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Babies R Us / return policy

1 Flint, MI, United States Review updated:

I registered at Babies R Us. I got MULTIPLE items because for whatever reason the registry did not work. They were VERY unhelpful & rude telling me that due to retail fraud their policy had been changed. (As I was standing there VERY visibly pregnant). Even though the products had never been opened they would not let us return. INSANE!!! I will NEVER shop there again!! I had been buying all my baby shower gifts & diapers monthly for 2 kids there. Not anymore. I am telling eveyone I know to stop shopping there.

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  • Br
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    Babies R Us. What a disappointment! I registered at babies r us and until recently I have not had any problems. Today I went to a newly renovated Toys R Us/ Babies R Us combo store. I tried returning an item that was given as a gift without a receipt and though I have been able to do so in the past was told I could not at this location. For some reason it has a different return policy from a store 30 miles away that I used to frequent (Emeryville). I tried to return a second item for which I had a receipt (yes, it was past 90 days) however, the merchandise was current and I was more than happy to take store credit for the amount. Again, I was told the return could not be done, I would have to drive 30 miles to the other store where they could possibly help me there! This is rediculous! For a store that deals with new mothers, short on time, energy and memory, they should be beyond accomodating. I registered there for all of my baby gifts, giving them more than enough business from my family and friends. The least they could do is have a more customer friendly return policy. I will never again shop at or recommend babies r us to friends. I will now shop at Target stores who not only have as adequate a baby section these days, but a far superior return policy when past due/missing receipts are involved!!!

  • El
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I agree completely about how unfair the return policy is at Babies R Us. If I would have known that it was going to be so difficult to return or exchange baby items that were never ven taken out of the box, I would have NEVER registered there. I have also told many friend who are expecting not to register there. Baby Universe, target and Buy Buy Baby are a lot more customer friendly and as long as you have your items in the orginial package they will take them back and offer you a credit if you do not have a receipt.

    My twins were born in December and there are many items that they could not use until they were six months old. I wanted to exchange a double stroller that was purchased off my registry for another double stoller that would be better for my babies. Babies R Us would not take it back because they said the item was discontinued. They said it was discontinued back in Oct. My babies weren't even born yet. How would I know that this stroller would not be good for them. Doesn't Babies R Us know that most woman who are expecting have baby showers two months before their child is even born. How are we supposed to know what is going to be the right thing for our babies?

    I just recently opened the box of one of the high chairs I received as a gift from my babies r us registry. The seat and a huge crack in it. I called Babies R Us and with no suprise to me they could not help me. Again, they said this item was discontinued six months ago - we can not help you.

    I buy double the amount of formula and diapers and baby food from Babies R Us weekly. I will no longer do that. Why am I going to spend my money at store that does not help their customers in any way. Especially new moms!

    My advice to all new moms is DO NOT REGISTER AT BABIES R US. The items they sell are always discontinued and there refund policy is not customer friendly. You will get stuck with expensive items that you can not return or exchange. Even if you have a receipt, you are out of luck if the item is discontinued. They do not care.

  • Ai
      7th of Sep, 2008
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    I registered with Babies R Us for my baby shower on June 7th. My baby was born August 22nd. I received a baby swing as a gift on June 6th and did not put it together until my baby was born (3 months later), to find that it was defective (it did not work when the batteries were put in it). When I registered with Babies R Us, they notified me it would not be a problem to return items without a receipt if it was on my registry. On Sept. 7th, I took the defective swing back to Babies R Us to exchange or get an in-store credit. To my surprise I could only exchange the swing, which they did not carry anymore, the only swings they had available were $30 dollars more than the defective one, they had sold. Because the purchase was more than 45 days old (even with a receipt of proof of purchase) I could not receive a refund or in-store credit because it was over 45 days! I had to fork over $30 more dollars for a swing because they sold a defective one in the first place! Corporate was no help either, they did not care that I registered there, that the swing they sold was defective, the only solution was for me to take back the broken swing and contact the manufacture myself to see if they could help me fix it or pay $30 more dollars (that I do not have) for another one of their swings! This policy is ridiculous, I work in retail and am fully aware they can return that swing to the manufacturer and get credit for it. They have lost a good customer and many others because of this poor policy, I even told them I was taking my business to Target and all they said was that’s too bad!

