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Bookbyte / Rip off

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This company rips off students who sell their new/used textbooks back to them.

Upon receiving books they lower the value that they offered to give you when you shipped them. Scamming you into selling your books, only for you in return to get less than what you were told to receive. They also "do not receive" and lose books miraculously in the mail, which then you out completely out of your money.

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  • Ar
      28th of Oct, 2009
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    It's hard to be a "total scam" when your rated an A+ from Better Business Bureau Online (

    I've done business with this company numerous times, know the owner, and obviously from your e-mail, it looks like you sent the wrong book in. As it clearly states, you entered an ISBN, and sent in a different book (annotated instructor's edition). So I'm confused as to why it's a scam when they said "contact us, " in which they probably would've talked/walked you through the process of what to do from there.

    Once again, I'll post a link to the Better Business Bureau and their rating of, an A+.

    Shady companies don't get the BBB seal, much less an A+ for trying to rip off people for one book...yes, one book when they deal with thousands each day. what advantage is that to them?


  • Ka
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    Fail to mention how long delivery is (5-20 calendar days) and then there's is no record of your shipment on I will NEVER EVER do business with them again. 7 days and still haven't receive my order and my assignment is due in 2 days. 100% THUMBS DOWN!

  • Ad
      9th of Sep, 2010
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    I'm having the same problem right now. I ordered a book, paid EXTRA for expedited shipping (3-5 business days) and they claimed it was shipped on 8/30 yet it's strange how my order was placed near midnight that same day it was shipped AND there's no shipping history for this book but there was for my other two. They told me to wait another month, wtf? I PAID for the expedited shipping!!!

  • Ri
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    I too had a serious problem with this online book purchasing company. I mailed them one book on Dec. 21, 2010 and did not receive a check from them until April 15, 2011. They claimed the post office lost it. I am a 12 year veteran of the Post Office and I traced the book through the proper channels and determined it was not lost. I had to e-mail them and complain. Then I had to call them and complain. The person on the phone was extremely rude to me. Next I had to file a complaint with the BBB. I then called them again and threatened to publish my story in our local paper. I am a paid journalist. After they proposed two different answers through the BBB, neither of which was acceptable, they managed to somehow find my book and promptly send me a check. There are hundreds of stories similar to mine or worse on the internet. Do a quick search, you'll find the truth. This company is ripping off college students EVERY day. Don't trust this site.

  • St
      25th of Apr, 2012
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    I sold them 6 books April 9, 2012 and they have not sent payment. I cannot physically contact them. I have written two emails. I have also called and been disconnected from the chat server. I will not stop until I get my money or books back. An A rating on the BBB does not mean a thing my friend. You are shady and have bad business practices...AT BEST.

    7:44:54 PM : System: Scott has joined this session!

    7:44:54 PM : System: Connected with Scott. Your Reference Number for this chat is 49579.

    7:45:31 PM : Stacy Wing: Hello Scott are you a live person? I have yet to come into contact with a live person? I would like to know where my cash or books are?

    7:45:59 PM : System: Scott has left this session!

    7:45:59 PM : System: The session has ended!
    Explain this???

  • Je
      5th of Apr, 2013
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    My daughter is having problems getting paid for books she sold. They are marked as accepted, and when she chatted with them, they said that they paid to her PayPal account. I personally checked her PayPal account and there was no payment. When she contacted them again and asked for evidence of the payment, so she could try to track it, she gets the message immediatley that the representative left the session, and then the session has ended. I have emailed them three times with no response, and sent a fax. The site is, and it says on the bottom Powered by BookByte. I'm beginning to think they have no intention of paying, even though they accepted the condition of the books.

  • Im
      30th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    ATTENTION: JerryGR (recent complainer)
    ******* IMPORTANT ***********

    The website "" and "" are two completely different websites. Notice the first one uses the PLURAL version of the word, "textbooks" (with the letter "s" on the end), and the second one uses the SINGULAR version of the word "textbook." Both those websites ( and are COMPLETELY SEPARATE COMPANIES! With COMPLETELY SEPARATE OWNERS!

    The company you are INTENDING to be complaining about is a website owned by Bookbyte called "" (again, notice the word "textbook" is singular).

    In your complaint (maybe you were agitated when you typed it), you mistakenly added an additional letter "s" which makes the word "textbook" plural, and therefore, you mentioned a totally UNRELATED company. The company you mistakenly mentioned in your complaint is "Sell-Textbooks.Com" which is a completely different company, based in a completely different state, which has a pristine reputation, and has been around for over 10 years.

    It is really important that when you go online and complain about companies, that you actually spell the name of the company correctly.

    In conclusion, in a nutshell:
    1.) Sell-Textbook.Com is owned by BookByte, and they are the company you have your complaint with.

    2.) Sell-Textbooks.Com is a completely different company which you have NEVER dealt with, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with your complaint.

    3.) You should come back to these message boards and correct your mistake.

  • Bo
      10th of Sep, 2015
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    I had a bad experience with this website. I ordered two books. One I rented and I put in the wrong apartment number so I had a "discussion" with an attendant to change it. Within the same hour that I ordered that rented book we had changed the address to the correct address. I was feeling good and I put my correct address in the next order on the book that I bought. I hadn't rented anything online before so I only wanted to try it out. I "received" the correct book that I rented according to the tracking service and it sent it to the wrong apartment. I luckily got it because the carrier did not know that there was no such thing as apartment 130 in my complex, but that wasn't the worst of it. BOTH my books I got from this site had the wrong address on it. It said the wrong apartment number on both orders even though I typed in the correct address for my bought book and we changed the address on the rented one. I did not receive my bought book. It was shipped back because the USPS knew there was not apartment "130" in my complex. It was a joke and now I have to get a refund and buy the book again. I would not recommend this website. The service I got to change my address at the beginning was bad because they did not change my address and they put the wrong address on the other book. Do not use

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