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Budget Savers / Scam!!!

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Budget Savers is a scam..They acquire your information from companies you place orders with online. Their phone number is [protected]. Their services are provided by PROVELL INC. P.O. Box 5265, Hopkins, MN [protected]. I want everyone to have this information in case you want to file a suit against this company. They do not cancel even after you call them..I had to make 7 calls for cancellation before they finally canceled. Still not for sure that i am canceled. Hope this information is helpful. good luck to you all.

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  • Ha
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    thank you so much for that information. I came here to begin with because today they had charged my account for the 'membership' and with that phone number i was able to cancel and get a refund. So they said anyway. I'm now going to wait 3-5 business days to see if i got my money back.

    again i appreciate the information.

  • Ms
      9th of Apr, 2010
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    Thank you!!! They called me too, and I am upset, never received anything in the mail. And no contact info, I thought they were a part of the company I placed my order I was on my earpiece driving when they called

  • Tw
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    Darn right I'm filing !!! They charged me $24.95 a day for the past three days...forcing me to have to get new cards through my bank and dispute the charges. I have no idea who they are, or how they got my information !!!

  • Lo
      8th of Sep, 2011
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    it is a con. how they work is they guarantee you free gift cards saying you can cancel anytime but there is a catch. each on of these website makes you sign up and tell you there going to take out a 1.00 to process. what they do not tell you is within 1 month you with be charged 19.95, 24.95 and another 19.95 to use all these services a month. What they do is sell your information for money disclosing your age, your likes to companies to get you hooked. if you cancel you have to wait a month to get a voucher for the gift card. then they say it will take 2 months to process and you will get your gift card. i cancelled them they all have a different contact number but they only give you one number and they tell you its easy to cancel call this number and it will be cancelled all 3. you have to go to their website and get 3 different numbers cancel them all and you get a voucher gift card. shoppers advantage and great fun will send you the gift card 2 months later there legitimate company. however budget savers who sells your personal information will not allow you to get your free cards. you see there trick is they sell you the other 2 legitimate companies Grat fun and shoppers advantage. You will get your 40.00 gift card from shoppers advantage and a 25 american express card from shoppers advantage. I found out that budget savers con is they help get people to sign up for other advertising sites but lie to you on the phone. That is a cover up because anyone who agrees while they are on the phone will be on a journey to switch for numbers. When I called budget savers up they acted like they never called you and did not know the other numbers. this is done on purpose so you would forget about the real ### budget savers. They send you on a rollercoaster ride and lie to you how to get off it they want you to direct this to other companies. Budget savers does not send you gift cards they charge you 1.00 and sell your information like facebook does to make money. facebook sells your info to corporate companies to find out what you like so does facebook to make money but the difference is facebook does not charge a fee. so budget savers makes a 1.00 off of everyone sells your personal info to lots of people and never gives you anything. every month after free trial on budget savers is 24.95. they will let you cancel but will not give you any info on the other two industries great fun and shoppers advantage. bottom line stay away from budget savers they are con artists. as for the other 2 if you go to their websites there numbers are there call them cancel right away send them the voucher back and you will get your gift card 3 months later for trying it out. budget savers lies to you from the beginning and will keep charging you remember if a month is up and your waiting for your gift card to come in the mail then the charge is your fault because your free trial ends after 30 days to get your free voucher takes about 3 months to get in the mail. so they get to charge you 2 months because you did not cancel yet be careful but the bad guys here are budgetsavers. i told them to play a recording of what they told me on the phone they do not because everything they told you is a lie and they try to direct you to the other companies so you forget about the big problem budget savers after 1 month 24.95 shoppers advantage 19.95 and great fun 19.95. shoppers advantage and great fun lets you cancel right away. they send you a voucher you have to sign to get your gift card. about 2 months later you will get your gift card from them budget savers nothing budget savers sends you book where you can save 10 % on gas add the vouchers up they add up to probably 100.00 with your subscription but they lie to you because they guarantee 100.00 gift card and you get nothing. i ordered sunglasses from the home shopping network and after i purchased the glasses a guy from budget savers picked up the phone and said you try this and cancel you will get free gift card and if you try these other 2 you get 2 other gift cards. i said i was not interested he said its only a 1.00 trial cancel anytime and these gifts will be yours absolutely free. i said no he said thank you gave me a phone number hung up and 2 weeks later i saw 3 charges of 1.00 for these things. the glasses i bought was hd sunglasses off the home shopping network. i filed a complaint about them cause i want to know who the heck was this guy when all i wanted was to buy the sunglasses.
    budget savers collects your personal info sells it for a profit to other companies then they hide it by directing youto the two the other 2 companies so u forget about them stay away from them or you will get 50, 00.00 companies calling you you never heard of and they tell me they got my name from budgetsavers. be careful of them.

  • Br
      28th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    Here you go Deborah. You can also contact their customer service by going to their website.

    1(800) 475-1942

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