Barnette's Remanufactured Engines / Misleading Customers / Very Dirty Shop!

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I unfortionately had the "DISPLEASURE" of droping off my faulty Barnette's Remanufactured 4.7L Engine personally to Barnette's Shop and I have to say it is "By Far" the dirtiest machine shop I have ever been to! Every aspect of the shop is Filthy! It has to be breaking dozens of EPA and OSHA regulations. Also, Barnette's homepage states the following: A "STATE-OF-THE-ART" facility & We build top quality remanufactured automobile engines using high tech "Computer Numatic Control (CNC) equipment". There is no CNC equipment, the machine shop consists of only a very old manually operated boring bar and a rough looking Rottler cylinder hone, there is no CNC equipment! The assembly room is approx 12X12 with a uncovered wooden table and grease everywhere! The cleaning area consists of 2 Electric Pressure washers as far as I can see! Anyone that is considering Barnette's Engines at 1332 Truxton st. Chesapeake, Va. should at the very least ask to see pics of thier "State-Of-The-Art" shop and CNC equipment, you will NOT be impressed!!!
After reading the other complaints on here I am guessing my Warranty will not be honered either!!!

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      3rd of Dec, 2012

    I sure wish I would have taken the time to read this before I bought one of their pieces of junk. I'm certain I could have done better with a junk yard engine. their products are junk and they will not honor their warranty. Any other customers that have suffered from this companies dishonesty that would like to join me in a class action suit, please call me at 660 653-9823.

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