Balboa Capitalconmen

I barely escaped the clutches of this con job,
They signed me up to recive 30k then send me dociments for 8 k afterbibwas put through everything and signed the agreement for thirty k, the needed my commitmemt fee amd the aigned document along with id and a voided check, all sent amd they said ibwill get the loan docs the next day and fund the day after for the 30 k, i made commitments based on the 30k and the bery next day the dics came to me for 8 k, , and a 150 percent payback with daily payments, wow so i ran to bank stopped oaymemt on my check for commitemt fee and they were alteady trying to presemt the check, bait and switch, , , DONT GO HERE FOR penny, , then the sales guy actually had the nerve to be rude when i spoke to him anout what they did, ,

Nov 21, 2018

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