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Burnaby, BC, Canada
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A dark stain appeared on the back of my tub, I called the Burnaby office and was advised to spray it with half bleach and water, let sit, then rinse. I did several times but it didn't work. I called back and was told they won't honor my warranty because they have no proof I used the approved cleaning products. I have only used the approved cleaning products on their list and still have the original list from over ten years ago. I have been very diligent being aware of the warranty. She then said she didn't know what shampoos or soaps I used, but they don't give you a list of shampoos or soaps to use. They charge an exorbitant price for their product and I only bought it because of the "lifetime warranty", that they now won't honor, and are very rude telling you so.

Jul 26, 2016

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