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Contact information: is a complete SCAM. They advertise bartending jobs all over the country paying $20-$60 per hour (check careerbuilder or numerous other job boards). These jobs the claim don't actually exist they are just bait and switch tactics to have you call a 800 number. You are then directed to their website Once there you learn that you have to pay to become a member or pay to have them "qualify" you as a bartender. Once you've paid you find out that they actually don't have that fake job they advertised. This service is a complete scam do not fall for it. They are false advertisers and no legitimate bar or club would ever deal with them.

What *** me off the most is that when doing a search on careerbuilder for instance the results are about 10 legitimate jobs to 40-50 PAGES of BS fake bartending positions advertised by BARCAREERS. They are ### and should be avoided.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Ki
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    This "company" is complete ###. I called to get some information about their services and the first man that answered talked extremely fast, in fact I could barely understand anything he was saying. He had a rude and impatient tone and after he breezed through his speech without letting me get a word in, he proceeded to try to get my information and I politely told him that I was only looking for information today and wasn't ready to join just yet. He then promptly hung up on me before I could even ask any of the questions I had! I was irritated, but still wanted the information, so I called back. I talked to another man, he too was rude and impatient but I managed to get some info out of him. After he gave me the information I wanted, I thanked him and said I would be calling back. He, too, hung up without any kind of a closing. I was pissed off and wanted to complain, so I called back a third time and asked to speak to anybody whom I could lodge a formal complaint with. The 3rd man (they were all men working at a call center, strange) asked me the names of who I talked to and I said that I prefered to spreak directly with whoever handled complaints. He said he would connect me over to customer service. I waited and finally ANOTHER man picked up who sounded just like the one I was talking to and said "Hello, Senor?" I am a white female and I definitely don't have a spanish accent nor do I have a deep voice, so there is no logical reason why I should be confused for a spanish male. He then pretended he couldn't hear me, saying "hello, hello?' over and over. In the background, I could hear all those men laughing loudly and goofing around, very unprofessional. I finally got him to hear me and asked him if he was in customer service. He said no, he was in sales. I suspect that the previous man who was suppose to transfer me to customer service, just sent me over to someone else and said I was a spanish speaking man, just to prevent me from getting to the right place to lodge my complaint. For the third time now, I told this man I needed to be sent to customer service. He sent me to an automatic line that required extension numbers. When it said to press 9 for the directory, it said it was an invalid entry. When it said to press 0 for the operator, I did, and it told me there was nobody there to take my call. At this point, I just hung up because there is no point in wasting good minutes complaining to a company that dosn't give a ### anyways. I've worked in call centers before, and judging from the service I was given, bounced back and forth as a joke for their entertainment and hearing all the laughing and commotion in the background, I think there are just a couple of guys who man the phones who obviously have little or no supervision because they just hang up on you when they realize you are not ready to buy today. A real, legitmate company NEVER allows their employees to hang up on customers, and you should not be able to hear the other employee's conversations. They didn't even have a receptionist or ANYBODY else to talk too. The lines they kept sending me too were invalid or just a dead end. DO NOT USE this company for any of your needs, it's a total scam and the customer service was some of the worst I've EVER encountered. Besides, their bartender "training" is just an online course, something that you cannot possibly learn online. Real bartending courses teach you behind the bar, and in person. RIP OFF!!!

  • Li
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    I want to thank both of you for your posts. I am in a new town and looking for employment, so when I encountered it sounded pretty nifty. However, in todays age of rip off and scams I ALWAYS check out anything that sounds a bit too good. You have my sympathies for having to put up with BS from this company and my goodwill that you posted your experience so I do not have to endure it myself.

    P.S. There are actually a number of sites debunking the legitimacy BarCareers, but your detailed description of ineptitude and rudeness really clinched it for me.

  • R
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I would like my money back from this company

  • Kj
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    I agree totally with all of these posts, I also was conned in to calling this phony, sorry excuse for a business' number, thinking they actually had jobs available. I was not surprised to hear that there was some sort of fee, as I was already willing to pay the $530 for midwest bartending school. So I was relieved to hear him say the program was $140. But when he finished reciting his script, and I tryed to ask where the school was located and how the program worked, he cut me off, saying "this is not a 411 line" and hung up on me. I too called back because I really wanted the info, even after being rudely hung up on. The second male read the exact same ### speech as the first, and as soon as he came ti the period on the screen, I cut him off and asked my questions. He did answer them, but them proceeded to ask me for my name and info. So I thought to myself, I would have to be stupid to just hand over my info and cc# to this man who's name I didn't even catch, and have only been on the phone with for 3 minutes tops. So I gave them a taste of their own medicine and hung up!

