Ben Moss JewellersBreach of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Update as at December 15, 2014:
To date we haven't received any written feedback from the business after the submission of our letter with concerns to Brent Trepel, the President and CEO at Ben Moss on November 04, 2014 (the original letter provided below). The silence from the top official of Ben Moss clearly indicates how much this business cares about gaining respect and support within our communities, and how much Ben Moss cares about attracting and retaining individuals who demand high standards of business conduct.
So, we have decided to go public and tell this story to everyone who is seeking for a truth advice with regards to the business. Just remember one simple rule: "WE VOTE WITH OUR MONEY EVERY DAY!"

The original letter to Brent Trepel, the President and CEO at Ben Moss, sent on November 04, 2014:
"What happened to Ben Moss, "Distinctively Canadian"? What happened to Diamond Experts since 1910? Did they diminish their standards? Did they switch to the low budget model? Do they value us as Canadian consumers anymore?
I've asked myself all these questions yesterday, on November 04, 2014 after we left the Ben Moss outlet located at the Southgate Mall, Edmonton, AB. The short story is that we entered the ben Moss outlet to get a new wedding ring for my wife as 10 years our wedding anniversary present. The sales rep of the outlet served us, and finally we picked one of the ring displayed on their shiny shelves. We asked the lady who served us to explain some characteristics of the ring. She looked at the tag attached to the ring and stated that the ring carries an "exceptional" central stone with the diamond clarity of VS2.
Good selling point, isn't it? Of course, we agreed to purchase the ring.
Sounds like a happy story, right?
Not really.
At the time of the purchase (at was a Friday night) the gentleman in the store verified that appraisal for the ring will be ready in 2 business days and invited us to pick the ring up on the Tuesday, next week. We came to the store on Tuesday to pick up the ring, and the same gentleman and two other ladies in the store started to laugh, saying that the typical time to proceed with the appraisal is two weeks??
It is very funny, isn't it?
Furthermore, after we come back to the store a week later to pick up the ring and asked for the appraisal paper, we found that in the paper the central stone is appraised with the clarity of SI1, which is one grade lower than was originally stated in the store. In additional, the diamond carat weight (CW) of the central stone was appraised as 0.62 (comparing to the declared 0.63 in the store)?? The reasonable question of any more or less educated consumer who paid for the ring near $5, 000 would be: "Is this the same stone?" The staff members in the store failed to provide us with the original ring's tag with the information and simply told us that: "It's all Okay", and that we are more than free to pick up the ring or to get the refund (and presumably get out).
Nice professional conduct, isn't it?
What is the end of the story? We've decided to pick the ring up and not to spoil the nice memory of our family event.
How we are feeling about the all story, would we ever give our business to Ben Moss in the future and does it matter anymore? You decide!"

Dec 15, 2014

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