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Bangalore Traffic Police / Mismanagement

1 India Review updated:

Bangalore has become one of the worst managed city in the terms of traffic, the traffic police collect bribe from the private bus owners to let them inside the city limits, where the buses are strictly prohibited. There is no strict enforcement of rules in no parking and no stopping zones, where there are many autos and cars parked. Especially in the areas in and around majestic is hell... for eg. Platform road which runs from Central i.e. near nataraj theater till the 2nd entrance of the railway station is one of the worst roads to drive in, there is no median in between so traffic from opposite sides just block each other during peak hours, is it not a common sense to put up medians in heavy traffic areas to have a smooth flow of traffic?

This is very disgusting in the part of Bangalroe Traffic Police.

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  • Na
      12th of Oct, 2013
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    My complaints no response from traffic police why dtd 5/10/2013

  • Na
      5th of Oct, 2013
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    Bannerghata main road there is divider is there from JP nagar to Minakeesh temple (Mhal ), on the divider there no. of advertisement, we are unable to take u -turn, since we are unable view the vehicles coming straight while taking U-turn, there is chance of accident. Hence we request to Bangalore traffic authority immediately arrange for removing the advertisement where ever there is hinderance for taking U-turn.

  • Si
      28th of Mar, 2013
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    BangaloreTraffic police is worst in the world and so are Traffic Police.They have become very high handed and rude for the last few months.They have learnt making easy money ten times their salary.What is most annoying is their rude acts and silly behaviours.They treat gentlemen and illiterates like them alike.Educated or uneducated they treat the same. Offender or non offender they treat the same.Drunk driver or non drunk drivers they treat the same.

    Their barberic ways of pulling the jeys from the bike is most provocative and very disturbing acts.No Uniformed perosn will ever do anywhere in the world like the sillt traffic cops of Bangalore do.What respect will they command if they pull the keys from vehicles fearing theat perosn will flee without paying bribes.Their day will begin with bribes with breakfast in the morning, biriyani in the afternoon and thier night duty ends with liquors of good quantity with feast of bribes.Bangalore Traffic Police should hang thier head with shame by keeping such corrupt Policimen on their Rolls

  • Sh
      28th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    All the efforts of the Police through out the country to minimise the Accidents depends mainly on LANE PRINCIPLE . Remember not to venture into fast vehicle LANE unless u can sustain the speed.
    A gentlemanly attitude brings a contagious smile on all the drivers.

  • Sh
      28th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    It is a known fact that in Western countries the Gun culture is very predominant, the drug addiction, free sex and conviction procedures are too long and stringent than in our country.
    Present generation is falling pray to foreign culture by the Television shows, where in our serial producers are mimicking sequences which are suicidal to our social fabric.
    Quick money, sex, Drug and alcohol attraction are the main cause for the increased crime rate.
    Unless the citizens takes more responsibility, The police force becomes helpless .
    Political parties have become dangerous, they are the main reason for communal hat-redness . They have no intention to solve any problem.
    They nurture all criminal things for their Vote bank.
    Finally the victims are the poorest and down trodden public at large.
    All the beneficial schemes of the government are misused by the administrative authorities, it is evident that such things happen with hand in glove with pudhari the agents of politicians.
    There is no point in pointing the police for all the ugly sites which we have to witness .
    Let all of us aim at, clean city, clean mind, clean habits.and above all respecting the law of the land.

  • Sh
      27th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    The police department should be so attractive with all the benefits and high salary, that even the most humble to the biggest notorious rowdy crave for a job in law enforcing section of society . The problems of bribery, misbehaviour will be things of past automatically .

  • Sh
      27th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Police force should have reasonable salary, accommodation, schools and all amenities for decent living standards .
    The assured pension, insurance for life and health encourages them to spend their all out energies to meet any challenges they may have to encounter.
    The promotion and selections must be on pure Merritt and physical fitness only, dirty reservation quota should never infiltrate, this will help able men to work with high morals.

    Drunkards and habitual offenders should be dispensed immediately, these are the people who are being in police and bringing bad name to the organisation .
    Above all citizens should be law abiding and polite.

  • Ac
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    22nd Nov 2010

    Infantry road has few uneducated waste TP men and they ask me to come the opposite side of the road (dark area where no one will watch them taking bribe, may be the traffic cctv is there) and ask why did not I stop when that inspector stopped me. He asked me for 300 and said court is closed tomorrow. Suddenly I could not understand him and he said don't argue and all Kanada bull [censor] (some slang I guess). I ask for receipt and he ask again for 600. I said ok but he again started some thing and took 200. Some how his intension was to get the money for his own.

