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So... I would like to start of by saying that i am very dissapointed with the product and after sale service that we received from Ken. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM THIS COMPANY, THIS IS FRAUD!

We bought 5 x CD/DVD Auto TWO Disc printers from KEN at Benerise Technology Co., Limited in May 2016 this year.

T make it clear, we received the machines without any damages to the boxes, soooo excitingly we unpacked them carefully, set them up only to find out that they had numerous problems! never ending problems.

Dont get me wrong, we have 10 x Single disc CD/DVD Auto printers which were supplied to us via another chinese company, so we are very familiar with the faults and problems that these printers can cause. These were not teething problems, these machines do not work !

After chatting to the supplier, KEN from ADSIGN / Benrise told us that we complain to much and he is not willing to help us, so we gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried to listen to him while he guided us in fixing the problems... the solutions he came up with, DID NOT HELP AND THE PRINTERS ARE STILL FAULTY AND ARE NOT IN USE.

1. The printers are supposed to use 50 trays x 2 discs in a tray (unattended), if we put more that 5-10 trays in the machine it jams .
2. Every second tray jams regardless of what or how you are trying to print.
3. We were told by Ken that the correct material that was supposed to be used for the trays was expensive, so he supplied cheaper trays ??? even though we paid for the more expensive trays. come on... These trays are made of a foam board ?
4. The trays will not last, bend and break after one or two prints.
5. Two out of the 3 machines that we do not have, do not pump ink, these are new machines but do not print ink ? We have tried the normal solutions to fixing these types of problems, this does not work. These are faulty or second hand parts and we are not happy.
6. These machines have not even printed discs yet, the feeding systems on some of them are loose and faulty and have had to be fixed.

We were told that it is not his problem and he will not give us a refund.

This is theft and i will not stop until i get replacement machines or my money returned in full. We have letters from other suppliers saying that the 2 disc machines are very faulty !

Jul 12, 2016

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