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Very very very disappointed... I have heard pros and cons about this company... But I decided to use my own judgement and try them out myself... They are a cv meaning a little cheaper than most av companies... And they have paypal... Which in this case was a life-saver... So I ordered friday afternoon and of course since it's been a few days I wanted to know the progress of my unit... I return no response... I call no response... Basically I tried contacting them more than 8 times using both methods... No response... But of course you can call and tell me you received my payment when I first purchased it... But you can't respond... It's now monday... And ibm not going to send threats out via email... To resolve this problem I simply dispute... I give everyone a chance... I thought maybe their inbox is fluttered but after 8 emails by a new customer there's no way... Word of advice... When buying anything online don't waste your time going back and forth with the company... After you make a purchase that should be enough.. You should receive your product/item and receive great customer service.. But me... I received no response... Do yourself a favor and remember you are the customer and they are the suppliers... Don't argue when you can always get your money back by filing a claim if you can... Remember there's always another business selling the same if not a better item that you want...

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  • Sh
      23rd of Sep, 2012 is the worst hair site ever i received my wig an it was HORRIBLE it sheds like crazy it was the shortest 16 inch wig i ever saw and it sounded like a plastic bag. I ordered a custom wig with an elastic band cap because i saw online the elastic holds on to your skin to blend better WRONG. I also ordered a widows peak in my wig FAIL it looked like a triangle on the front of my wig. They wig was made of all plastic so it was not breathable. I contacted them and they did respond but they didn't have any solution to any of the problems. They don't approve negative comments on their site so i had to find some where to let people know about they horrible people. They send the high quality to the ''YouTube celebritys'' while us hard working people get the scraps. I saw on their website an apology saying they acknowledge they have been sending out poor quality products and the will work on making it better. That does nothing for me now Im still out almost 300 dollars. I hate this site and i hope i save someone else the head ache they cause.

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  • Ir
      19th of Nov, 2012

    did you ever get your product? because i purchased my unit on Thursday, it is now Monday and i have sent 2 messages... no response. i'm not sure what the issue is but it won't be pretty if i don't get what i paid for.

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  • Bo
      9th of May, 2013

    I ordered a Chinese full lace wig form best lace wigs . Paid over 200.00 for it. It died after two weeks. it's was suppose to be human hair, but i don't think so. It was dry, dull, and stiff, and wouldn't straighten or hold a curl. I agree they send the best wigs to the you tube girls and send us the junk. I won't order from them again. I wish i could find another site to order glue less full lace wigs.

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  • Zh
      1st of Aug, 2013

    I've been ordering from for three years. I've had the best service and great quality wigs from them. I've also referred a lot of others who have continued ordering from them because of their service and the wig quality. I'm surprised to hear that anyone has had a negative experience with this company. I have nothing to gain by writing a raving review...I'm doing it because I went through a lot and wasted a lot of money before I was able to find a place that I trust to get my wigs from. I usually order the virgin wigs and they last at least 6 months, some longer. I actually feel bad that anyone has had a bad experience with bestlacewigs...I know how it feels. Well, I hope you are able to try them again and that you have the same experience that I have had. At this point, I won't think of ordering from any other place but

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