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Babies R Us / Sales associate can't be bothered

1 San Jose, CA, United States Review updated:

I have never had a pleasant experience shopping at Babies R Us. Lines are long and employees are indifferent. My recent experience was no different. I was looking at bibs while a young female employee was working on stocking the area. I kept looking at the vast selection up and down the wall and not once did she ask if I needed help, in fact she seemed annoyed I was shopping in her way. I finally picked the bibs I wanted and moved on to browsing another aisle. At this time the employee was pulled away helping someone else, as she came back, she rounded a corner and didn't look where she was going or who she could bump into and almost crashed into me. And her words mumbled under her breath pissed me off! She said "damn" as in damn I have to deal with you again in my way. My reaction was, what the heck just happened? I was livid but chose not to confront this obviously unhappy-to-work-retail employee.

My question is, how is Babies R Us training these people? What happened to basic customer service? Employees should treat customers like how they would want to be treated when shopping. We all know working retail is no picnic, but c'mon! Just simply treat as you would want to be treated.

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  • Ca
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I often ask myself the same question about many stores... Anyone who works in retail seems to HATE customers. They seem to forget that without us, they wouldn't even have a job. They should count their blessings that they are even employed, because these days it's hard to get a job anywhere. I know plenty of people who would love to have their jobs but aren't "qualified". Apparently you need a highschool diploma and college degree to get paid to be a jerk. I purchased a changing table at Baby's R Us a few months back. I was told as I paid for it that someone would bring it from the stock room out to my car any minute. I sat in front with my car running waiting for 15 mins, went back inside and noone even knew what the heck I was talking about. So after getting the guy who helped me to clear the situation up, I stood and waited while they paged the stockroom guy to come up... He comes up there beyond pissed and cussing at the girl because he's trying to "take his break in 5 mins" Not that he was on break, but he didn't want to do anything workwise because he wanted to be able to go ON his break in 5 mins... God forbid he should have to do his job and maybe start his break 30 seconds later than he needs to.

    And to be quite honest, Baby's R Us is ridiculously overpriced for things compared to other retailers... I wouldn't give them anymore of my business anyhow.

  • Ro
      27th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    it's ### people like you that make working at babies r us the worst working environment EVER. Imagine having to deal with people that only complain and treat you like they are better than you all day long. Please come switch places with me and then we will see if you still complain. Suck it up or shop somewhere no one wants to hear you ###.

  • Se
      9th of Apr, 2010
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    Roxy, you are the perfect example of people who should be on welfare due to organic psychological damage. Please get on the system and enjoy the rest of your life on my tab. And have a nice day.

  • To
      16th of Jan, 2011
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    Roxy, your comment is ignorant and plain rude. why should we shop at a place where we are treated like [censor]? and by us telling people about our experiences so they can avoid being treated like [censor] is not [censor]ing its helping.
    I don't think that you should even be allowed to have a computer to comment on anything with that stupid of a comment you just posted.
    Hope me being rude to you is okay, seeing you think its okay that we go to stores where we are spending our HARD EARNED MONEY and get treated the way we do.

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