  • Jo
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I'm filing a bank return for these guys, I recommend you do the same. Shoot me an email because it's going to be 60-90 days before I hear if the bank return was successful. Also I suggest you don't tell your bank it was an unauthorized claim, the bank will find out it was you who made the charges, it was noted in my bank return that I was the one that made the charges. Shoot me an email and I'll tell you if the bank return worked and what exactly I told my bank to allow this to happen, that is if it does happen. Thanks guys,

  • Fl
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    Barcareers helped me find employment as a baternder. Sounds like you lot don't have what it takes sorry for you!!

  • Be
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    I called looking for part time employment and the guy went through his little message about how it work the class you sign up for, etc. After explaining it all to me, he asked for my last name to sign me up. I hesitated, not really sure I was ready to commit $149.99 for my bartending certificate, and he would not take no for an answer. I told him I wanted to think about it make sure it was a good fit for me before moving forward. He told me I must not be motivated to get a job. I was gracious and tried to be nice, but he was mouthy, rude, insulting and in the end hung up on me. How is this place in business? I immediately went on-line and did a search and I found mostly negative things. I was not suprised to see people say it was a scam, the way he was pressuring me made me feel like it was a joke. What a waste of my time...

  • Dc
      22nd of Oct, 2009
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    Ha - I just called to request additional information about this company and what exactly the online course offered. The guy I talked with "Nick" was very friendly until I told him thanks for the information and that I wanted to do some more online research before giving him my credit card number. He proceeded to tell me I must not be serious about getting job. I told him that I wasn't going to change my mind and give him my card today, so if he wanted to give me his extension, I would be happy to contact him back so he could get the sale. He just kept telling me I wasn't serious about the job and that he'd heard before that people would call back later and they never did. He said he didn't understand what kind of research I still needed to do on the company. He gave me their website address. I told him I had already visited their site but wanted to check the Better Business Bureau, etc. to look for validity. He got frustrated and told me that EVERY company has complaints lodged against them. I told him that's fine and I understood that, but I wanted to check it out for myself and decide before making any decisions. He just kept talking over me and getting angry. I told him he was pushy and that I certainly wouldn't give him any of my information now. He kept rambling (rudely) and I told him that we would just say I wasn't serious about the job and leave it at that. He hung up on me.

    I wonder if the owner of this company knows what is going on in their "marketing" department. I would love to let them know, because a lot of times, I have found the owners in fact don't know and these type of "sales people" are making them lose business.

    I did look it up on the California Secretary of State website to see if it was a valid business. It was registered in 2000. (However, their website claims they have been in business since 1999)

    I guess when in doubt, always refer back to lessons you learn when you are young...If it sounds too good to be probably is.

  • Th
      27th of Oct, 2009
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  • Cl
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    I called about the site because I was curious about what other options I have (being a bartender for 5 years now). The consultant was a complete jerk named Jose extention 278. I asked a few questions about the price and what they really did with it. I got responses like "What do you really need to think about?", and "It's not hard to understand". is MY money so yes there is something to think about!! When I said I didnt really think I was interested, I got hung up on, so there are really classy people down there at barcareers, Congrats --you aren't getting any money from me!

  • Re
      19th of Nov, 2009
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    Wow. These people are the devil.
    Words such as...scam, rip-off and jerks don't even begin to describe
    Shame on careerbuilder for allowing them to post and shame on me for being so gullible and stupid.
    These people continue to hit my charge card for unknown fee's above the $99 original cost and I keep disputing.
    ...Of course you can not obtain a person via phone...

    ...silly me...

  • Di
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    I went through the "training" and still haven't found a job. I was also taken by the guy on the phone when I simply called for information about Barcareers. I wrote down notes during the phone conversation, including information that I would get practical training (later to find out they meant that I would get it on the first job I find), and information about how they would help place me in a job. I did the online testing, which was the only "training" involved, received my certificate, and contacted them about job placement. I contacted them several times and finally made progress a few weeks later, when a month had passed and they recharged my credit card for the monthly fee of using their website. They basically told me I had to do the footwork to find establishments that were hiring and then report that information on their website so they could call the establishments and act as a reference for me. I understand that to find a job I should be the one doing the work, but I paid them to help me find a job, not to simply follow up on job contacts for me.
    Feeling inadequate about my lack of practical training, I ended up enrolling in a local hands-on bartending school, from which I graduated. I'm now looking for jobs with the certificate from the real bartending school, which is now the main reference on my resume. I still include Barcareers on my resume, but I'm thinking about taking it off because I'm afraid some employer will see it and think I'm a chump.
    So, another month has passed and I recently got the recurring monthly charge from Barcareers on my bank statement. I went back on the website to cancel my account, but couldn't find any way to do it. I emailed them to find out how to stop the charges and haven't heard back from them yet. Not only that, but I have no way to retrieve the contract or conditions for which I signed up.
    Barcareers is not kosher. They don't "place" you in any job and they don't "train" you as a bartender.

