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+1 888 225 2621(Head Office) 1 0
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+1 855 816 7999(Northwest Regional Office) 1 0
+1 800 280 5624(Southwest Regional Office) 1 0
+1 877 249 0110(Pacific Northwest Office) 1 0
Northwest Regional Office
4000 Executive Pkwy, № 385, San Ramon, CA 94583
Southwest Regional Office
15279 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite B-245, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Pacific Northwest Office
1227 West Summit Parkway, Spokane, WA 99201

Balboa Capital Complaints & Reviews

Balboa Capital / sales call

Apr 10, 2019

I am writing to complain about a extremely rude and disrespectful sales call we received today. The girl that called was pushy and hung up on me. She asked for the person in charge and I explained to her that she was not available right now and who she needed to talk to and she said to me...

Balboa Capital / conmen

Nov 21, 2018

I barely escaped the clutches of this con job, They signed me up to recive 30k then send me dociments for 8 k afterbibwas put through everything and signed the agreement for thirty k, the needed my commitmemt fee amd the aigned document along with id and a voided check, all sent amd they said...

Balboa Capital / lease

Aug 27, 2018

Problem after problem... want return phone calls. Tried to get out of a lease that they want let end. Hired an attorney to make sure I took proper steps.. they want respond to me or the attorney. They think their buy out price at the end of the lease is a new truck. Biggest mistake we have...

Balboa Capital / equipment lease

Jul 17, 2018

Small Business owners- **** BE CAREFUL WITH THIS UNETHICAL LENDER***** Balboa capital has a very deceptive business practice. They will continue to charge the quarterly payments even after the lease is over. I have asked them to refund the un-authorized payment and security deposit several...

Balboa Capital / lease contract

Jun 01, 2017

We entered into a lease agreement back in 2012 with balboa capital. We paid out the lease early because the equipment is no longer useful as inks and parts will no longer be trying to get a comparison between the buyout price (Fair market value) and the cost of shipping it...

Balboa Capital / leasing

Nov 18, 2016

This company is very deceitful and apparently doesnt care about their clients opinion of them, look at all of the negative reviews. I urge no one to use this company and as a business community we push to put them out of business. I warn everyone about section two in their

Balboa Capital / unauthorized charges and triple purchase amount buyout

Aug 11, 2016

Balboa CapitalThis is my second complaint against balboa capital. The first complaint is them charging over $2000 in fees not disclosed at the time of the lease. Account representative, brenden gibbs, told me their would not be an early termination fee. I just got a payoff letter that was three time...

Balboa Capital / predatory fraudulent loan

Aug 02, 2016

Customer No: 161229 Lease No: [protected] To Whom It May Concern My Name is Dr. Mehran Tavakoli, and I have two offices in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. About 4 months ago, I decided to upgrade one of my medical lasers at my office through a vendor ( Cutera, Inc. Pleasanton, CA) towards the...

Balboa Capital / equipment lease

May 24, 2016

My issue is very similar to many who have posted. Our company set up a lease with Balboa for computer equipment. The amounts used were an estimate until the final billing was completed. Because Balboa insisted on paying the vendors direct (vs reimbursing us when the project was complete...

Balboa Capital / their contracts are comprised in difficult and wrong for the customers' way

Oct 18, 2015

Guys, be aware of Balboa Capital Corporation. I have signed the contract with them, but it was comprised in very sophisticated way. The language was too difficult and even attorneys couldn’t find necessary details. Also, they indicated in the contract that all customers must inform them if...

Balboa Capital / the company changed the conditions of the contract and started to take larger sum

Oct 11, 2015

I have signed the contract with Balboa Capital. I got the credit from them and we agreed that they would take the same sum from me every month. At the beginning they did as we agreed, but 3 months ago they started to take larger sum. I called them and emailed, but the company refused to...

Balboa Capital / no honoring 10% buyout

Jul 22, 2014

We negotiated a lease agreement with Balboa's representative that included a 10% buyout of the equipment at the end of the term. When the contract was finally signed, it was with some different contract person that came to the house with the paperwork all ready to be signed. The...

Balboa Capital / lied about $1 buyout and extra charge

May 06, 2014

We had financed a new piece of equipment with Balboa Capital about year and half ago and were lead to believe we were signing up for a $1 buyout of the equipment but realized later the paperwork stated fair market value buyout. The financing person who helped us acknowledge it but was only...

Balboa Capital / beware of scam!


Do not lease anything from this company! We bought a business in 2006 and decided to add a piece of equipment which was priced at $12, 000 in january 2009. We had an offer letter from balboa capital and decided to give them a try. Bradford j. Williams was the account executive and...

Balboa Capital / high fees

balboa capital is the worst company i have ever had dis-pleasure of doing business with. they new up-front that they had to send a deposit check in and then they caharged me $100 for this. They then inspected my plant and charged me over $650 for this. Matt Nuyen, the rep, was very rude and unprofessional. bad people!!! todd Abrams sonrise metal

Balboa Capital / lied about $1 buy out


My husband leased business equipment thru Balboa Capital and this was his first lease for a new business he opened and the sales person told him there was a $1 buyout but the contract stated fair market value the equipment depreciated and was selling for under $3, 000 at the end of the...

Balboa Capital / not honoring buy out


Balboa Capital said that I owe them the fair market value of lease at end of term. After I still made payment after term was up thinking that I would get a rebate after thet straightened out their paper work. I had a addendem to lease from Balboa that they are not honoring. If I did have a...