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Roundrock, Tx, United States
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Fact: we won a judgement against broadway pools in small claims court!!! The judge was so appalled he awarded all of our money back. Of course, broadway pools refuses to pay, stating they do not have the assets or the means to settle. Yet, they continue to conduct business. They take shortcuts and do not perform the necessary repairs even when requested. They installed a liner that was the wrong size, then blamed us, saying they would replace it if I gave them another $750. They installed the
Liner over holes in the metal walls. The installers tried to cover the dirt holes with paint. They didn't show up with the necessary tools, nor enough vermiculite to complete the installation. They had to borrow our tools, paint and pool brush, which they ruined. The liner fell out from the top and proceeded to float in the pool. We had to purchase the bead lock and install, because they kept trying to use someone else's used bead lock. They installed the liner over the hooks for the safety rope!!! Now the liner is getting a weird trail all over. Looks like trails of ink. Repeat we were award 3k+ and they refuse to pay claiming they don't have the money. Do you really want to do business with a company that doesn't even have 3k??

May 7, 2017

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