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Copy of my email to: The Manager/Supervisor, Subscriber Services, San Jose Mercury News.

I am a long time subscriber of Mercury News. However, of late I have had difficulty with your customer/subscriber services.

In August 2018 I had received an invoice for around $300 for a 6 month renewal. I felt that was excessive and called on 9/9/2018 to cancel the subscription. Your representative offered to renew for 1 year (ie. till Sept 2019) for about $180 and I had agreed and paid $225.14 by credit card (conf no. 86305). I believe the difference of $45 was for the period between August to September 2018.

I was surprised to receive a notice that my subscription will expire 12/16/2018 with a bill for $307.85 for a 26 week renewal. I called your customer service on 12/4/2018 explaining the error. The representative said the account will be updated to reflect that the subscription was for 1 year and I asked for a written confirmation. Since I had not received the wriiten confirmation, I called again on 12/6/2018 and was surprised to learn that the subscription was extended only to 12/31/2018. I explained the above to the agent who said that a supervisor will contact me.

The other problem with your customer/subscriber service department is that none of the subscriber payment, expiry date and renewal information is available on your website. We are referred to call [protected] for all customer services but we are put on hold for a intolerably long time when calling this number. Further, the email address is difficult to find. I had to find your customer/subscriber service email address only after a prolonged search.

I am waiting for a call back from the supervisor. If the above issues are not resolved, I do not wish to continue the subscription.

Thank you
Subir Nag

Dec 06, 2018

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