    Do not register with Babies R Us for your baby shower, if you do, be sure and let your friends/family know to buy the gifts right before the shower because you risk not being able to return them, imagine getting duplicates and having to keep both! Or forbid something that does not work and have to pay more to get a working one! Crazy!

    Make sure you assemble all products as soon as you get them also, so they can sit in your house for 3 months without use, just in case they do not work! Otherwise you will be stuck with them.

  • Fr
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    well next time don't go to a different store, keep your legs closed ###

  • Cr
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Why would you take your business to target. They are worse than babies r us. They have a no receipt no return period paragraph thats stupid. At leats babies r ur can look things up on a registry or a credit card target doesnt do anything!!!

  • Sh
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    Was told by an associate that I "HAD TO" register for an alternate car seat base for our second car. They claimed I would "need it". I NEVER used it. And at 4 months my son has nearly outgrown the car seat, so in search of new ones I realized I still had a BRAND NEW IN THE SEALED BOX car seat base. I took it to the store to see if I could receive store credit since it was on my registry, and to my suprise my registry was already expired (they expire in 3 months), and in addition to that I could not return or exchange this since I didnt have the reciept! It has never been used!! All I wanted was a store credit so I could spend MORE moeny in thier store. I think this is a BAD policy. I understand that some people might take advantge, but this is just out of control, and takes advantage of all of the people who are NOT taking advantage. When you have a baby you are in constant need of things as well as there being a ton of things you register for and never ever use. I think if you are spending the money in the store, you should be able to get a store credit without a reciept, within reason. And you should always expect to get the credit for the price that the item is currently.

  • Gm
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    I had the same experience with an expensive gate that was bought from my daughter's registry. Her living situation has changed since the baby was born and she no longer can use the gate. It is new, in the box, and I could not return it for store credit because my daughter's registry is no longer in the cash register system. Her registry is still online but not in the cash register system. This is a new policy, I was told by a manager. I told the manager that his customers are a specialized group of people. Babies come early, late, need medical attention and things don't always go according to plans. There needs to be some flexibilility in their return policy. As I waiting in the store to talk to the manager, a woman came in with two outfits, given as gifts, with tags, bought in Babies R Us, not on her registry. She wanted to return them for store credit. The answer was no. They were not on her registry and she did not have a gift receipt. So that lady is stuck with clothes that don't fit her baby. My advice is, look on the registry, then purchase the items at another store, or just don't register at Babies R Us. Beware, you need a receipt at Babies R Us!!

  • Sy
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    Aftering registering at Babies R Us I received several duplicate items. And there is no Babies R Us within a 35 mile ratios of my home. So, unfortunately, I was unable to return a few of the items until several months after my baby shower and the store manager informed me that they would not return/exchange the items (with the receipt). I am so frustated with Babies R Us I will purchase all my baby items from Target or Walmart...both of which have a more forgiving return policy.

  • An
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    alot of retailers have a 90 day return policy. i understand there is not one near you, but its also not their fault. you could sell them on ebay or amazon. or donate them to a local charity

  • Sh
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    The customer service department is very rude. Will not return any item in its original packaging accompanied with the receipt if it is after 90 days. When you have just given birth to a child it is very difficult to make returns within that time frame. Buy Buy Baby has a much more realistic return policy and their customer service department is much more professional!

  • Dl
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    Babies R Us return policy is absurd. I took my daughter in law to return some items she had recieved from her baby shower. She was looking for a store credit to buy new items. All of the items she was returning were in their orginal packaging/ and tags. Even the clothes were still on the Babies R Us hangers. This was a mere 7 weeks after the baby was born. All of the items were to small so we were looking to get bigger clothes. They would not return them because she did not have the receipts. These were items given at a shower. What is she to do ask everyone to give her the reciept. THAT"S RUDE!!! Anyway I proceeded to write to the company to complain and got the same song and dance. I for one will not step foot in that door again. Their return policy is ridculous.

  • Re
      3rd of Oct, 2009
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    Babies 'r Us has further restricted their return policy. They will NOT take anything back without a receipt. They will not even allow an exchange. I bought a Safety First table bumper guard 2 weeks ago. According to the packaging, it was the correct size for my table. When I put it on the table, it was too big. I went in the store to ask if I could EXCHANGE it for the smaller size. They would not even allow me to EXCHANGE the product. My mistake for tossing the receipt, but give me a break. The "manager" would not compromise in any way, and told me that the manager above her was "in a meeting and would be unavailable for a long time." Ironically, the woman in front of me in line also was turned away with her return of two infant shirts. Does this company think that disappointed and frustrated consumers will continue to shop there??? After my return, I would have spent time in the store and easily spent another $50. I was not going to give them my business after that experience though. Their prices are usually significantly higher than Target and Walmart anyway... high prices and poor customer service will be their downfall.

