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Well I don't know about buying from them but after going for a job interview with 'Blinds To Go' during the 1st interview the lady asked me if I have any children. And during the second interview the second lady nonchalantly tried to make conversation and stated that 'AT MY AGE' I should think about having children. I WAS SHOCKED. The 2nd lady even asked me the exact names of other companies I've applied for as well as where my husband currently works. By far this interview with Blinds To Go with Melody Baram from Canada (1st interview) and another Brazilian lady (2nd interview) were the most horrible interview I've ever been to with complete discrimination and ILLEGAL!!! 2 days later I get the following is only a partial insert:

"After a careful review of each candidate's background relative to our needs, we believe that we have several candidates who may be a better fit and are unable to move your candidacy further at this time."

I just recently graduated from school as a Home Stager and Interior Redesigner. I thought what a better place to work other than Blinds To Go as well as I thought they had a fantastic career growth program. Just before my interview, which I had arrived 20 minutes early (I drove 1.5 hours away from where I live with the last $15 of money from my bank account and when I arrived the guy that worked at Blinds to go gave me a dirty look and told me to sit in the front which I had done with the other girls. HE NEVER TOLD MY INTERVIEWER THAT I HAD ARRIVED, and then when she comes to get the 3:30 appt, I stood up and said (what about me?) She just brushed it off and said that she didn't know what happened to me. Before hand, I spoke to the other girls waiting for their interviews and one girl worked as a door to door salesman/woman for a phone company here in Canada and the other girl worked at Best Buy. HOW COULD I NOT BE A GOOD CANDIDATE (BETTER FIT) FOR THIS POSITION? The job title is for 'Decorating Consultant'...not SALESMAN (nothing against the other girls because they were polite).

I will be filing a complaint with The Canadian Human Rights Commission because this was not fair with the types of questions they asked me and how I was judged by "at my age I should be having kids"...


"Sex" refers to the condition of being male or female. Under section 3(2) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, discrimination related to pregnancy or child-birth is considered to be discrimination on the ground of sex.

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  • He
      Aug 06, 2009

    These guys just give you the run around if there is a problem, we been to the store twice and can't find anyone authorized to make any adjustments. 5 phone calls 2 trips to the store and no hope of any refund. 250 down the drain.

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  • Ro
      Jan 14, 2010

    thanks for posting, especially about the interview. after reading up on them, im glad i didnt waste time going to their hiring sessions, i havent read a single good thing about them. youve saved me a lot of hassle.

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  • An
      Jan 01, 2011

    You seem like the whiny, complaining, sh**t disturbing type and maybe that's why they didn't hire you.

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  • Ro
      Jul 23, 2011

    Thank you guys for informing people! I normally do research before I buy, but looks like this company has a big problems, I don't think I will be buying any blinds ( as I planned ) for my new home.

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  • Te
      Sep 20, 2011

    They discrimi ate pretty badly. Especially in The NJ factory. All you get is negative feedback. If you ate not hispanic everything you do is frowned upon. If you dont speak spanish dont bother working there. People wonder where all the jobs are going? Most of the people there were immigrants still on greencards. Probably the most miserable experience ever. And the interviews are wayyyy personal. WTF do you need to know my life story.

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