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Botach Tactical / Did not get the product I ordered!

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If you are considering placing an order with Botach Tactical, read this first...

I recently placed an order with Botach Tactical in November 2005. The order was for a CQC carbon fiber holster with SERPA technology. I received a holster after two weeks of placing the order. I thought "Wow, that was fast service!" However, after examining the holster, I realized they had sent one with a different finish than the one I had ordered.

I called Botach and explained the mix up with them. They informed that they had to have the original product returned before they could send out the correct one. Origianlly, they wanted me to pay the shipping cost to send back the incorrect product. I then asked to speak with a supervisor (Gabby) and she agreed to send out a shipping label for the product.

I received the label a couple weeks later. Immediately (to reduce any further delays), I shipped the incorrect holster back to Botach.

Then I waited....and waited....and waited. Finally, one and a half months later (mid February) I called and asked what the status of my order was. The reply I got was "we're out of stock on that product, it should be in stock in a couple of weeks."

So I waited for two weeks before I called back again. This time, they stated that it was in stock and it would be shipped out to me immediately. Once again, I waited another couple of weeks and tried to call them back to find out what the order status was. Apparently, Botach has caller I.D., because now they don't even answer the phone when I call. I usually get the automated response which tells me to press 0 for the operater. So, I do. And I wait...and wait...and wait (and listen to the talk radio for a while). Eventually, someone will pick up the line and then immediately hang up on me. This has happened to me for the last three weeks (about fifteen phone calls). Not only do I have to deal with the aggravation of not getting the product that I ordered, but I have also been building up a nice phone bill (as they do not have a toll free number).

Before giving up and just letting them keep the measly $30 I paid for the holster, I made an effort to contact them via email. You guessed response.

Lucky for me, I found this website and am at last able to share my frustration. If you place an order with this company, be ready to sprout some gray hairs. The good news is that eventually you will get so frustrated with them that you will pull out those gray hairs. Good luck!

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  • On
      17th of May, 2007
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    Botach Tactical are fraud, they don't ship products, they don't reply questions, ###! I'm too angry!!

  • Ao
      31st of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    This company *** ***. I ordered about $150 worth of gear from them and 2 weeks later when the stuff shows up at my house only 1/2 of it is there. Seriously????? I tried to call, email, send smoke signals to find out if and when the gear was answer. I don't have the time to *** play around with these ###tards as I am deploying back into the AOR. I am really pissed about having to waste my time to reorder gear i need in country. Save yourself the headaches and go some place else to buy your gear. The prices are tempting, but you will be lucky to get 1/2 of what you order. Save yourself the headaches and go through Grey Group Training, Tactical Response, Crye, or another similar company for your gear. The customer service is far better when you deal with real operators and not some pouges who are out to play "dress-up" in an effort to get your cash.

  • Je
      23rd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree, a totally worthless company. I have placed a total of 5 orders in the past 2 years, and 3 of the 5 had problems. Totally useless customer service, no way to tell if an item is in stock, no communication what so ever. After my 4th order, I gave them a very bad review, as my order hadn't shipped after 3 weeks. The rep on the phone couldn't tell me about my order, but she did give me crap about posting a negative review (so, yes they do have some sort of computer system...). Just cancelled my 5th and last (ever) order, and waiting for a supervisor to call me back. Won't hold my breath...

    As a civilian, this kind of "service" is bad enough; when they screw the troops over, especially those deployed, it is unforgivable. Not one more cent to Botach Tactical. If I didn't live 2K miles away, I'd drop in to let them know what I think of their sorry ###.

  • R2
      5th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    I paid $2, 500 for a gun that cost $1, 400 a week ago & I never heard a word from them despite multiple e-mails, voice mails & they never answered the phone or returned a phone call. I went 6 days with no response from them emailing & calling them every day. I had to file a fraud report with my credit card to get my money back. All I wanted from them was to respond & let me know if they had the gun in stock & if they got the fax from my FFL. While I was waiting for a response from the I kept an eye on there feedback because they already has 50 negative feedback and I seen multiple people leave negative feedback saying they did not get there rifle or botach tactical never responded. I contacted one of them & he said he filed credit card fraud to get his money back because botach never responded to him either. I asked him how long has he been waiting for botach to respond & he said 2 weeks. Since then there has been several more people leave negative reviews on gunbroker that they have not got there riffles either & botach would not respond to them. Botach is the worst company I have dealt with & I did not know they had almost 300 BBB complaints in the last 3 years alone & only 20 out of the 70+ this year were resolved!! Botach is selling on gunbroker with the handle "bkb3423"!!! I will pay somebody $2, 500 to kick me in the balls before I deal with that AHOLE!!!

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