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I saw an ad on television about this website so I checked it out and registered. They claim you are going to make money taking surveys. They get some of your personal information and then dole it out to other websites who start contacting you through e-mail and bugging you for even MORE personal information.

I did take at least 5 surveys and spent time going through those surveys only to be told at the end of them that I did not qualify for the survey. The one survey I did get to qualify for was a long, drawn out survey about paper towel use. ha ha

This is ridiculous website that is trying to scam people for personal information. If you don't give some of them your full birth date and household income they won't let you proceed. With each survey you have to fill out a bit more personal info and I did notice that they will drop in an added personal question here and there to slowly gather more info about you as you continue to take surveys. I'm not sure what they intend to do with all this personal information on hundreds of thousands of people but if you've registered here, get out as fast as you can and ask for your personal info to be removed from every website that bigspot has given it to. I sincerely doubt this will do anything but ask anyway.

This is entirely too creepy at best. I am almost positive it is a ruse and a scam only to try to collect as much personal information about people as possible.

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