Butler Creek Animal HospitalUsed $1000 over what I requested

Yes, my dog is alive and I am grateful for that, however the total bill came out to around 2900 dollars for 4 days. I was told initially it would avg. $400 a day. Which I couldnt even afford, as I am a new business owner. After asking several family members my brother agreed to run his credit for the care credit card. He was approved for $2500. My wife gave them specific instructions to not go over $1500 and to call us for approval if over that amount. We received a call on day 4 saying that we were tapped out. Then a few hours later by some miracle a woman at the vet donated $400 to cover the 4th day. Also the lady that we bought the dog from called and donated $50. So after all this I went to pick up my dog Atlas, I was told I owed upfront $55 which is fine, when I asked the total cost of the visit it totaled over $3000 dollars. The lack of responsibility at this vet is incredible they simply pass the torch to each other until YOUR all fizzled out. They knew credit wise what we were approved for and simply took us for it all. I only made this review, because I feel helpless to do anything else and I would want someone to have warned me. I have a wife and 2 children. We live on a budget like most, $400 a day was expensive, but everyday cost more than that. No surgery, no blood transfusions and no way to account for all the charges. Be warned- this place will drain your wallet, words are meaningless. Money is all that matters here. 01-26-2016.

Jan 26, 2015

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