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I work in company, which recently bought 3 printers from the company It was horrible experience. We got the order on time, but two printers didn’t work at all. We reached their customer services, but they told that it was possible to replace them, but it would cost good price. We paid them money for the replacement, but they did nothing and started to ignore us. These people are scammers and liars, who take money and provide only damaged items. Please post your comments about this company.

Aug 10, 2014

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  • St
      Nov 13, 2014

    Which printer did you buy from them, I purchase br1800 uv printer from them, the printer working well, the service is also very good, I don't konw if you know much about them, why you bouht there machines on time. I konw brotherjet is a good flatbed printer supplier in china. There has some competitor wan't to abuse of them, and some supplier sold faked brotherjet printer, what do you think. I think if you have there machines, there has some problem, your first time is to solve the problem.

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  • Fe
      Nov 13, 2014

    Which country you are from please? I am going to buy a printer from BrotherJet now. please share.

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  • St
      Nov 14, 2014

    I am from USA Brownsville, but these days i stayed in the china for my business. If you wan' to buy, you can get more information from them, believe resolution in yourself, Wish you success.

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  • Br
      Nov 14, 2014

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Matt Meng, working in BrotherJet for 5 years already as marketing manager.
    I am shocked about this comments or complains here, and immediately we tracking your name on our ERP system installed since 2008, but we did not find any of your information or relative contacts with you. Let's make the things clear here as this website is called the MOST TRUSED CB.
    1. If you are a real customer.
    1) Can you please let us know when did you purchase our products?
    2) Which printer model did you purchase? UV/SOLVENT/Textile?
    3) From which service representative you placed the order? We have 15 service representatives in 4 languages, English, Spanish, Russia, and Arabic.
    4) Can you provide a PI number for the purchase? Immediatly we will know the details with this number via ERP tracking system.
    By which way you shipped the printer? Sea or express? BrotherJet is working with DHL as premiur VIP client to DHL mostly.
    5) What kinds of problem you have for the printers? Let's solve the problem on an appointment. If your problem is serious or you can not solve the problem with our support online, then immediately we will send technicians to go to your location and make on-site training and shooting.
    6) And what is your SKYPE ID, as our technical support team are working with skype for the online support 24*7 hours.

    2.If you are not our user but with "BrotherJet" printer.
    1) You baught the printer from other supplier but with Brand BrotherJet.
    A: Which company did you buy from please? Kindly notice: We do not have any appointed resellers in China until now, but many small vendors are selling with a sticked logo BROTHERJET on their products. You can see the following ink:
    We will immediately contact the supplier and sue them with our registered brand.
    B: We can provide support to you on cost. Please submit your problem firstly via email to [protected] and we will check the problems and offer solution to you .

    3. If you are our competitor.
    1) You are from China.
    Maybe you did this by getting permission from your boss, but this is a big pity for all, and you are working in a bad environment for your growth and future.
    Maybe you did this by yourself.
    No matter you did this by what, i will share:
    A: Please stop your scammers and this is not a right way to make competition, the market is transparent and clear. We need to create good marketing situation and tell the users or clients real things. The market is fair, each company has its own customer levels.
    B: Please focus on what you should do. Improve the equipments quality, Improve the service quality, improve the after sales quality, improve the management. As we are working always as always to make improvements to enhance our BROTHERJET brand operations.
    C: It is easy to track your IP by legal way.

    2) If you are not in China.
    Then I think you are cometiting with our agents( Turky, Middle East 11 countries, USA, UK, Germany, Korea, Brazil, Russia, and Australia). If you are in any of the above area or countries, you might have compeition with us directly. But let me know, as we respect all of the competitors and focus for what we shoul do.

    Thanks and your fast response will be appreciated.


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  • Ja
      Nov 17, 2014

    I am also an old Brotherjet users and i live in Aarhus N.Denmark, Europe, My name is jan jacob, from a very earlier time, i began to cooperate with Brothejet, and frist printer, i bought is in 2012, the old A3 solvent models, as our company focus mainly the photo frame printing, a very small workshop, to be frank, i did not contact their after sell service frenquently, as myself is an engineer, photo frame is wood, and then, i need to print white ink. so i also bought their A3 1800 UV printer, in March, i bought the A2 4880 T-shirt for T-shirt printing also.
    The printer comes with some little problems, one time, something with the control pannel, and i contacted them, they send a new one to me soon, small problems.
    In my opinion, although the printer is easy to control, but it is better that you can deal with some samll technical problems, you need to study the printer, and get along well with it, otherwise, very small problems, because of your wrong operation, and you will blame their printers, it is good good, the user manual, and their after sell documents is formative, i suggested you can read it carefully, the most important thing, you need to deep your heart and get along well with the printer yourself

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  • Hi
      Apr 15, 2015

    My first idea is, the positive opinions are written by Brotherjet Asian supporters. Lanuage, gramatics, construction of sentences... it's not american, it's not even european.

