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Ben Moss / Bad Service

1 Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada Review updated:

My fiance purchased an a engagement ring and a wedding band from the West Edmonton Mall location. We had good service with the sales associate there but it was downhill from there.

We had stored the wedding band in storage as the wedding is not until Sept 19th but every 6 months we have to get the ring serviced by Ben Moss to keep the ring under warranty. Around Christmas we got the ring serviced (at the Kingsway Edmonton store) and while at the store the sales associate put the wedding band and the engagement ring in the steamer to be cleaned, while in the steamer a diamond fell out of the band that had never been worn before (the one that was in storage), the sales associate asked us to leave the ring and she would have it repaired. My fiance went back to pick up the ring when it was done and when he brought it back to me I had noticed that the diamond looked and felt like it was not set in the ring properly, the only problem was that we had to head back home to Medicine Hat so we were unable to go back to that same store.

The following day after coming back home to Medicine Hat I called our home location and explained the situation, the sales associate there suggested we go back to edmonton and have the same jeweller smith look at the ring since he was the one who did the work (thats a 5 1/2 - 6 hour drive). I was frustrated so I called the customer service line where I left a message and 3 days later no one had called me back to address any of my concerns. I went in to the Medicine Hat store and explained the story again and this time an associate said well if the diamond falls out just bring it back again.

So just last month we decided we wanted to now get the rings soldered together. We took the ring in to the Medicine Hat location where it took a week to be soldered and when my fiance went to go pick it up he looked at the ring before taking it home to make sure that everything was okay this time and sure enough the diamond fell out AGAIN! once again we left the ring with Ben Moss to be repaired. This time I was quite upset so I called the customer service line again and this time asked that someone actually call me back and someone did.

The district manager for the Medicine Hat location said she would order me another wedding band and take the one I have and resolder the new one to my engagment ring. I was glad someone was finally doing something.

BUT silly me decided to give Ben Moss another chance, this time my fiance bought me a ring from them for my birthday. The birthday ring needed to be sized and the girl that work at the store wrote a promise completion date for the Friday that week. When Friday rolled around my fiance called to see if the ring was done but it wasn't, the girl that he spoke with told him to come by on Monday because it will be done.

On Monday after work we stopped by the store and the ring still wasn't done but this time the sales associated looked in a book and said that she was just going to call the gold smith. When she got off the phone she said his shop must be closed but when he does drop offs he does them in the evening so not to bother stopping in that night but to try back the next day on the Tuesday and it should be there.

Tuesday my fiance decided he would call first and when he called the associate that answered said the ring still wasn't there but that she would call him back. When she called back she said that they had to send the ring out because my fingers were too small and no gold smith wanted to touch the ring so they had to send it out so it would take ANOTHER WEEK. Well its nice that no one called us to tell us this.

Ben Moss has the worst communication, they don't call you back when you leave messages unless you talk to somebody who is anybody. So we returned the ring. Originally we were going to buy another ring later on that week but thats no longer happening. I called Ben moss to explain what had happened this time and let them know how I felt about the service and all they could do was appologize. I appreciate a simple sorry yes but how about just try having better service and maybe going that extra mile for a customer - isn't that what service is about. They didn't seem to want my business because that was the end of that and they haven't done anything for me or my fiance since the whole ordeal. I have been kind and never spoke towards anyone in an angry way and yet they still treated me as if they didn't care to have our business anyway.

Never ever ever will we shop at Ben Moss again and the funny thing is that when I was talking to the customer service the last time I had a patient in my waiting room at the office I work at that overheard the whole thing and said that she herself had nothing but BAD service from Ben Moss.

Ben Moss is now lying claiming that the district manager called me after this whole scenario and resolved the issue. This is a lie because I never got a call and if I did I would admit it!! Its not like its something to lie about

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  • Sk
      21st of Nov, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I can understand your frustration with a place like Ben Moss. I was in the market to purchase a 1.5ct, round ideal cut, D color, FL/IF clarity diamond. Being new to the city, I made my way around the chain jewelery stores like Ben Moss, Peoples, etc. Ben Moss quoted me $27, 000 for the loose diamond. I was completely floored. Their salesmen also were less knowledgeable than I was on diamonds. The funny thing is, I am a watch collector. Diamonds are so foreign to me.
    I purchased the loose diamond online for $12, 000. It was perfect.
    As for setting it, I will not be bringing the rock to Gemoro. I read on this website that they chip loose diamonds. I also had a nightmarish experience with their horrible service and sales staff. I will most likely have the diamond set in Vancouver by a jeweler that has been recommended to me.

  • Sa
      18th of Mar, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I think its great if you can find one that was recommended. Bad jewelers are a nightmare!

    After my already terrible experience Ben Moss changed my wedding band and gave me cheaper diamonds then what i paid for and then when i called them on it, they said that i owed them more money if i wanted the right diamonds - i told them that i had my receipt that said i bought an SI-2 and that if they didn't fix it they would hear from my lawyer and that i wasn't about to throw anymore money into such a horrible company. They ended up finally fixing it but i can't believe these big companies can get away with giving you cheaper diamonds than what you pay for. Lying jerks at Ben Moss! I think everyone should get their rings appraised elsewhere to ensure they aren't ripped off!