  • Je
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    They Not Only Won't Take it back without a receipt but even if you have a receipt they will only give you "store credit". Full story Below:

    To start the weekend out it was awesome! We had a great baby shower and got lots of gifts. Scott and I decided to take some of the gifts back "luxury" gifts not have to haves back to the store since we had both a receipt and gift receipt. Had the whole sha-bang folks Dad made sure we had everything we needed to take it back to the store!

    So I pile it all in the car and we go for a trip to BabiesRUs, now do not forget folks we live in the desert so its a 20 min plus drive to get to the mall. Anyway we go into the store and the girls up front where as sweet as can be helping us return the items. Total items taken back was $220.00. Lots of money right?? Well we planned on spending most of it at BabiesRUs but wanted to save at least some of it just in case Walmart or Target had something cheaper. So with the receipt what did I expect back?? Well of course cash. Am I crazy to expect that?? I didn't think so I had all receipts and they insisted that I could only get store credit. So my next question of course is why??? When I have my receipt in hand both gift and the real receipt why can't I get cash back???

    All the girl could say was "it is policy with a gift receipt". I asked why?? If someone bought me a gift from your store and i decided I didn't want anything from your store and had the receipt why am I forced to buy something from your store?? Because its policy is not a good enough answer for me. I can take a gift receipt into Target, Best Buy and Walmart and get cash back why should any other store be different. A receipt is a receipt someone gave them the money I got the gift, I now don't want the gift so I want the money instead. Not a hard concept people!

    So of course I am really upset by now and asked to speak to the manager. So the nice girls call the manager Janelle to the front. Scott and I are waiting there playing with the kids. I should probably mention at this time they took everything from my cart and put it back where ever it came from.

    Waiting this lady comes up Scott and I both look at her and man did she look pissed. She had the dirtiest look on her face and Scott and I both said gosh I hope thats not her! Well guess what it was. So for a minute or so she talked to the front girls then asked what the problem was. So I explained my issue on store credit when I had my receipts, before I could even finish a sentence she interrupted me more than once telling me " we do not give cash back on anything", "we do not give cash back to credit card purchases" then she says "we don't give cash back on checks", then it was "we don't give cash back on gift receipts", my personal favorite guys was "well no store gives back cash back on gift receipts not even Target". Ok so tell me how the last one was relevant, so I nicely let her know that she was not correct I had just taken something back to Target with a gift receipt a few weeks ago, Scott then proceeds to tell her that Best Buy gives cash back for gift receipts. (Not that any of that had anything to do with anything but anyway). So then Scott begins to talk to her and she cuts him off more than once and Scott got mad. He told her "Are you gonna shut your ###ing mouth ### so I can finish what I am saying". The look on her face was priceless but it didn't work no shutting her up. She then proceeds to tell us " I Refuse Service I am not Helping You". So I tell her OK then give me my items back, she then tells me "No I Refuse Service". She then said "Please leave" (Everyone I was shocked she was not only refusing service she was not going to give back the gifts I brought in to return, well you know me I do not tolerate that) I then told her she has 2 options she is either going to give me the cash back or my ###ing items back. So as everyone quickly scrambles Scott asks her for her managers name, phone number, and information she says " NO I am not giving that to you". Then Scott said "### you are going to give me the name of the information of the person you answer to". She said "Marco Ebrum" that may not be spelt right sorry. She refused to give us the telephone # or any other information I do not even know if she gave us the correct name.

    So now that this has happened I am on a mission to spread the word! I will NEVER buy anything from BabiesRUs again, I am extremely upset how I was treated. She was not interested in hearing anything I had to say and was really rude. Its pretty bad folks when my husband and I have to raise our voices to get someones attention. She could not believe it but you tell me what we where suppose to to especially when she refused to give me my stuff back. I have worked in Customer Support for years and I have my own business and even if my customer is not totally right I NEVER treat them that way. I do what I can to resolve the problem and make it right even if its a compromise. I do not assert my authority to any of them as this women insisted on doing tonight. Talk about a pissing contest all I wanted was for someone to actually help me not tell me its policy and she didn't even say she was sorry, damn sorry goes a long way, if she even just attempted to give a ### it would have went a long way but she didn't and even worse she didn't care. If any of my managers ever talked to any of my customers that way I would fire their ### on the spot!

