SUBMIT A COMPLAINT India no help, scary company, Beware 022-[protected]

B Mar 20, 2013

Bookmyshow is a scary ticket booking company. There is absolutely no help. Customer service is merely scam with pooja, deepika, sheetal, priya, nancy, julie etc and dozens more names. They will keep on calling you and responding with canned and pretaped /pre-formatted messages. If you are struck with your money, or any other issues, you don't expect any help. Think that your money is lost, or you are spending more energy time and resources than what you actually expect back or value of resolution.
It is not worth.

I have been calling them from last so many weeks, but there is absolutely no help. Ofcourse there are canned frozen messages and regret mails ( automated), but no resolution. You are struck for your life, if you expect any help or resolution.

In these circumstances it is very scary to deal with them in absence of customer service. You are risking your time, peace of mind and ofcourse money.

Watchout if you struck you are struck, you can't get refund easily, cannot expect any resolution.
To me it looks like a near scam and who knows this company will remain in business or not like typical Indian scams with scary customer service? I am being foreigner totally disappointed with the way they work.

Avoid them if you love your peace of mind.

Best way is to avoid using them, if you love your time, money and peace of mind. Company is run by bunch of jokers, firewalled by high school drop out girls working in front office or in customer service.

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