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BCX Printing Center / Michael Sabie Jr.

1 United States Review updated:

***BEWARE*** ***ATTENTION all business owners: I had a "quality" issue with this company’s sign they made for me. To keep this short and sweet I will tell you this is what you get if you disagree or question Michael Sabie Jr. Here is an email I received from him regarding my project (by the way this was a $459.94 total job and I already paid him $200.00 - all of this over $259.94...???). You decide if it is worth doing business with him??? Do some homework on the internet and you will find that this is normal operating procedure for him and BCX Printing Centers. In my opinion - Very rude and unprofessional! (wait for his response to this complaint - it will be a deflective rant about how he always gets screwed). My son is setting up a Blog about this and we are sending in a "book" of history on this guy to the Attorney Generals office and the Registor of Contractors today - I urge you, if you feel that you have been victimized by this guy please take 10 minutes and protect yourself and your business. I normally would just write off the $200 deposit and move on, however, after you read his threatening email you will understand that we as a company have to now "protect" our business and reputation from this guy. Huge waste of time!!! I just received another email form this guy this morning warning me "Make sure and look for the gamut of reports about your little business there"... my car business has nothing to do with this transaction and he is going to go out of his way to slander my company and reputation - this guy is not worth doing business with! By the way...this is not a fake complaint, I do not live in another country as he claims on other complaints he has received from other victims. If you want to speak with me or get a hold of me please feel free to contact me at

His email goes as follows:
Yeah whatever you say scam artist. i wasnt about to jump to your demands and your very mistaken about me. ive dealt with enough car dealer scam artists like you to know the steps needed to cover my ### when you try and pull one of your scams. if im the guy who is clueless then why is it you who defaulted on the contract yet think you will get anything back? nit only that ive already contacted my collection company who happened to have a file open for you. Something about camelback toyota and some banks you defaulted. i dont know exactly but im sure you have it covered it was all their issues anyway i know... Anyway i have forwarded all my records including the recorded mpegs from my phone of conversations we had and you were clearly made aware they were recorded. All emails which directly contradict your conversations were forwarded as well. no guy the right thing here is the legal thing and legally you are in default and considering im wasting non of my own time itvwill all be added to your default amount due including collection costs and layers fees. finally there is an APR of 18 percent for all unpaid balances so keep that in mind as well. if you choose to save yourself some money i suggest you pay your debt. i will let the collection people and paypal handle their part but you agreed to no refund so that obviously means no refunds. and indid my job you failed to pay for it. no hoops i can see just laws. At this point, you are now literally breaking the law. It states very clearly in my invoice that there are no refunds. you said and i have the voice mail saved, that you now after i have performed the job you hired me for, you were not willing to pay me for that job nor were you willing to pay me for the graphic art you asked me to do. you cannot order a job, agree to the deposit being non refundable then claim you never received your goods... you received your goods with signage on them and installed into your sign so the balance due is due and is claimable by law. You refused to pay me for the job i said i would redo it but you needed to pay and you refused .There is no good faith in the fact you did not pay for your job yet there is a contract for two signs to be done and delivered to you and a logo to be created for a set amount of $50. you refused to pay for either of those items you entered into a contract for so you are in breach and added to it a false claim stating you never received your job which you in fact did receive yet refused to pay for. I am contacting 3 people after this email is sent. first im contacting paypal and sending the proof of the contract you defaulted on. I assume they have the deposit invoice you agreed to the terms on which clearly stated no refunds in any circumstance yet filed a false claim anyway. and last I am sure you will find out soon enough because the law is clear in this case. you hired me for a sign the sign was completed and installed. it was not un readable it was not unusable however you did not like it and wanted it changed ., You still are under contract to pay for that sign at that time. Period. When you refused to pay you broke the contract and you broke the law. explain all the stories you like the law is the law is the law. You are a scam I called it the second you refused to pay for the artwork then refused to pay the balance. Well I am not accepting anything but the full payment due period end of story. In addition the fact you changed the entire verbage on the sign as well as the colors means I have every right to charge additional fees for those changes and I am most crertainly allowed time to recreate the art. The time schedule you refer to is based on the original signs with minor redos not entire copy and color changes. You are nothing but a scam and I will not be ripped off. I am sorry my schedule did not fit into your 2 days you demanded but my week is full . had you let me redo the items we agreed on yor sign would be up and finished. ANd if you recall I made it clear I record my phone conversations so I have it very clearly stated that you were in no hurry for a dealer license because you already have one. I have that entire conversation yet you emailed me the exact opposite. The dealer license is going to be petitioned by me . I am filing notice that you have defaulted on your contract and they should review your license application. I will not allow my business to be ripped off and you are obviously lying in one instance or the other so i have every bit of proof i need to prove it to whoever needs to hear it.
I did not agree to anything other than the contract we had in writing. The balance due is past due at this point. You had your signs and you refused to pay for them. I explained I would redo them no problem but the balance due is still due. You changed the order after the fact there is a new balance due obviously new artwork, new colors new vinyl so added cost. Simple. You will be held responsible for the debts you owe my business plus all attorneys fees and collection costs incurred to collect those balances. You are given notice you are in default and there will be a claim filed for all said moneys due my business and myself. In addition to te complaints I am filing with paypal and the AZ Attorney eneral and dealer license department


BCX Printing Center

Jun 14, 2013

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  • Gs
      21st of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes
    BCX Printing Center - Perfect Customer Service
    BCX Printing Center
    5612 w myrtle
    United States
    Phone: 602-435-6722

    The owner of this place now is the son of the original owner. He has done more work on converting his shop from one way to another than I have seen ever in my history of being in business. ALthough he still has some time management issues, I would ratehis attentiveness to details on my printing was perfect.

  • Gs
      24th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    BCX Printing and Banner Xpress are top notch and always live up to their promise. ANy customer complaints should be just that, customers not obvious immature cowards running around hiding behind a computer screen. BCX has been my printer since I opened my business in 1992 and would go no where else unless its something they do not do. I am a customer not a kid looking to promote something of his own.

  • Gs
      24th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    top notch... first rate

  • Bc
      6th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    UPDATE *** This should prove beyond a doubt exactly what I claimed the entire time - This Scam artist Brett From AUTO PARADISE OF ARIZONA AUTOPARADISEAZ.COM did not like the set up of his sign he had me create for him. He even hated it worse since I told him from the start to make one big sign not 2 small ones. And look at the picture of his sign now. Talk about a total scam artist used car salesman. Some people will go to any length to try and get something for nothing. Instead of saying hey you are right that looks like crap lets do it again how much? He decided to make a big story of ### and drag me through the mud so he didn't have to pay for his sign at all. Then he was free to get it done like I suggested as one sign, by someone else and pay just the one time and get his Lexan for free. This is the kind of business this guy does. BEWARE OF AUTO PARADISE OF ARIZONA AND AUTOPARADISEAZ.COM

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