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On March 22, 2016, we enquired about setting up an account (free of service charges) that I require to receive checks from my renter. The staff at the bank told us that since my husband already has a joint account with his mom in the same bank, setting up this signature checking account with my husband and my name on it will not incur any fees. After the first check deposit, which the bank took quite a while to figure out the track of that check (which created a distrust between my new tenant and me), the renter decided to request his bank to send to another of my bank. I had no problems after switching to another bank. Since my rent check does not go to the bank of the west, I did not give much thought to the signature checking account, afterall, I did not think I will earn any interest from that account! In January 2017, I was doing my routine bank statements verification of my assets and tax forms, and realized that I did not receive any paper statements from Bank of the west for this account. I checked online and notice the service fee of $30 charged to this account, every month, beginning May 2016. So far $270 has been charged. I called the bank to see if they could reverse the charges. The answer I get was that they could reverse just one month (it is now end of Jan 2017 and I did not see that being done). The staff also told me that I should have checked my account online earlier and that since the account has to have the same names (my husband and my mother-in-law's), that is why a fee is charged. But this is exactly the misinformation I was given, which lead me to think that I am getting a free checking account since my husband's name is on it! After the first call, the staff let me know that she will speak with her bank manager and after checking back with her a few times, the reply was that they are still checking. The next service charge will be Feb 6 and so I have decided that the bank is not going to reverse the charges. I will close the account and I will write to all the complaint boards and reviews. I felt scammed! Albeit a $270 lesson, but I am not going away without submitting my complaints to everyone that I know. This is all because we were mislead by the staff about this free checking account!

Feb 1, 2017

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