Brach'smaple nut goodies 20 oz. and peg bags

I purchased 2 bags of maple nut goodies from my local Walgreens drug store, as I have in the past and had to return them to the store for an exchange- they were hard as rocks. The goodies were also hard as rocks. The dates were dated for two different dates in August 2017. Had to return the exchanged bags. Got my money back. They only had 1 more bag on shelf with the same date. I was at Cracker Barrell yesterday and purchased a 20oz.bag of maple nut goodies and they too are hard as a rock. Best by 6/16/2017.I live in central Florida near Disney World and have never had this problem. I grew up eating these candies as my grandfather did.Please! I thought this was a retailer problem at the Walgreens on Hwy.27 in Haines City Florida 33844. But Cracker Barrell has the same problem in Davenport Florida also. I would like to know where I could get the candies and receive money back for the bag I got from Cracker Barrell. Maybe you could send me quality product without me having to go back and exchange product when they aren't good. Lot of aggravation to do that.

Jan 22, 2017

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