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Be Wiser Insurance / Refusing to pay claim voiding my insurance

1 RowansStockbridge, England, Hampshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 08444999410

I took out my car insurance last September 09 with Bewiser insurance. I advised them that I could not complete details on line as my particular car didnt show, I have a BMW SMG M3 ac schnitzer. They didnt know what a ac Schnitzer was so I explained that they modify cars all mine had was alloy wheels and a tail pipe no mechanical or body modifications. I had an accident 18th July 2009 no other car I hit a slippery patch of diesel on road and it threw me into the curb and hedge damaging the rear sub frame and other parts. Firstly they offered me £12, 500 for the car I refused this as I said that it was worth more as the car was a schnitzer and I felt it was worth more. They then came back to me and said that the underwriter had not been told of the modifications to the car, however I knwo for a fact they were told as I read of the full description of the car when I bought it to the insurance company and they accepted that I valued it at £19k. They wrote my car off cat D so I lot the right to a hire car. They then have taken until todays date to tell me they are voiding my insurance and I will get nothing. The underwriter told me that Bewiser gave them only one taped mesasage of my asking about insurance they say I never mentioned wheels however they didnt say I did not mention it was an ac schnitzer however I had to call them back with details of the car a second time explaining the detail of my car and yet they still gave me the quote and accepted it now they have to pay out they are saying they did not know about wheels. The quite they gave me origionally was for an M3 smg £12, 500 this would be no modifications, however the point here is that they are not wishing to pay me more for a car I know I gave them full information on because the representative of bewiser was very interested to hear about the car so now I feel they are withholding this second conversation because they have not sent full details to the underwriter. I have never made a claim I have full no claims bonus and would have had no reason at all to withhold such information why would I. I feel totally let down by all of this I have never ever withheld information and the car meant too much to me to mess up any insurance I even swore on my childrens lives that I had told them. I am at my wits end I suppied them with information at inset on insurance and I have answered all their questions this seems so unfair really unfair if you can help me in anyway I would really apprecaite it. There are no photos of damage the car looks perfect it is all underneath the car and it is held at a reapriers in M Keynes at this present time.

Thanking you

Denise Faulkner

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  • Mr
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    They are shockingly poor!! They offered me a policy which they could not provide in the end without me paying £160 more than quoted. When I tried to cancel they wanted to charge me over £55. So - they wanted to charge me for their error (and have done in fact) !! To sort this out took several weeks, and a lot of time and annoyance!! I submitted a formal complaint to their directors which they have not even acknowledged. Really - steer clear.

  • Ch
      4th of Aug, 2010
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    BE WISER and steer well clear of Be Wiser insurance the service is appauling. I took out car insurance with them in July 10 which was straight forward and a fairly competitive price. I then changed my vehicle and phoned for a price for insurance on the new vehicle, again a good price so I said I would transfer the policy over and pay the difference. There is a hefty "admin" charge for changing policy but when I had first asked about charges I was told they were a broker so there would be no admin charge - lie! I soon found out why the new insurance was a good price when the policy arrived, they had insured me for a completely different vehicle even though I had given them the full details. They also misled me about transferring protected no claims from a car to a van.

    I raised a formal written and verbal complaints and was firstly told the error was a "training issue" and then that the DVLA database had the incorrect details for my registered vehicle. They only refunded part of my money back and I had to chase them for the remaining amount.

    There systems clearly do not recognise you as a human being and they can only deal with you through allocated reference numbers.

    Prices may be good, but be warned service is not good.

  • Ne
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    I just got a quote from them online. I wanted a multicar quote - their google link advertised multicar so i clicked on it - i completed the form, turns out it wasnt for multicar - I guess they just want you to get on their site. Stupidly I completed the form for my one car, only to find the quote exceeded my current multicar insurance on both my cars. Even more stupidly I entered my details at the time of getting the quote. After clicking away I received a number of urgent phone and email messages from them re my quote, that they had found a cheaper quote etc etc. Honestly they called and called and emailed and emailed - I told every person that called that I did not wish to be contacted to no avail. Dont be stupid like I was - use compare the market or something like that.

