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For reasons inexplicable to me, PayPal forwarded my work, instead of my home address as the proper place to send my purchase. I called to explain the error and even had PayPal on the telephone when speaking to your representative. However, rather than trying to problem solve, all the representative was interested in was faultfinding. “Not my fault, not my problem, ” was his take. The fellow’s name was Felix.

So now, as opposed to sending four tires to my home address, the tires are shipping to a high rise building in downtown Los Angeles.

Notably the address to which the tired were shipped, is not the address registered to my credit card.

I have been a faithful eBayer and have had a spotless feedback record for over a decade. In that time I have bought and sold more than $350, 000 in goods. Automobiles, property, vintage guitars, I try to do all my buying-business on eBay. Although I am nowhere near the biggest seller on the site, I am an excellent customer…and by the way, own four family vehicles. In fact, even my boat trailer has tires.

In all those years, in all my eBay deals, I have never had a bad experience until now. It’s not a perfect world, so of course there have been errors, both on my part and sellers, but working them out always was easy; most things are when solving a problem, not finding a fault is the point of a conversation. Not so with Felix, he didn’t care. It wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t his problem.

Please note, all I wanted was my purchase sent to a “PayPal Confirmed Address” Just not my work address. I wanted the tires sent to my home confirmed address. Such a change, according to the PayPal representative, would have been perfectly acceptable, and still protected the company from chargeback. The weird thing is, even if Felix had known my potential as a customer, I still don’t think he would have cared.

That “not my fault, not my problem, ” way of looking at things, is also another way of saying, “not my profit, not my customer” when it comes to rational customert service.

One last thing, at the end of the call, Felix told me that the tires had already shipped. If that were true, that would have solved the problem…or at least ended the conversation, long before he was so insulting. Unfortunately, I called UPS immediately after my call to him, they reported no such shipment had yet been received. Which I think means that you can add dishonesty, to the personality he portrays.


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      Sep 23, 2009

    I ordered 4 shelby wheels from these guys and they we're great. Good price and they came fast

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