  • Do
      25th of Nov, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I too have recently experienced terrible service at the Ben Moss location in Medicine Hat! I bought the 10 ct white gold hologram ring. After about 8 months, the pattern started to become unrecognizable. I took it in to be serviced and the totally destroyed my ring! It returned with only a simple brushing. They say they are taking it back to the manufacturer. I was picking it up on my birthday and so they ruined my ring and they ruined my birthday! I questioned them on this product and asked why they would sell me a pattern on a ring that was so subject to wear. All they told me was the told me that gold is subject to scratching. Well there is a significan difference between small scratching and total premature wear. It is highly unethical not to give the customer the proper information and mislead them into buying something that is not right for them. I left an email on there website that supposedly they respond within a couple days but have not heard from them. I refuse to shop at Ben Moss in Medicine Hat, and possibly anywhere else!

  • Co
      16th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes


  • Di
      28th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I used to work for the company. the problem starts with the management and above them. they are really bad employers. I saw two managers get demoted and then they quit in less than a year. Communication is almost non existant. as long as they are getting money in they could care less about following up with someone for a $99 ring. The managers discourage us to follow up unless it is worth our while. HAHAHAHA Some of the sales associate staff are wonderful. I will not shop there unless they have a really good sale and a person I like would get the commission. although every jewellery store has a down fall. I got an engagment ring from european jewellers and they are not any better. I have had the same problems with them as the girl in the written complaint had with ben moss. good luck. feel free to comment. i could go on and on.

  • Je
      9th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Ben Moss is BRUTAL! I had the same band quoted from 3 different stores and it varied from $520, to $600 to $720 all in the same week! Not only this, but I was told that it had a platinum head (this is only a 14k band). Then I was told that there wasn't one but one could be put on, bringing the total to $1200...for a 14k?
    What a joke. I will not return to Ben Moss and they've ruined my hopes of getting the band I truly loved.
    Thanks a lot Ben Moss... 4 different stores total, 3 different provinces, and they were all brutal

  • Cd
      30th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I also have had a bad experience at Ben Moss. I bought an engagement ring and when it arrived it was not the ring I asked for originally. I asked for my money back and tried to get out of the deal. I was told I could not get my money back and that I had to settle for a ring I was not happy with. Currently I don't have the ring, Ben Moss has my money, and I'm still fighting to get my money back. Nanaimo BC Ben Moss

  • At
      19th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Don't leave your ring with them! And awful customer service!
    We bought a 1 c. engagement ring from the west Edmonton location. The ring and diamond were nice and worthy, but I had to have it sized for me. When I received the ring there were many brown spots on it and the size was not what I'd asked for. So I had to leave it with them again, and I purchased the warranty at this point. The second time I received my ring they had chipped my diamond. Worse than that, the management didn't accept the responsibility and said that huge chip was a natural characteristic of the diamond and that it was inside of the stone, not outside. Also his behavior was very rude and disrespectful. He said they would replace it but they won't grantee that the quality of the new one would be the same. He also said he won't give us a dollar back because we had sized the ring. My fiance said we want to show the ring to other stores to see what they'd think about the chip. We took it to 3 different stores and they all said that it was a chip, not a natural quality and that it was external, not internal. Also there were some more scratches on the top. So we went back and told him that we would complain against them because they lied to us and tried to trick us. It was at this point that he said he would give our money back.
    Anyways, it is so brutal of you, Ben moss to do this to your customers and bitter their experience of their engagement.

  • St
      17th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    This EXACT same thing happened to me!!!Except at the Kingsway Mall in South Edmonton, I also do not live in the city and had to drive 2 hours pleanty of times so these idiots can get there heads outta there ###. I am SO mad I want to complain and have someone actually acknowledge their mistake. My fiance spent a lot of money on my ring which I had no idea was happening and not even 6 months diamonds falling out. Same bull ### from the stupid ### people who work there. Because of the cost I can not afford to another one but I do know that I am NOT giving Ben Moss 1 more penny!!!
    Its too bad too see all of these other people in the same boat :(

  • La
      26th of May, 2014
    +2 Votes

    My fiancée went to ben moss to get my ring in Sept 2013, we had to take it to get sized, it took them 3 times to get it to a ok fit, not great just ok I can live with this fit. in Nov 2013 the whole top of my ring fell off we took it back and we were told that it would be back in 4 weeks just a few days before Christmas. not happy about that but it need to be done, . well ring was not back till Feb 2014!!!
    Since than we had been looking for a wedding band to match this ring could not find one had to go back to ben moss to buy the matching ring, we did that in April 2014 when we were they I had them look at my ring as I thought a stone was missing, yep I was right one of the stones was missing, they took it and sent it off to be fixed, and my wedding band they said it would take 2-3 weeks to come in, we are now a week before June 2014 and ring is not here, and was just told that ring should be here June 13, 2014. MY WEDDING IS JUNE 6TH 2014!!! I told them that my wedding was June 6th they said not to worry they would let me use any wedding band in the store for the wedding day, till my ring comes in, two things wrong with this, 1- we have the blessing of the rings, so my wedding band will not be blessed, and 2- i would not be getting married with my ring!!! we have been told that there is nothing that can be done, it was head office that the ring is coming from, but they are so sorry. All in all I have had my engagement ring a told of 7 weeks out of the 8 months we have been engaged!!! For the engagement parity's and Christmas and new years parity's I had a picture to show people, what my ring looked like, that right there is every brides dream!
    SORRY that is what we get after all that we have had to deal with, that to me is just not good enough!!!

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