    They are not in a mood to educate people but trying to make money.

    If someday this goes beyond anybody's tolerance point then God knows...

    After paying so much as tax we don't have infrastructure here in city, why India govt does not encourage other small cities to grow for software?

    flop system...and I am a common man...waiting for ANOTHER WEDNESDAY...

  • Ts
      13th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Dear Sir,

    Today evening around 6.25 p.m, i was hit by a bike who jumped Chandrika signal at Millers road. Bike hit me and i fell middle of the road. It was time for pedestarian walk and he had jumped the signal, no other vehicle were around. After hitting me he used all abusive language and i was so scared and shocked. I called him names then and i left, by then other vehicles had reached the spot from chandrika signal. Since it is one way and i was headed to Cunningham road i kept walking. When i reached in front of Chandrika Hotel, to cross the road i was waiting for traffic to stop. Then one bike in front of chandrika hotel started abusing me again, its the same guy again, he had again violated traffic rule by entering Cunningham road from millers road which is one way.
    Then i told him I will complain to police, he told me he does not have time for all that.. and started moving. Usually there is Traffic Police at that junction but i could not find him then. I told him if he guts wait for police, but he ran away.

    After that episode, I was so hurt, felt really bad. for myself. I finished my work in cunningham road and walked to same junction to catch auto, i saw traffic cop chatting with other khaki uniformed cop, i called him, thought i would ease my mind by atleast complaining, he turned deaf year. i kept saying sir, sir he did not even bother to look back at me. Cop in Khaki uniform looked at me as he was facing me, he did not ackn0wledge me. Another HURT.

    1. Are traffic violators never punished??
    2. Isn't violating traffic a crime?
    3. Would Surveillant camera have taken that guys picture and his vehicle number?
    (Chandrika junction does have Survelliance Camera)

    If YES, I request you to kindly nab this guy and teach him some good lessons, so that he never does it again.


  • No
      3rd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I request you to give spot fine challans rather that booking case and taking them to court for minor cases like wrong parking, riding in no entry zone, without helmet, no licence, no insurance, no documents.

    All these fines should be Rs. 50.00 only and constant for ever, most of 2 wheeler riders are students, poor and middle class family, to pay fine of Rs. 50.00 make more painful than loosing money in gambling more than Rs. 100, 000.00 for gambler.

    To avoid bribe you must reduce fine value, you know it is hard earning money of our self, parents, In Rs. 50.00 the poor family can buy bread for his family of 4.

    So I request you reduce fines and make them to pay on spot with reciept in order to avoid bribe to police

  • Ar
      5th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Will the Black Berry helps to avoid Bribary of Traffic Police in Bangalore?

  • Ye
      27th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    if u have a complaints register it online

  • Ma
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    In short, Whole India is a Brothel, we are all ###.

  • Ra
      17th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    dear sir/madam

    im rahul, from indiranagar, this incident took place today
    DT:17 april 2009, 12:15 pm IST

    i was driving from the 8O ft road jeevanbhimanagar towards michealplaya, when i was cornered by a constable at KRISHNA temple signal in front of ADE who told me to show my documents, an i did so in a very calm manner, suprisingly the INSPECTOR demanded me to pay a fine of RS100/- for a signal jump
    " which i never commited" .the constable too agreed for a moment that i dint jump the signal but the constable was driven away by the INSPECTOR to mind his business. i then swore that i did not jump the signal only to listen to an ABUSIVE and UNCULTURED INSPECTOR's words .a few SECONDS later their was the pedestarian buzzer which rang and a few more peolpe being cornerned by the cops.
    one of them deeply went into argument that he had crossed the line before the buzzer rang, now the inspector changed his word and said that i had crossed the signal before the buzzer rang, which ultimately means i DID NOT jump the singal (FOR PEOLPE WHO DONT KNOW : THE BUZZER RINGS ONCE THE YELLOW LIGHT COMES ON HENCE TO PREVENT TRAFFICE TO PASS).

    indeed of several flow of words between me and the inspector, he insisted that i had to pay fine, who later said i could pay less if i dint have enough money an move ON.

    meanwhile another person who was payin the fine, noticed that his bill had a different registration number on the bill which made him angry only to hurl few words which meant make the inspector realize that his duty is incomplete and the person needed a different one inpector in his usual "ILL-mANNERed" behaviour started abusing the person to move away else he would be manhandelled by the inspector which is SUCH a SHAME !!!(to hear such words from a civil servant )

    i did not want to want to fill any bribe for no crime committed, hence i demanded him to provide me a bill an i paid him RS100/- since i was in a hurry to move after a 30-40minutes of invalid argument .
    which just meant i was CHEATED by the traffic inspector on duty an
    precious time being wasted . few people like this inspector are the biggest SHAME in the traffic team of our city .

