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1 28308 Constellation RoadValencia, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 805-581-9415

Well - firstly, I didn't plan to write a complaint. I was just trying to find their website. But, truth be told - I am a customer, and I would like to state a few comments about this company:

1. PRICES: Outstanding [in fact, they're way below wholesale], and ... according to their website, most items are offered at "true factory cost". Based on my experience with other wholesale sites, I'd have to say I think they're being completely honest. The prices are just ridiculously cheap [way, way below normal "wholesale" cost].

2. DELIVERY SPEED: Just one mark away from horrible. I suppose, however, that if you understand their business model, it makes perfect sense that you can't have your order in a few weeks, when it must come direct from the factory [usually in China] along with thousands of other [similar] orders.

The problem is that [of course] - I don't want to wait! I want my order "yesterday", but ... the truth is, that's just not possible, given the way this website works. Basically, BIZ Builder.Com amalgamates their orders into one large shipment, which is "how" they're able to sell me a $25.00 wholesale pair of shoes for a little over $10.00. The "upside" is definitely getting the goods at "true factory cost", but the "downside" is that it can take 2-6 months to actually get the merchandise.

Beyond this - BIZ Builder.Com is really a great place [in fact, the only place I know of] to shop for really low prices. Of course, you can always order "factory direct" on your own - but, don't expect any factory to ship you a carton of shoes [only]! You'll need to place an order for a full container - which is "why" I love this website! I don't need to order more than I need - and I still get the "factory cost" price as if I ordered an entire container!

Best regards to all of you shoppers at BIZ! I'm sure their shipping delays can be annoying - but, that's just the "nature of the beast"!

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