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My daughter and I just got back from a BARBIZON MODELING casting call at the Star Center in Farmers Branch in Dallas on Saturday April 04, 2012, to be placed as a model.
My wife spoke to a person named Jenny who assured her after she asked a few times whether they were trying to sell us anything. Jenny assured my wife that placement was free and that we did not have to part with any money.
On arriving there, they went through almost and hour and a half of 'massaging' us for the sale that was about to take place.
To cut a long story short, the casting call was merely a ploy to get us to come to the Star Center to sell some modeling classes.

Although I am not against any school teaching modeling, I am against the deceptive practice and methods they use to get you there on the pretenses that you have been selected to work as a model, they then spring it on you that they can't send you out without you having first done classes.

If they are selling classes they should simply say so and not sell the poor girls and their parents a story that their daughter could be the next big thing but only if they first attend classes.

Jenny was excited to see my daughter and told us that she would definatley be accepted, until I told her that we did not want to shell out $2395 for modling classes. Her whole demeaner then changed and she could'nt get us out there fast enough.

If you are being contacted by BARBIZN MODELING and asked to come to a casting call because you have been selected as a model - don't go, it a SCAM.
Only go if you are specifically looking for modeling classes.


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  • Ly
      14th of Apr, 2013

    I received a call today (April 2013) for my daughter to come to "an interview." My first question was "how much is it going to cost?" also. She assured me that there was no cost, and that if she's chosen for print, tv, voice overs, etc... she'd be paid.

    This was slightly different than what you described, as I was told it's a "go talk to the lady - doesn't matter what she wears - they're looking for her personality" situation, and the words "casting call" were never used.

    I know the highly respected Kim Dawson agency looks for sizes, teeth, potty trained (for certain ages) and how much is the mother a PITA. (They DON'T want stage moms.) Why should this "interview" with Barbizon take an hour?

    After determining a time, she told me that it was at a hotel on Regal Row. We live in Collin county, so that's about 40 miles away. I almost cancelled, but didn't. My gut tells me that they're going to try to sell us modeling classes. Your post and my gut are about to make me cancel. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

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  • Ma
      16th of Aug, 2013

    My daughter and I were fooled into believing that Barbizon was a model agency. They will find your child the best placement into the modeling world - but your child must know what to do in order to "land" a job. They are a modeling school and not a modeling agency - we were tricked into believing that the classes they offer were a must in order for my daughter to pursue her "dream". My daughter has been made to share her makeup with strangers, undress and dress in front of strangers and she has literally been humiliated in front of many other people when her instructor literally removed a shrug jacket she was wearing with her dress - my daughter stated she would not remove it and could not because she did not wear a strapless bra - her instructor literally removed it from her body!! I refuse to send her back and I notified their corporate office to which I was spoken to very rudely, accused of yelling at the lady I was speaking with and told no refund would be given and that "she" would work things out between my daughter and her instructor - this lady ignored the fact that I bluntly stated there is no way my daughter will return. Please truly help and complaint to the Federal Trades Commission or call them at 877-FTC-HELP. It takes many, many complaints in order for them to be able and take action against deceiving companies but they are the one's who can get back our money and literally stop Barbizon from deceiving hard working consumer's like us!! Please help stop them. Thank You Sincerely.

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