    now a few questions on my mind if any official or any person who is aware of the traffice rules plz can update me it neccesary that i need to mortgage my vehicle documents to the inspector on duty before i appraoch the court to pay the fine? the court of law is the public given a chance to prove their point to plead not guilty ?
    3.why are the time delay removed from the traffic signal post which where installed in earlier point of time ?
    4.why is not every signal in city have a working camera sensorwhich records signal jumpers ?
    6.if given a chance to prove not guilty is the traffic mgmt or the indiviual ready to accept the fine which the AFFECTED public would demand?

  • Co
      10th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear sir,
    This is to let you know the Atrocities made by a Hotel by name U2B located near (Uddipi hotel) BTM Layout(near water tank). Sir they use the road behind the hotel for parking.They use that road for parking and they use it in such a way that the road is their own property.They make their customers park their vehicles on both sides of that road and will not let other passers through that road.When ever I take the road I will have to wait there on that road for atleast some time.Also some BMTC buses goes through that road.When a bus comes through that road, Condition is still fatal.Atleast if they park only on one side it is manageable.But the park on both sides.some circumstances even on the midst of the Road.There is a Traffic signal nearby and the Traffic police know well about the condition of the Road.

    The Hotel authorities beat me up for just asking them not to park more vehicles on the road.They started beating me more when I told them that I will complain to the police.They dragged me on the road and even threaten me that they will beat me again.I am very afraid since they are Rich and they will do anything.
    I plead you to take steps to stop the Hotel people from making use of a public Road as their own property.I Believe that the traffic police might not have allowed any common man to do some thing like this.I plead you to take steps.
    Fridays saturdays and Sundays that road will be completely filled with hotel customer vehicles.
    Thanking in Anticipation
    Common man

  • Ra
      7th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I would request the traffic police to take suitable action, heavy fine to those traffic violators and enforce strict action. The free left, Cab drivers rash driving, lane discipline and Finally Auto guys do not respect any traffic rules.
    I see police is very soft on traffic violators, rather ignore many times. PC will not make any effort to catch individually for traffic violators. I see them in action only when Sr Police Inspector on duty to catch.

    Unless fine is imposed people will continue to make mistakes and violate laws. Look at the silk board choking form 10 years and free left is completely blocked but police will watch helpless

  • Ar
      22nd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This happened to me just y'day night on off commercial street. We'd indeed parked our vehiclke carefully checking for no parking signs and from no where the traffic police came with their vehicles started picking up randomly vehicles parked, when i rushed to the spot the person incharged was signalling his subordinates to take away the vehicles{winking and siging them off}, as a lady i try to reach out first the police personal was so ignorant that he laterally made me run for a distance and was not ready to hear our pleas nor explain himself for doing this and just told to cough up 300rs and take the vehicle, it was a pathetic situation the law abiding people have stated looting people, now this has become an opener for me as to whom to vote for to invite just governing bodies.

  • Ra
      2nd of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    You are 200% correct. These police have no idea other than begging for money the word " government beggars" suits very well.We pay huge TAX and Govt paying salaries to this dept, they are getting money more than 10 times salary.They do even pay TAX like us.
    The new Govt keep harping on performance and improvement of Bangalore city. I do not see any improvement and the same old things
    This is common sense. Just after the signal Bus stop is given and Just before or landing place Bust stop is given and free left is for name sake. Any human can identify these problems why not Cop because they are interested on this Job or they do not get money.
    Example Silk Board junction has been the problem form 10 years but not even one Police officer is keen to take up this matter or change the system
    Cops are useless, have no idea how to handle traffic I wonder how they will handle terrorist?
    The Govt attitude towards City Traffic is pathetic.

  • Ga
      6th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Traffic problem in 29th Main & 30 th Main road.

    The traffic situation in BTM layout 29th main and 30th main road is pathetic. The 30th main road which connects to main road all the traffic which comes from 29th main road use BTS Bus stand to cross, 30th Main road. They do not follow any rule or lane and harass decent people to leave the space. They not only come on the wrong way and terrorize us.
    Added to this water tankers use the road as if they own them. They also add nuisance to public.

    I would request the traffic police to take suitable action, heavy fine to those traffic violators and enforce strict action.

  • Sa
      6th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    For everybody, fine amount for each and every mistake, here is the goverment announced spot fine. For example, wrong parking Rs100, without driving license Rs300. Check out this link for fine amount Let us join together to pay original fine amount

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