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Review updated:

Avoid, another cancelled policy,

Having sent as requested my no claims details, they then asked for all name drivers, driver licence both copies,

due to this being a works van, was unable to supply this new info in the requested 7 DAYS

so they cancelled the policy taking 50% of the total cost of insurance,

Keep away and AVOID

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  • Ob
      Feb 25, 2011

    I took out an insurance policy with Be Wiser Insurance on the 21st January 2011. They gave me a quote of £1129.62 for the year which was the cheapest I had found, so I took the policy and made payment. I had travel plans to go abroad for a month and flew out on the 24th January 2011 and returned on the 24th February 2011. The reason for the policy being so cheap is that they agreed to offer me a 6 years claim free driving discount on the condition that I would provide the necessary documents as proof of my previous clean driving. Unfortunately I had been out of the country for one month, so they in turn have cancelled the policy as apparently I have only 21 days to provide the no claims proof in writing to them. I have just spoken to their customer services team and they said that the policy could not be reinstated, and that they would have to begin again with a new quote. They gave me a new quote of £2400 for the same vehicle and driver details! Is this inflation? They also are only willing to refund £741.04 from the original £1129.62 payment. Apparently they keep 25% commission for themselves when they cancel a policy. So having enjoyed a nice relaxing holiday for a month, I now return to find out that my insurance has been cancelled, that to renew will be more than double my previous quote only a month ago, and that they will will also only refund 65% of my original payment. Thats quite extortionate really, considering they only provided cover for 21 days, and have charged me £388.58 for those 3 weeks! I think I will remain on my fathers policy as we only paid £450 for the year with the AA! Stick to big name companies and avoid the little companies if you don't want to be ripped off!

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  • Un
      May 24, 2011

    Bought a Be Wiser car insurance policy, but wished I hadn't. Online, their quote was over £100 higher than anyone elses, but they rang me, undercut the lowest quote I'd had (saving me about £120) and they gave me breakdown, home start and a guaranteed no claims discount for my company car driving. Great deal...
    Then they pestered me for the value of the car that differed from the price I paid. The value is what it is worth on the open market. Price I paid was trade price. If it get's damaged, it's the value that matters (so it can be replaced), but even though this has been explained to them, they still sent lots of letters asking why the price differed.
    They also rejected my evidence of claim free driving - I sent them the original document and it clearly stated a start date and the end date, but somehow when Be Wiser Insurance looked at the dates, the number of years between the start and end dates diminished by one. This meant the premium needed to rise (i.e. they wanted more money because they couldn't subtract the start date from the end date and come up with the correct number of years of claim free company driving for which they arranged the policy).
    To cap it all, two days after informing me they had the evidence document, they wrote again to say they were giving me 7 days notice of cancellation of the policy because I had not provided them the very document they confirmed receipt of two days earlier!
    To rub salt in the wound, the company Be Wiser arranged my car insurance policy with contacted me directly as they followed up an online quote request and offered me the IDENTICAL policy for £60 less than I was charged by Be Wiser (Aren't broker's supposed to save you money and hassle?)
    To say Be Wiser appear to be incompetent would be inaccurate... I'm sure you can come you with a better more appropriate description... I'll leave the word I chose to use to your own imagination.
    Meanwhile, do yourself a favour: If you're looking for Car Insurance - Be Wiser and use another company!

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  • De
      Jul 11, 2011

    I had an unfortunate experience and used the Ombudsman to get back what they owed me.They sent me a policy which did not meet my requirements nad proceded to charge for it!!

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  • Gl
      Jul 12, 2011

    after paying a 300 deposit on my debit card for my motor insurance i received a letter stating that the 3 remaining payments will be collected off my debit card which was due on the 1st, on the 12th i realised the payment hadnt been taken i contacted be wiser to investigate the said they had no card details so cancelled my policy but i gave my card details when they took my deposit ive been driving round with no insurance and they didnt even have the decency to contact me...STAY AWAY FROM THIS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL OUTFIT

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  • Ek
      Aug 31, 2011

    I have a somewhat similar experience. Be Wiser accepted me with my 'International Licence' and zero NC - that's what I filled in the application. After just 2 weeks letters started warnimg me to provide 9 years of NCB and a valid UK licence otherwise they will cancel and will be liable for cancellation fees.

    Be Wiser debited my bank account on the 30th August, instead of the 1st September! So, the bank charged me as there were no funds in the account. They claim I still owe £ 500 due to cancellation.

    Be Wiser and avoid this comapny!