  • Un
      24th of May, 2011
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    Bought a Be Wiser car insurance policy, but wished I hadn't. Online, their quote was over £100 higher than anyone elses, but they rang me, undercut the lowest quote I'd had (saving me about £120) and they gave me breakdown, home start and a guaranteed no claims discount for my company car driving. Great deal...
    Then they pestered me for the value of the car that differed from the price I paid. The value is what it is worth on the open market. Price I paid was trade price. If it get's danaged, it's the value that matters (so it can be replaced), but even though this has been explained to them, they still sent lots of letters asking why the price differed.
    They also rejected my evidence of claim free driving - I sent them the original document and it clearly stated a start date and the end date, but somehow when Be Wiser Insurance looked at the dates, the number of years between the start and end dates diminished by one. This meant the premium needed to rise (i.e. they wanted more money because they couldn't subtract the start date from the end date and come up with the correct number of years of claim free company driving for which they arranged the policy).
    To cap it all, two days after informing me they had the evidence document, they wrote again to say they were giving me 7 days notice of cancellation of the policy because I had not provided them the very document they confirmed receipt of two days earlier!
    To rub salt in the wound, the company Be Wiser arranged my car insurance policy with contacted me directly as they followed up an online quote request and offered me the IDENTICAL policy for £60 less than I was charged by Be Wiser (Aren't broker's supposed to save you money and hassle?)
    To say Be Wiser appear to be incompetent would be inaccurate... I'm sure you can come you with a better more appropriate description... I'll leave the word I chose to use to your own imagination.
    Meanwhile, do yourself a favour: If you're looking for Car Insurance - Be Wiser and use another company!

  • Pa
      5th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes
    Be Wiser Insurance - 25% Commission
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom

    After reading other complaints about Be Wiser I ask whether or not anyone has reported them to the FSA who Authorised and Regulate them

  • Al
      30th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    to holly jackson ( senior consultant )
    my name is allan young until recntley i had a car insurance with you ref number was b505015/8.
    now recentley ive been getting texts on my phone from crs telling me that they going to enter my property can i tell you this ive been to citizen advice bureau to tell them why i told them i took out a car insurance with bewiser but because i couldbt get my driving licence to them they gonna cancel my policy when i finally sent them the required things they want they cancelled my policy so it was bewiser who cancelled the policy not me if it was left with me i would still have one then i had 3 weeks off the road to find another car insurance.they said that am in the right it was you that cancelled the policy so i dont owe you anything at all.
    my email address is if you like to email me.
    if this is to carry on am going to after get my self a solicitor .

  • Un
      9th of Sep, 2012
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    Last Year, I had Be Wiser Insurance and many problems at start. I stood firm on problems, but stayed calm and eventually these were resolved. Then I had a small accident and the agents acting for Be Wiser were excellent (shame the garage the car went to for repair were so rubbish as they caused additional damage to another part of the car while repairing the original damage, but the agents sorted it all out). This year, I tried Be Wiser for my policy, and renewed for a lower cost than last year. Brilliant. Even after an accident and repair, and the price rises and keeping all the benefits I had from last year, Be Wiser gave me a renewal for over £100 less than the nearest quote and it was still lower than last year. Therefore, I'd like to reassess my view of the company and, speaking from my own experience, Be Wiser (when they get it right) do a good job.

  • Ng
      11th of Sep, 2013
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    Stay clear of these bunch of thieves.I took car policy with them and later on bought another one for my second Car. Most of the details were incorrect on statement of fact and that was deliberate. Besides, I asked for a multicar and they offered me a new policy. Unsuspecting, I bought the policy but never had a good feeling about it. Looked up for their feedback and to my horror I realized I have been treading dangerous territories. The horror started when I called them to cancel the policy the next day. I was tossed around multiple people and they don't publish their Cancellation contacts. I was told my request was taken and it would be passed on to the cancellation teams. I have to call them 50 odd times before I could get email confirmation that my request is registered (else i suspected them to come back and deny any of my calls). Everytime I called they asked me why I wanted to cancel and would be given a pitch to be retained. In the end I just said, it's my statutory right and I would wan to cancel and get my refund. I took painful 30-45 days to get the refund after deduction of 50/75 quid (can't remember exactly). The only reason I was determined to cancel was to avoid any issues if there was ever a claim. If an insurance company can give you so much of trouble in cancellation, imagine what they would do when there's a claim

  • Hu
      21st of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    DO NOT BUY FROM BE WISER !!! they've hidden some charges, and the sales not gonna tell you !!!

  • Cw
      15th of Aug, 2014
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  • Cw
      15th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    BEWISER are pathetic stupid and bullies, , , i have just wasted a good part of my life trying to convince them im a reasonable human being ...spent 2 hourson the phone to no avail... so I cancelled my DD and paid my outstanding balance in full...i wanted to tell you why I did this but BEWISER has drained me of all human communication and emotion, , , , DONT USE BEWISER!!!

  • Ge
      6th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    Be wise are a big let down. My wife has insured with them for 3 years .We renewed our insurance Novenber1st 2015 and have never received any documents. A month ago we changed our car after 50 phone calls we got a cover note for 30 days, we have still not received any documents. When next renewal comes that's it never again!

  • An
      21st of Jun, 2016
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    6 weeks since I raised concerns and told you about the problem with the motor bike breakdown policy. When will I get the cover I paid for or my money back or a response. Very shaby treatment. I suggest that anyone contemplating using this company think twice. Use them at your peril

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