multiple complaints, anyway); the company rules for a return must be received within 2 weeks of delivery and no damage to item (arrived with damage)... I'm crucified on both counts even though it was damaged before it was packaged. No, I am going to eat my loss as punishment for being such an insane idiot living on a fixed income with 3 university degrees. Fool me once is on you. Fool me twice is on me. Fool me a third time and I admit to being an insane person. Never again. I returned to the page where the item is presented and when "reviews" is clicked... It says "none received"... Oh yes, i'm sure none have been received; i've got a big neon picture in my mind of reviews similar to mine being deleted. Please dont purchase from this company. It must be chinese govt's way of doing damage to well meaning american democrats who believe in being good neighbors to other countries around our world


May 10, 2017

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