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1 316 State St.Santa Barbara, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-806-0082

This place is a joke as a place for training and employment...and they don't keep their promises. I signed up on this site last guaranteed to get a job once I completed the certification classes online and put my resume up on their website. I took the online classes (which someone with a below average IQ could pass), outlined my preferences on their site, and put information in their resume area. Every week I would check to see if any new restaurants/bars/hotels would come up with opportunities in my area (Twin Cites) on their website. For a while I didn't see anything and I called to complain. I was told that they would extend their search for another two months for no additional charge. Unfortunately, I took the bait. I finally saw three jobs on the website and went to the first one the list to fill out an application. They weren't officially hiring bartenders. I called the other two on the list (to save some time) and inquired about jobs and they were not hiring either. I then called and told them what I had found. They said that over the holidays/January isn't a good time for bartending jobs and said they would give me another month for free. I fell for it. After checking the site again, I called them and said I wanted my money back and that they failed to provide the service that they promised. They refused to give my money back and said that it was past the 30-day guarantee period. I told them that I had called within a timely manner and was offered another two months and then did it again, so that the reason I was calling so late was because my membership kept getting extended. I told them that if I had been advised at the time of the first extension that I wouldn't receive a refund, I would have asked for it then. I told them that it is NOT GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE to NOT PROVIDE A SERVICE THAT WAS PROMISED AND PAID FOR. Larry then told me that I should have put up a picture, filled out what I like to do for fun, and added more preferences. I had already filled out their resume information (BTW, I couldn't upload my own resume either in any format.) and listed my preferences for locations with them...wasn't that enough? It's what you do on any other job search site. I asked to speak with his manager. Larry then told me that his manager would say the same thing. After asking for it a couple of times, I got the name of the manager (Barry) and no last name. Larry said Barry was out of the office and would call me back. (It even sounds funny, doesn't it?) He never called back, so I called and had the pleasure of speaking with Larry, the ever-so-pleasant customer service representative, again today. After numerous requests to refund my money, he told me that had I filled out all the information online, they could help me. I said it wasn't listed as mandatory and in my many previous phone calls to them wasn't advised that it was a must. (I also have started my own business during regular business hours, so any time I can save for that, I do.) He inferred that I didn't do my due diligence with the website. I point blank told him that I realized that there are irresponsible people in the world, but I am not one of them. I merely manage my time to the best of my ability and had I known that that information would have secured a position for me, would have taken care of it. (Basically all he was doing was trying to put the blame on me.) He also kept saying that I was way past the cut-off time for a refund and that I couldn't get one. I advised him that the reason I was so late in requesting it was because I KEPT GETTING PUT OFF. I also advised him that I had been checking the site regularly and DID NOT SEE ANY VALID LISTINGS FOR BARTENDER OPENINGS. I said I was going to call the Better Business Bureau, which I will be doing tomorrow. He then proceeded to transfer me to his boss Barry, who I was ready for. I got the same run-around from Barry and the same bogus responses. THEY ARE ALL BLOW AND NO SHOW, for lack of better terms. THEY DON'T DELIVER ON THEIR PROMISES and THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON- EXISTENT. I have been in the business world for thirteen years and have never experienced anything like this. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. Also, something I should have done before and didn't was check the Better Business Bureau rating for them. THEY ARE RATED AN "F." Well, there's a real surprise.


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