Bob's Carpet Mart Largo Fl.Peeling laminate

In November of 2014 we purchased carpet and laminate flooring from Bob's.Within 4 months we noticed that the laminate was starting to peel.We also had some minor problems with the carpet.I contacted Bob's and told them about the problems and they said they would come out and look at it.After playing phone tag with them for over 2 months their manager finally came out to look.Almost immediately after seeing the problem with the laminate he shifted to the minor carpet problems and spent the next 1/2 hour me showing how to fix the tack strip etc.and didn't want to talk about the major laminate problem.He also told me that the laminate had a 2 year warranty in passing as if to placate me until he could get out of the house.By that time i was not in the best of moods and couldn't wait for him to leave.Recently i contacted them again(within the warranty period) and they agreed to come out again.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Largo, FLToday they came out to inspect the floor.The first question they had was who had come to look at it the first time.I told them i didn't remember his name but that they should know who was managing their store at the time.Of course they didn't know who was managing their own store at the time so they couldn't talk to him.(BS.)The final result was that the Swiffer Wet Jet that we may have used 8-10 times had ruined the floor so there was nothing they could do for me.My question to them was why we weren't told to not use that product when we purchased the laminate or when they looked at it the first time.Their only answer was in the future they should train their sales people to mention that at the time of purchase.I said that's fine but why didn't their manager bring it up when he came out to look at the problem in the first place.They had no answer me for me.In the long run we feel like we have been totally screwed by this company.

Nov 09, 2016

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