BeddingInn / holding my refund until review is removed.

Hong Kong, United States
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There are over 30 emails back and forth between this company and myself. Now they have told me that they would refund half my money now and half when my review on this site was removed. I dont know how to remove it but I will say that it seems like they are either trying to help or think that I am dumb enough to know that once you Mark something resolved it is considered closed. I don't feel the issue was resolved. I never got my refund. It is known by UPS and PayPal that I did not receive the package. There should be no reason for not refunding the full amount. They have even admitted fault more than once through email. Which is all documented. It is always signed "Karen" but it can't possibly be the same person or they don't remember what they tell me from day to day. Yesterday there was a partial refund pending. As of today that had been taken from my account too. So now not only did they take my money the first time, they have only half back and then took THAT away too. There seems to be a bit of a language barrier so I cant tell if they are trying to actually help or if they are trying to scam me into removing the review and never refunding anything. Once my money is refunded I will mark it as resolved and I assume that is how you delete it. I'm not falling for any more scams so I am not giving in on this. Especially with PayPal and UPS on my side.


Jan 22, 2017

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