Billion Stars Express / bad driver and the worst company ever.

Unit G-12 Prangin Mall, Jalan Lim Chew Leong 10100, Penang, Malaysia
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Please stop operating from now. Your driver sucks and left me at larkin bus terminal instead of tun aminah (skudai). I bought a ticket to go to tun aminah and not larkin. Also please dont oversale the tickets, it's so [censor]ing stupid. I been asked to change my seat there were two tickets with same seating number. [censor]ing bus services because of its [censor] company. And please, if your driver were to wait for passengers at tbs kl, can you let you current passengers to have a break time. Omg [censor] you driver and the bus number was pjj 8875.

Sep 24, 2017

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