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First of all I know that they had a lot of customers okay I have my order taken which band in the fast food business should have no reason for what was going on there was people waiting there food was no food at all what they gave me was to the point where she got every little fire out and what she should have did was had them make more fires am pretty sure that y'all will have more complains today the lady with a different color shirt on I'm guessing she was a manager I wanted to order one more thing then she told me can I just wait one minute I waited over 10 minutes and another worker got on the cash register and was taking other orders or the other people orders and I looked at her and told her I just was in line to order before all of them and you told me to wait and she said that she should have not took him they ordered either but either way the order that I wanted was the tot rounds then she's going to tell me that about 10 or 11 that was in there was the biggest size that it goes I say no there's a picnic sides I know it's more than 10 tots rounds she just had a attitude and trying to get rid of all the food that was sitting there forever away two people to eat and I think that that was very wrong for her to do and on my ticket it says that I ordered my food at 1:10 20 pm and it was not even that time when I got my food it was not even one in 10 minutes so I had to take a picture of that because that don't even sound right I got a ticket for a time that wasn't even the time that it was like if I just got it and I've been waiting there for awhile for my food I did not have many fries as if I got a kid's new my meat was so tough I know that it's been sitting it was not fresh it was not even really hot and I'm not going to even eat none of this

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      Jun 24, 2018

    What are you trying to say? It is complete and utter nonsense. None of those words form coherent sentences. And without punctuation, you wouldn't be able to tell even if it did.

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