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Backloads / Bad service

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My daughter found ‘Backloads Removalists’ on the internet three weeks ago and was attracted by the comments on the website of "hassle free delivery" and low price so she booked on line for 5.6 cub m. to be picked up from our home on the Gold Coast and taken to Sydney. On line it asks for a date range, which she gave as Monday 23 Feb - Thursday 26 Feb as she was moving on Friday 27 Feb. She was contacted to say that the goods would be picked up on Monday morning 23 Feb and that money would be taken from my account when the goods had been picked up.
We were told they would pick up our boxes between 12 and 1 pm but they didn’t arrive until 9 pm only to say that they couldn't fit our boxes in, as they had an emergency pick-up on the way, even though our capacity size was less than our stated amount. The driver said another truck would be coming through on Tuesday and he would tell the office to make sure our boxes were on that truck. Even though they had not picked up our goods, they took the money out of our bank account on the Monday which meant we were in no position to find another removalist in case we couldn’t get our money back.
The truck did not come until Friday afternoon to pick up our goods despite numerous calls to them and false promises throughout the week. We were told that the boxes would arrive on Sunday morning. I rang the office again to say that this was unacceptable as my husband and daughter were driving down to Sydney to move in on Friday and I was flying down Saturday especially to help her unpack the boxes. I had the unfortunate experience to be put through to the operations manager who was the rudest man I've ever encountered in business. He has no customer service skills and even told me I was "stupid" to book a flight when I didn't know when I was getting the goods. At this stage I thought the whole operation must have been a scam, as surely no-one moves on the date a removalist tells them they can, you book the removalist to suit the day you are moving. There was no apology or even reasonable explanation as to why my daughter's boxes were not in Sydney by the due date throughout the ordeal. He told me that he didn’t have to do anything about it because the conditions read that the goods are guaranteed to be delivered up to 3 days after pick up. I reminded him that the pick up day was supposed to be Monday not Friday so surely that rule did not apply as it was the company's fault that they weren't picked up. He said that it didn't matter whose fault it was the rule still applied and without giving me any assurance that the boxes would be delivered, hung up on me. The boxes arrived the following Tuesday afternoon, one week after they were supposed to be delivered and 4 days after pick up (so much for their guarantee) causing undue stress, financial loss and wasted time. I emailed the General Manager to put in my complaint but have had no reply. Besides a couple of staff members, everyone else has been rude, inefficient and evasive.

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      29th of Apr, 2010
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    The removalists turned up (Tuesday) at the home and one was an elderly man and the other was a toothless junkie from Mayfield in Newcastle. The old man stayed outside of the house and the younger hothead was the one moving the furniture. The pair of them did not stop whinging and complaining from the second they pulled up in the driveway. I ended up helping by moving all the boxes and some light furniture out the front thinking the sooner they left the better as it was a nightmare having them in my home
    I was there by myself with my 2 children as my husband was away for work and would meet me at the new house in Victoria. They knew I was driving to Victoria to meet the truck at the other end although they insisted they would be there before myself. I handed them a copy of the keys for the new house and off they went. Little did I know that the toothless junkie had also helped himself to the $450 in my purse on his way out the door.
    I didn’t realise until halfway to Victoria that I had no cash and after contacting I was told that it was the drivers responsibility and they had nothing to do with the theft of the cash.

    The driver had since dropped off the toothless Mayfield junkie and picked up a new piece of ### to travel with and would not disclose the whereabouts of the other 'helper'.
    numerous phone calls went back and forth between the driver, myself and my husband as we made our way down the Hume Highway with no accountability happening.

    I was then told (this was now Wednesday) that they would not be at the new address until the Thursday morning. No problem we would just stay overnight and head to the new house and meet them there.
    Thurday 4pm comes and still no truck and by this time I am fuming! My husband arranged to have a mate of his come to the new address so that I did not have to deal with the removalists by myself.
    They finally arrived at 5pm and started to throw and I do mean THROW my belongings off the truck breaking several things in the process. The elderly driver said nothing to me about the missing cash at all and when questioned by my husband’s mate he responded by letting him know how fantastic he was in a fight... my goodness and here was I thinking he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

    The younger man that came with the removalists spoke to me as they were leaving and told me that the toothless junkie was a mate of his and that he couldn’t give me his phone number as it wasn't right...

    but taking $450 out of my purse was???