    Anyway, some real example:
    We purchased recently (December 2014, delivered at the beginning of 2015) Brotherjet flatbed UV printer (A2+), based on EPSON printer U4880. Before, we heard from them lots about "quality", "support", "the best in the world" and all similar staff. Our impressions and experiences with them are completely different:

    Just before the shipment they confired to us that all is packed in 1 wooden box (1 palette). We trusted this information and gave this instruction to DHL. During the shipment we received from DHL information that we're about to receive 2 separate packages. We asked Brotherjet about this issue. They answered: "sorry, mistake". Their "sorry" and "mistake" meant to us lots of troubles with the courier, custom clearance and addititional costs.

    After receiving we checked if all what we ordered and paid for is delivered in full. We noted that 2 positions are missing. Delivery arrived as not complete. We informed Brotherjet about this fact. They don't send it on their cost. They agree to send it later, when ordering spare parts.

    3.Overall impression on construction:
    Very poor quality. I mean, QUALITY is completely wrong word here. Construction not straigt, not grinded well in the places of welding, corroded steel covers, poor powder coating, The cable holes (which were missing in their construction - someone forgot to cut them) were made by hand drilling tool, all looks really vulgar. Ball screw mechanism is not straigt. Mechanism which moves the printer up is not straight. Machine is shaking during printing. Cables and electronics not secured, some of them even not connected or wrongly connected. Very poor and amateurish mechnical production and assembly. On one side we were mad, on the other we were happy to see how weak they are in comparision with our real European mechanical production and system integration.

    4.Wrongly designed machine:
    This is really serious. These machines should have never been offered to anyone. Machine is offered with flatbed table (800 or 1250mm long) and is supposed to be able to print in any X, Y location you require. It means, if you ask the machine to print in Y=200mm, the printer should move to the right location and should start printing in Y=200mm. And here's the surprise: this can be done only once, just after you switch ON the machine. All further printing operations are repeated in... Y=10mm !
    We checked this well and noted that machine is equipped in some (installed by Brotherjet) amateur sensor, which - after touching with metal tool - is being reseted, and when reseted informs the printer about Y=0 position. However, this is made only once, after the printer is switched ON (metal plate to reset the sensor is installed on the printing head, after switching ON of the printer, the printing head makes several mover, and one of them is reseting the sensor - what gives information about Y=0 position). Later, if you want to continue the printing, the sensor is not reseted anymore and printing in f.i. Y=200mm or Y=350mm is not possible anymore.
    We contacted Brotherjet and informed about this problem. And problem is that they don't consider it as "problem", because - direct citation - "other manufacturers offer the same". The only solution they suggested is to set (in Corel) our design in Y=0mm and move the material (we want to print on) to the front of the table (or outside of the table, if it's really long) and start printing in Y=0mm. It means f.i., if our material is 1200mm long and we want to print a logo in the position Y=600mm (directly in the middle of it), we have to move the material 600mm outside of the table to print in the middle of it. No other option possible... to Brotherjet. In fact, we found out where is mistake is and what/how is should be made. I don't think however, this information is for Brotherjet.

    5. And for the end something very SERIOUS:
    We started finally printing operations. We tested it on printing of simple squares in different colours. We found out that printing head is not printing completely homogeneous colour squares, they are printed with lines without ink. We asked authorized local Epson service support for their opinion about this phenomena. They confirmed that we received from Brotherjet USED HEAD, AFTER REPARATION (not correctly made). They sold us machine which is not equipped in brand new printing head !!!

    Finally, I suggest to avoid Brotherjet and their printers. They are not for the amateurs without deep technical knowledge. They are also not for professionals, becasus it's waste of lots of very expensive time.

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  • Na
      Apr 20, 2015

    My name is Naresh, had purchased BR A3 UV flatbed printer from brotherjet for my phone case printing business. In the beginning, I have no any experience in flatbed printer. They help me so much with very patient. And now after their guidance and training, I have already operated this machine very skilled. Also can realize the printing effect with 3D result, looking like the emboss.
    We mainly supply the personalized and customized design to customers. Now I had opened a online shop. What we do is help users and artists to easily put their designs on products through easy upload, printing, packaging and shipping.
    Our phone cases are very popular in our locak market.Thanks very much for their help.

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  • Sm
      Nov 20, 2018 - uv printer
    United States

    this is not good

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  • Ha
      Mar 06, 2019

    Avoid ArtisJet/BrotherJet at all costs, they are scammers and cheaters. I will upload all files and images inc emails so you can see how they cheat you. I had to deal with Mr Matt. The word exchange or refund does not exist to this company, they sold me a second-hand machine and it has fault from day 1 till now! I did listen to the advice they have given but common guys its 10 months of advice and no solution. I would ignore this company 1000% and go to an alternative company I will also be posting a Youtube post of all the proof and issues to help others not to buy from this company. I am based in the United Kingdom but if anyone considering to purchase this machine from this terrible company than please contact me and I will explain all the issues I and others have faced.

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