Brach's / jelly beans

I have always looked forward toward Easter. First to thank Jesus for giving his life for my salvation and healing. It's an all year celebration, then I always look for your Spicy Jellybeans. For the several years I have not found them anywhere. The last time I bought them they weren't even very spicy. Very disappointed 😢. Before Hills Dept. Store went out of business, after Easter they marked the jellybeans down to 10( a bag. I bought $10.00 worth 😀😀 the math.
Where can I find your really good SPICY JELLY BEANS??
Edwina L. Zeigler
557 4th St apt 1
PO Box 415
Saint Albans West Virginia 25177
God bless you
Ms. Edwina

Mar 26, 2017

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