    I then asked for this person's ABN or TFN and I was told that there was no tax file number for Shane from Mayfield and that he was hired cash in hand for the day.

    I then went inside to grab some paper and by the time I came back out the front the truck was pulling away and gone.

    It was then I realised that the driver still had my house keys!!

    I have since called both the driver and to no avail, there is a spare set of my house keys floating around the country somewhere.
    I asked to speak to a supervisor and was given to an 'operations manager' who told me that he would call the driver and then contact me again, that was 7 days ago and I have heard nothing.
    The last call I made to them yesterday I was hung up on 4 times in a row and the woman on the phone laughed at me when I told her that I was going to the police over the house keys and the damages that happened as the truck was unloaded.
    I was told at the time that will not replace the goods that were broken as we didn’t take out the $500 transit insurance that they insisted we pay on top of the $2795 removal fee. The breakages did not happen in transit they happened when the removalists were throwing items off the truck due to the driver having a dose of the cranks because he could not locate our new address and that we had been on the phone to him constantly over the missing money.

    We are going to go to consumer affairs and we are still dealing with the police in NSW and VIC over damages and the missing money but the fact remains that it has been 2 weeks and someone has my house keys and will not even talk to me anymore or talk to anyone associated with the job number.


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      25th of Mar, 2011
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    this mob is [censor], they don't give a [censor]. unreliable, unprofessional, untrustworthy, liars and [censor] artists

  • Ms
      2nd of Sep, 2011
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    I had the misfortune of dealing with them too. Moving from Brisbane to Sydney I spent some time comparing costs between backloaders and movers. In hindsight I should have taken the time to look up reviews etc had I done so I never would have dealt with these guys ever!!! But anyway I was quite chuffed when I went with these guys because they were cheaper than the rest. But as the old adage tells us YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Now pick up was fine on time, quick and they were really helpful. But I was living with a friend for a few months so went with the option of having my goods shipped to their warehouse in Sydney (supposedly). Big mistake! By doing this I thought I could save a bit and not have to arrange storage and delivery when I moved to my new house. So anyway the time came for me to move into my new home and at the time I didnt know the exact date I would be moving but I called these guys and gave them fair notice that it could be one of two dates this was around 3-4 weeks before the move. Was told not to worry I could ring a week beforehand and it should be fine. I did one better and rang two weeks beforehand gave them the date. Then a week before the delivery I called to see if everything was fine and that I could expect my furniture on time... No problems mentioned. So imagine my surprise when I got a phone call the evening prior to my planned moving day from a guy who says hes bringing my stuff from a warehouse in a Brisbane suburb. I said sorry mate thats not mine my stuff is in storage here in Sydney. Then he rattles off the contents and Im thinking how on earth is my stuff thats SUPPOSED to be in storage in Sydney SUDDENLY on this truck coming down from Brisbane! So Im arguing with this guy telling him that I wasnt expecting him til tomorrow and that I was working on an event and couldnt get back to the house. He says well if you dont you wont get it til Monday cos I have to get home to Woollongong. By then Im so infuriated and on the brink of tears and I ring the office. I explain whats happened she then says she will ring the guy and find out whats happened and why he is there on Thursday and not Friday morning as planned. Two minutes later she rings back and says sorry has to be delivered that night or the following Monday. The number of expletives I wanted to use right then! Had my boss not been so understanding I would have to wait three days for my furniture. The guys arrive and proceed to bring my stuff in but did so in a slowwww manner. It took the pick up guys under twenty minutes to get all the stuff... Took these guys over an hour and the thing is I didnt have much stuff a few big items and boxes. Received no apology, no follow up and no evaluating the service process. So that tells me they dont want to know if theyre service NEEDS service. Would NEVER use them again. Next time I will just pay a premium price to get a premium service, suggest others do the same.

  • Me
      13th of Mar, 2012
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    I am so glad it wasn't just me. I won't bore you with the details but in short, they had to take my goods away in 3 batches as they just forgot to pick up things, and I wasn't there to check as I had Moved from Sydney to Melbourne ask assumed they would pick up the goods when they said they would.
    Richard, the Operations manager is an absolute joke. It seems we have no leg to stand on. They don't care one bit and consumer affairs only haven't limited powers to help.
    They took 6 weeks to complete my delivery. The actual delivery guys are also a joke.
    How they are still in business I will never know.
    Today Tonight/a Current Affair anyone? I'd be in.

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