Boardmans / queen duck down duvet inners

About two years ago, I spent nearly R4000 on what was supposed to be 3 x queen duck down duvet inners. I saw this as an investment in my home and could not wait for the inners to be used. My excitement was short lived. Whenever I placed a queen duvet cover set with these queen duvet inners there was always an extra piece of duvet cover - meaning the queen cover was too big for the queen inner. I didn't know what the problem was. I went to different stores and over time kept trying queen covers from different stores hoping that perhaps it would fit. It never ever crossed my mind that the inner may not actually be queen size as I distinctly took and paid for 3 queen duvet inners, and no reputable company was going to give me a double inner and claim it to be queen. Yesterday whilst I was in Woolworths I was explaining my predicament to a sales lady in the duvet department and for the first time in two years someone shed some light on this puzzle of these duvet inners. She explained to me that perhaps the inners were mistakenly labeled at the factory and I actually had received doubles instead of queens! I have over the past two years bought a number of different queen duvet cover sets from different stores trying to get a fit for these faulty inners! She further said to me that if the fault is Boardmans then legally Boardmans has got to give me the right size, even if it is two years later - as I have incurred many additional expenses in acquiring queen duvet sets and cannot be expected to simply take a loss on that and sit with expensive inners which are not the right size for the beds in my home. Boardmans - your mistakes should not mean huge financial losses for me, please make the right!!

Jul 25, 2018

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