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I signed up for a 14-day free trial with Binverse, after reading the terms which stated I could cancel at any time before the trial was up. However, I never received the e-mails giving me a username/password and allowing me to access my account. Therefore, I couldn't cancel it.

The very unpleasing woman on the support hotline said that my e-mail provider was blocking their e-mails. I told them that my $1 PayPal transaction cleared, and that I wanted both my account and the PayPal transaction cancelled. I sent them an e-mail through my alternate e-mail account asking for cancellation; I have yet to see the money refunded.

I do not know if actually blocks Binverse - if they do, I can understand why. But if you can't even activate your account, you can't cancel it, which basically means you're held hostage to pay for a subscription because without a username and password, you can't cancel the trial.

Do not deal with these people. I learned my lesson, and hope that others heed it.

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  • Di
      15th of Feb, 2010

    I have similar experience with Binverse. After purchasing their $1 trail offer, I recieved the user id and password, however their service and apps were very useless and in 4 days I could not download anything at all. So I called their customer support and asked them to cancel my acccount. The customer support informed me that my account will be cancelled. I did not receive any cancellation email. However after two weeks they deducted $21.95 from my paypal account. When I contacted their support, I was told that I did not cancel my account on time and they cannot make a refund, whereas the reality is that I called their customer support within 4 days to cancel my subscription. This company sucks. uTorrent is the best and use that AND STAY AWAY FROM BINVERSE. - Dibs

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  • Pe
      17th of Apr, 2010

    Binverse is a SCAM. DO NOT use your Paypal account, they imbed a Recurring Payment in your Paypal account when you send them the 1.00 for the trial period. Thereafter, Binverse charge your Paypal account without you aware of them. Once you aware of them, they WILL NOT refund you. So DO NOT pay them with Paypal or Credit Card. Binverse is a SCAM. No ligitimate business using their contact system. They use contact system so you do not have proof between you and them. You can not reply their email but need to fill out a different contact to send them. Therefore you have no record of your complaint.

    Login your Paypal and remove Recurring Payment immediately or else they will able to charge your account at any time. Contact Paypal if you need instruction how to remove the Recurring Payment Binverse imbed in your Paypal account without your authorization.

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  • Ge
      6th of Jun, 2010

    I signed up a 14-day free trial with Binverse, however, never received an email from them about my account and password. I called them several times but couldn't get hold of them. I send them an email about this and never got response back. The next day after signed up the free trial, I found Binverse charged $3 on my credit card. I then called my bank to close my card account. Binverse is a scam and stay away from it.

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