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  • Un
      Sep 02, 2011

    An update on the situation, and news of a good outcome:
    Be Wiser managed to sort out the problem, relented on the increase charges, accepted my evidence on the number of years no-claims I had, and accepted that the error was theirs. The result is that they initiated the policy exactly as it was when I purchased it. A happy ending...
    True, none of this should have been necessary, but I'm pleased it's all sorted out and although it took lots of emails and phone calls, I eventually got what I actually bought, and for the price I was originally quoted.
    Now, I'm happy with the policy, especially now that the problems have been resolved.
    So, a word to the wise: If you do go with Be Wiser, the wisest thing seems to be to keep a record of everything you say and do, make a note the names of everyone you talk to, and make sure your own paperwork is correct; then, if you need to challenge any unexpected changes in the policy or hikes in charges, you have all the proof you need to make your case.
    So, if problems arise: stand your ground, stay calm, and stick to the facts. It may just work out OK, as it did for me... but if it doesn't: cut your losses and insure elsewhere.

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  • An
      Feb 01, 2012

    My daughter accepted a telephone quote and was told if she wanted to hear their Terms & Conditions read over the phone to her they would have to transfer her and it would take ten minutes and she'd be better to wait until the paperwork was sent out by post. When she got the paperwork and it wasn't what she agreed to she phoned within the time limit to cancel and they agreed to refund her deposit .. but deducted £26.50. ... SCAM ...

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  • Sh
      Apr 07, 2012

    This is rip off insurance I have paid £360 and they said I am covered for all call out charges and everything in my house is covered but every time I call out for a help the enginer are very unprofessional and insurance kept asking for more money. Never go with this insurance I ended up cancelling it and lost all the money.

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  • Sh
      Apr 07, 2012

    This insurance is a rip off they will keep asking you to pay more and more every time you will call them out for anything. They didnt sent no document and policy was not fully explained on the phone.

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  • Si
      Oct 16, 2013

    Total SCAM company - they take advantage when there are plenty of good companies to deal with. I have been mis-sold insurance by them .. they called me and then added extra charges to their "competitive" quote then they cancelled it and stole even more money. Appalling company need closing down.. shocked they can get away with it. AVOID at all costs

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  • La
      Sep 11, 2014

    I called them to insure a Nissan pathfinder march this year, knowing that I would live in UK maybe not a full year, I asked about the cancellation policy. "Yes, you can cancel the policy at any time"
    I could also read the same on the policy sent to me "Cancellation policy, can be cancelled at any time."
    I then paid for all year, 1200 pounds, instead of monthly which had then come out a little more expensive in the end.

    After six months I had to leave country back to Norway because of work and cancelled my insurance for the latter 6 months, however they refused to refund any money for the latter 6 months.

    "Yes, you can cancel the policy at any time, but we will not refund any money" claiming the reason was XS-direct policy, of whom they are working with.

    There were no of this information on the policy I got, I never even heard about XS-direct before!

    This company is unbelievable and I have never seen or heard about such a shady business in any European country.

    Avoid by all cost!

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  • Le
      Feb 12, 2016

    Just had same situation today we phoned them up provided all detales got policy for 900£, they receive an email saying that policy will be canceled because we did not provide corect information, an I spoke on the phone today and it's same story as above 'they asked me to prove my 9 years no when I told them t hat I have 3 and asked me to pay extra 300£ I told them no and canceled my direct debit, but funny thing is when I on the phone I go the quote from came company "be wiser for 920£ asked to explain why? But the guy was not able to he stick with his 9 year nc story, glad I read all the info here, and my advice will be Google before you don anything and stick with big companies not like be wiser .total scam

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  • Ra
      Aug 14, 2017

    Total scam ' accepted online declaration for fully comp van insurance £400 paid in full via debit card 4th June 2017 ' 2weeks later email asking me for proof of no claims ?? Been insured with bewiser 3yrs previous, when l rang and explained l got this reply ' we need photo evidence of who you are' ie photo ! Copy of your Driving license ' utility bill with address on ? My reply What ! l rang them previously explaining my circumstances ' l working away and it was to shorter notice l asked why l wasn't asked for these requirements before you told me I was fully insured, bewiser reply was we will have to cancel your policy l explained further l made a declaration ' you have my home address ' driving license number ' history insurance no claim 's previous 3 yrs + 2nd vehicle 5 yrs Shelia's wheels no no claims All accepted ' Can you believe this today 14th Aug 2017 whilst in Cornwall on holiday 260 miles from Leicester got a e mail saying policy cancelled been awaiting further information ' l am now stranded in Cornwall with no vehicle insurance all relevant documents that may be required in future are at home ' l have just rang bewiser customer services they replied their under writers have cancelled your insurance not us ! I replied l paid you BEWISER £400 your responsible for my policy ' bewiser reply we will refund £196 in a couple of weeks ' But have l been insured during the said period ? I have not received any paper work, policy documents no letters court will be my next call take out a ccj against bewiser costs will be incurred SCAM bells are ringing watch this space !

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