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UNCC student housing, also known as Blvd 98/Scion opened on July 2015. By mid November 2015 I urged my son to move out because I feared for his safety. His roommate was held at knife point outside their apartment door, another close friend robbed and two shootings later everyone was in a panic. The shootings made local news and the negative reviews set in. My son paid what was due and made management aware of the reasons why he was leaving. He was told that they understood. A year later Blvd 98/Scion has been harassing me to pay a certain amount of money that changes with each correspondence and have threatened to hurt my credit if I do not give into their demands. I have tried to reason with them to no veil and have asked various times to provide me with proof that damage was made to the apartment as they claim it has. My son left the premises on December 8th, 2015 and left behind a roommate. According to paperwork from Blvd 98, damages were recorded on December 22, 2015 and they claim "Pet Damage", however, my son never had a pet on the premises he occupied. I have correspondence going back to October 2016 and would like to forward it to your attention but this site is not allowing me to download this information. Please provide me with an email address and help stop this bullish and threatening behavior.

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Mar 18, 2017
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  • Ju
      Oct 16, 2018

    If I could rate a 0 I would. Do not ever live in this [censored] hole, I regret living here with everything I have. There is trash everywhere and dog [censored] in the hallways and garage area. They've said the pool would be closed for a little and its been closed for a month now. Maintenance and management don't give a [censored] about any of their residents, they only care for the money. The trash room is always over flooded with trash bags and smells like [censored]. The actual trash cans are in the middle of the road making it hard for you to see if another car is coming so you never know. Sometimes, I'll be walking to my car and see gerbil [censored] in the middle of the hallways that people have poured out from their rooms. The parking garage is sketchy as hell and is super unsafe. There are broke down cars sitting in the garage that haven't been touched since I've moved in and say "[censored] you" written on the windshield with the tires slashed. We also have to pay $25 extra dollars a month for parking; however, we were promised that our parking stickers would be here in two weeks, and its been two months now and anyone can park here still even though WE are paying for it. Almost all of the gym equipment is broken and out of date. When we had considered moving here, we had heard that this place didn't have the best reviews but, when we came here and did the tour it was so good, they told us about everything they were going to have remolded by the time we moved in so we went ahead and signed our lease. None of the [censored] they've said that would be done wasn't ever done and still isn't. The TV's are supposed to be a smart TV and it isn't, the beds are supposed to be queens and it's a full. Every time you go down to the office to complain about something they say they will fix it or have it fixed and never do anything about it. Also, every time maintenance enters my room to look at what is broken they say they will come back and fix it and never return. Today, I went down to the office and one of the managers acted as if it were too much work to call the general manager to allow us to use one of the model homes washer. DO NOT LIVE HERE, THIS [censored] HOLE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN.

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  • Ti
      Nov 02, 2018

    Had employees steal items from my apartment. The trash piles up to 6ft tall in the trash chute area. Tenants dogs poop/pee in hallways and other areas and nobody picks it up. Maintenance shuts work completing them. I pay for parking but the complex lets anybody park there. Someone was shot in the apartment across from mine and management has hid the details. This place is a dump

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