  • Ki
      5th of Feb, 2010
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    I called them and spoke to a guy name Mark. He tried to get my credit card number over the phone. I told him that I needed to learn more about the company before giving out my number. He kept trying to pressure me without even telling me what the freaking site was that I giving my money to. I had to really press for that information! That in of its self makes me feel like it's a scam. but then all these horrible reviews make me sure I don't want to do business with them. And what a shame for them! I would gladly pay $149 for a certification in bartending! How much could it cost to set up a legitimate website? I would like to know if anyone has actually gotten a job from these people!

  • Sc
      20th of Feb, 2010
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    Guys, just want to give yall a heads up. If you find a "scam" on a job search site, please report it on that site. For example, I found barcareers with As i was already had experience with scams trying to contact me and wasted time, I will look up a company name if i have never heard of it. Then if i see more then 3 bad comments about the business, I red flag them in a heart beat. This will help others (and the job site) on who not to waste there time and/or money with. Thanks.

  • La
      5th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    DO NOT FALL FOR THIS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE IN A COLLEGE TOWN. Lesson learned: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is... and GOD is that true with this "company"! I called and got talked into giving them EVERYTHING: name, address, contact info, and my credit card info. I never agreed to charge anything to my card, but after I tried to ask the guy on the other end of the phone to make sure that I wasn't committing to anything it was too late. I'll admit, I fell for this scam hook, line and sinker: but it almost took me taking legal action to get them to let me out of it! When I called back to cancel my account and get a refund, I was told that I couldn't because I had already been registered for the class and that even if I canceled my account I would be charged $58 for the registration fee. No one had made it clear to me that I was registering or that anything was being charged to my credit card! I called my credit card company and asked them to deny the transaction, but I was told that they couldn't because I had already "approved" the transaction, which was completely untrue and something that was done without my consent. I called BarCareers and asked to speak to a manager three separate times, and each time I was forwarded to the same answering machine. I left three messages, each one getting progressively angrier, until I actually threatened legal action on my last call and FINALLY was patched through to a real person. Then he actually tried to guilt trip me into staying in the program, saying that they "didn't want people who were just going to be lazy and stand behind the bar and not do anything." Excuse me, BarCareers, but I guarantee I have more ambition in my little fingernail than any of you working at this joke of a business have in your entire headquarters... hence why I called your bluff and now have a full refund coming on my next credit statement. People: DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF FALLING FOR THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE OF AN OPPORTUNITY. Do your research and don't get into the same mess that I did!

  • La
      2nd of Jun, 2010
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    I had the complete opposite experience. I just wanted to let you know that I got a job working a bar in Mission Valley thanks to my career coordinator.

  • Pe
      28th of Jun, 2010
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    I just called and spoke to Chris to get some information, he recited she spiel then asked me to pay $149.90 right away over the phone.
    I stated that I did not feel comfortable finding a job posting online, that asked me to call a 877 number, and within minutes give up my CC information and be charges almost $150 for something I knew nothing about. Before I could even finish, he cut me off stating that I needed to me motivated NOW and that whats the point of thinking about it when I would just have to call back and and do the process all over again. I stated that I originally called just to get some information on the job posting and that I had no intentions of making any sort of payment at this time. He then stated that if I felt more comfortable, I could go to the grocery store and purchase a prepaid Visa for $150 then use that as payment. I said okay, and that I would call him back, his ext is 368, and the email he provied was I WILL NOT FALL FOR SCAMS LIKE THESE!

  • Mi
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    I spoke with "chris" who talked very quickly and within 2 minutes was asking me for my credit card information. This of course made me very suspicious and I asked if I could research the company a little bit before spending over 100 dollars. He hesitated and said that I COULD, but all the jobs might be gone by the time I called back. What a bunch of [censor]!! I can't believe the website is still up, its a total scam.

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