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I am very fond of nail paints I have more than 100 bottles of different colors. I can say I send most of my money in buying nail paints. I ordered a bottle of Essie nail polish and a bottle of Essie 3-way glaze from When I received my order, I noticed that the nail polish bottle had a few small chips in it as well as some small drops of nail polish on the glass bottle. This was strange that a new bottle of nail polish would come this way. I emailed the company a few times regarding the problem, but I never received a response back. So I phoned Beauty Rose's customer service number. I explained the problem to a female who told me to throw the bottle of nail polish out and that she would send me a new replacement bottle. Well, about 2 weeks passed, and I didn't receive anything in the mail. So I called Beauty Rose again, and I spoke to a young man who told me that he will send the bottle of nail polish. I did receive the replacement bottle of Essie nail polish. However, I have noticed that after using the Essie nail polish and 3-way glaze from Beauty Rose, my nails turned yellow. I stopped using the polish and let my nails grow out the yellow, then I tried the products again, and my nails turned yellow. Also, the nail polish only lasted about 2-3 days before chipping. I called the Essie Company to ask if their nail products can turn fingernails yellow, and I was told that their products do not turn nail yellow and does not chip within 2-3 days, that their polishes are made to last on nails. I am very disappointed in the products I received from Beauty Rose. I think it is suspicious that the first bottle of nail polish had chips in the glass and drops of nail polish on the bottle. Plus the fact that these products are not performing the way they should makes me think they may be old. It is now past the 30 day return policy date, so I don't think I have any recourse.


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