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Thank my gut instinct I only spent the minimum $22.50 for my first and last experience with the site. This site is completely false advertising, online gambling they should call it, NOT AN AUCTION. At .75 cents per bid add that up on a $100 gift card won for $10 say, good deal right. They just made $750 add it up.. For every dollar of bid amount that's $75, so every $10 is $750. THATS how they make their profits. I highly doubt their statement that they do not use bots. Anyways that's my opinion of the site, huge waste of money and time. Every last second someone else will bid up and add 15 seconds or so to the clock. This goes on endlessly yet one user kept winning over and over? Either that person is really lucky, bot, or paid friend of company worker spoof bidder..

Sep 30 2017 1 Bidpack 30 bids Delivered $22.50
Subtotal: $22.50
Shipping: $0.00
Total: $22.50

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  • Ki
      Sep 21, 2011

    This company is such a RIP OFF!!! I have lost several hundred dollars and just filed a complaint with the BBB. They promise you will win products for pennies on the dollar, and it is not true. I just blew $75.00 trying to win a $25.00 CVS gift card. DIDN'T WIN IT, and where is my $75.00????
    IN THEIR POCKET. That is bull.

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  • Go
      Mar 22, 2013
    Bidcactus - Scam
    United States

    I just went on bidcactus and it automatically charged my credit card $79. I've been had:-( .now I'm broke...DONT TRY IT!!!.long story short- it was a scam and the money they charged my card was gone in less than an hour.

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