    So my final thoughts on this is I will NEVER shop at BabiesRUs again. I am not stuck with items that I can use but that are not a absolute must for the baby, I may not even open some of them. So tell me how should I feel?? Upset?? Well ya just a little right?? LOL No I am very angry! This is just the first of many blog posts about BabiesRUs. I am an internet marketer and know how to get the word across all over the net!

    I guess an email to an executive is in order I hope I can find the information of a big wig on top because I am extremely upset on how I was treated!

  • Me
      16th of May, 2010
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    Well I had a very eye opening experience today. We received a gift from a friend of mine for 10 month old son. As it would happen it was something I already had two of and really didn't need a third one.

    So I decided to take it back to Babies R US and just get a store credit. It wasn't a large item only about 32.00. Then I could get something else for him that he could really use...I don't say diapers?

    Anyway I waited at the return counter and it was finally my turn. I explained to the store clerk that it was a gift and I already had two of them and would like to return the one I just got. My friend didn't give me the receipt or a gift receipt so I would just like to get a store credit. She proceeded to ask me if it was on my registry. Which it was but what difference did that make? As it would turn out they would not return it or give me a store credit. I asked to speak to the manager and it was explained to me that because my son is over 30 days old I could not just return a gift I had gotten. Even though I had just gotten it. The only way I could return the item was to get the original receipt.

    So let me get this straight!
    Someone gives me a gift two weeks ago.
    One that I already have two of and really don't need a third.
    And because my due date was more than 30 days ago I need the original receipt.
    I can't even get a store credit because it is over $20.00

    The sales clerk suggested I give it as a gift to someone else I know as a gift. I am a 41 year old new mother. Not a lot of my friends have babies.
    Call up the friend who gave it to me as say what? Thanks so much for the gift but I already have two of them and in order to return it I have to have you send me the original receipt as she lives in another state
    I could ask my friend for the credit card number she purchased it on and then they could look up the receipt on line. I am not sure my sister would even do that for me.
    I can take it to Toys R Us and try and return it there as they have a more friendly return policy.

    So beware...
    If you purchase something for someone at Babies R. US and their child is over 30 days old, they won't be able to return the gift unless you send them the original receipt. Oh...unless you are cheap and it is under 20.00. Then they can get a gift card.

  • Ye
      28th of May, 2010
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    I received a baby bassinet as a gift and needed to return it. I went to my local Babies R Us store and was told that they can''t accept it since they are Babies R Us Express and I need to go to a regular Babies R Us store. I drove to the regular Babies R Us store which is a long distance from my house and was told that they can't accept it either since they don't carry this item in the store and I need to go to the Babies R Us store that carries this item.

    I completely don't understand this policy. First of all, how am I suppose to know which store carries which items? Second, let''s say my friend from Los Angeles sends present to me to San Francisco. If none of the local stores carry this item what am I suppose to do with it?
    This policy is completely insane.

  • Ae
      22nd of Jun, 2011
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    it amazes me the things people will say when they are behind a computer desk and not standing in front of the person, hu fred k? I came to this site for information not to hear vulger pointless random ###. Dont be mad because no one will spread their legs for you fred. Hmmm, maybe this has something to do with that wining personality of yours. how about the next time some inspirational, genious advice like that pops into your tiny little brain why dont you just shut the ### up. the internet is full of crazy people and its not that hard to track down an individual. think of that next time you want to post your lol... "anonamous" vicious attacks towards mothers or talk about them like they are not people but only ### holes because you cant get laid. please do the world a favor and go play in rush hour traffic.

  • Di
      1st of Oct, 2012
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    I am sorry you experienced that. I have never heard of return fraud at all. I work at Babies R Us and I work at the guest service counter where we do returns 90% of the time we can make it work, even without the receipt. I would chock your experience up to a bad clerk, I don't think he/she knew what they were doing at all. Congrats on your bundle of joy and we hope that you reconsider your choice, we pride ourselves on the ability to develop relationships with parents to be and help out a lot.

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