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Notified Broward Factory Service about a very slow flow of water from the Kitchen faucett.

Service man came to my home, looked at the faucett, and indicated that I needed to replace the faucett.

Never checked to see if there was any accumulated debris within the common filter area or anything else. He just walked out.

I brought issue to the attention of their people including their service manager, who abruptly showed tital disrespect for me with abusive accusations and then hung up the telephone.

In speaking to a manager there, he never directed any attention to what had transpired, but would only ask if he could help. I had already been abused, and I made it clear that I would not accept this form of treatment.

I am confident that should I see legal restitution, the judge will find that there failure to provide the proper remedy in the fixinhg of the faucett.made the contract null and void.

I have been a customer whose record shows very limited calls, and their treatment of me was very abusive!

I am planning to bring this matter before judicial review for recovery of fully paid services that never took place!

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  • Mi
      Jun 28, 2012

    I am not sure if I should be shocked or not, because our story is EXTREMELY similar! The difference being it is our air conditioning unit, and we're under a state wide heat advisory right now! BFS has been a NIGHTMARE for us, and we are also looking in to legal action against this company. The sweet man who bought our warranty for us did NOT pay to have us abused!!!

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  • Bb
      Jul 24, 2012

    I have been without a dishwasher for over a month. The Broward service technician concluded that the 13 year old appliance was beyond repair and recommended replacement. Since I had replacement coverage, they were contractually bound to replace with a new dishwasher of "equal or better" quality. I was told that someone would contact me within a few days to arrange a settlement. After I waited a week I called and was told the manager responsible for replacments was "out of town". I called back a few days later and got him on the phone. He promised to to arrange a buyout so I could purchase an equal machine, or apply it towards one of better quality by paying the difference. He then passed me off to an assistant to get the model number of the broken dishwasher. Meanwhile, I had shopped and priced the exact same machine at $450. After not hearing anything from Broward for several more days I again called and was told that the manager was willing to pay me $200 towards a replacement. I declined and demanded $450, at which point they said they would order the parts and fix it. Three weeks later, the parts are still on "back order" and I have been given no time frame when I can expect a repair. Finally, I insisted that the dishwasher needed to be fixed within a week and was told the tech would be to my house today. They never showed and I never received a call to say he wasn't coming. I can only conclude that this is their standard operating procedure. Their contract says you cannot take action as long as they state they "intend to repair". Their contract, however, puts no time limit on how long they have to repair anything. They can say they "intend to repair" and then let you sit for months if they want to. Broward Factory Service are rip-off artists -- unprofessional and unreliable.

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  • Mi
      Jul 25, 2012

    BBLW I threatened legal action, whether their contract says anything about "intend to repair" or not... they took off with the motor to my air conditioner AND the fan blades, and did not tell me. I honestly felt unsafe around the tech (my dogs certainly did not like him) and their lack of concern led to my fiance nearly suffering heat exhaustion/stroke. They tried to him-haw around with me, but knew that, no matter what clause was in their contract, I meant it when I said there would be legal action. My brother's father in law ended up fixing my air conditioner with the parts they dropped off. I also told them I intended on canceling the warranty and having them repay the seller the money he wasted on it. Funny how it worked when I told them that.

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  • To
      May 08, 2014

    DO NOT allow this company to service your A/C Unit. BFC destroyed my A/C unit due to a faulty repair of compressor in 2012. BFC did not bolt down compressor and also wired wrong. BFC sent three technicians to my home in April 2014 and not one was able to correctly diagnose issue. BFC created a fire hazard and also a electrocution risk due to wiring. BFC sent a technician to my home (while I was not home) to change wiring and refused to send invoice ( I am assuming out of fear of legal action). I have been a customer with this company for 7 years they did well on other household appliances. Manager Cameron is extremely rude and representatives that answer phone lack customer service skills. I contacted corporate who offered to "match price" on a new unit and also advised that technician that installed compressor in 2012 and that misdiagnosed unit April 2014 was "fired". BFC mistake cost me $5, 000.

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  • Di
      Jul 28, 2014
    Broward Factory Service - contract
    Broward Factory Service
    3500 N 28th Terrace
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Have a contract with them that states if they cannot fix appliance they must replace. they have been trying to fix the air conditioner without any success on fixing but have been very successful at make it worse. it is now leaking and making a knocking noise.

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  • Sd
      Jun 26, 2015

    I have had contract for nearly 20 years. This past year have had several issues which they were HORRIBLE at resolving, IE coming back 3-4 times for the same issue.

    This week was the KICKER- Incompetent and Unethical. Had an AC freeze up (8 years old). They came out and said it was leaking freon. They said they would put freon in it and if it still froze up, that meant is had a freon lead and could not be fixed. It froze up again- so Broward tried to see me at $3, 000 dollar AC unit. This sounded "fishy" So I had another company evaluate the unit. They found the unit to be OVER filled with freon, NO leak, and the only problem was the coils needed to be cleaned. Far less than the $3k unit they they tried to see me (even with my contract)... Stay away- Dangerous company.

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  • Fe
      Nov 22, 2016

    Broward in the Hobe Sound area is horrific. They cancel more often than not, , give their techs wrong information so when the techs show up it's for a different job than what you asked for, techs show up without proper supplies for routine inspections, problems, etc. It took one visit from another company to diagnosis and fix something that, for four years, Broward couldn't or wouldn't address And that problem was because Broward installed the duct incorrectly. There is no public information regarding the owner or president, and no way to contact that person. I can''t help but feel this is a company that was handed down to a lazy child who has no idea how to run a business. How many times can you send someone to the same house to fix the same damn problem? Instead of making money on a call, you're losing money because your time and resources are mishandled. Now, after I told them I wanted nothing further to do with them, they keep sending me contract renewals and calling me. Go ahead Broward, keep spending your dime because it's my turn to ignore you and dick you around.

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  • Ps
      Nov 22, 2016

    Yup, I was a 20 year client with 4 properties, The last 2 years they have been HORRIBLE and tried to sell me replacement that were not needed.

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