Bumble And Bumble / Awful, awful, awful

I have done color there before - but never a hair cut. Gia was recommended through the "operator" (i think that was my first mistake). She made me wait for fifteen minutes and no seat with wet hair while she took her purse and snuck outside (i think it was a cigarette break), then she brought me to a chair, didn't say anything and grunted at me when i described what i wanted. In the meantime - someone wheeled away the mirror that was in front of me - so i really had no clue what was going on. She was incredibly rough, caught my ears at least a dozen times with the comb, burnt my scalp with the dryer, and then in the middle just walked away and sent someone else over to dry my hair. She had another appointment.. must have been very important. This was all happening so fast that i unfortunately did not say anything to her - plus she had the scissors. I did speak to the manager - and told my story with eyes full of tears and voice a bit shaky. Chloe, the manager, could not have been nicer, apolgized profusely, comped me for the haircut and offered another person to fix it. I didn't have it in me to have someone else go at my hair - but i am considering trying one of her recommendations - what do you think?


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