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Babies R Us / Terrible service and inconvenience!

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On 28 February 28, 2007, I called the Babies R US store at 395 Gateway Drive, Brooklyn, NY [protected]) to inquire whether they had a Safari Babies Playard (Item # 640438) in stock.

The customer service representative who answered the phone informed that, based on the information available to her, they had the item. She then informed me that she was transferring me to the Manager. I was transferred to 3 different people and spent a total of 20 minutes on hold during the transfers. Finally a man named Lance who identified himself as the Manager answered and informed me that the item was not in the store. When I inquired as to why I was being provided contradictory information, Lance was petulant, raised his voice and hung up on me. I am appalled at the terrible service and inconvenience this caused me.

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  • As
      25th of May, 2008
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    I am currently registered with Babies R Us. For the past 2 weeks, nothing that has been purchased off of my registry has showed up as being bought. I've done some research on the internet on several forums to see if anybody else has experienced the same problem, and haven't been successful. There is an upwards of 50 to 60 items that are not showing up on my registry! I don't mean to sound material, but I spent a lot of time on my registry- and the last thing I want to do is run around in the last few weeks of my pregnancy making a million returns. Then another problem emerges if I do not get gift receipts for the many doubles I'm sure I will recieve! (Due to BRU's strict policy for returns)

    Am I alone?

  • Da
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    Personally I would not register at Babies R us or Toys r Us for anything. I am fed up with thier customer service and will no longer spend any money there.

    We registred last year for our new baby, one of the products was an Even Flow Mega Circus (est $100) this item was for a 4 month old so along with numerous other items in that age category we stored it in the unopened box.

    Now at 4 months I open the Mega Circus to put it together and its missing parts. My wife returns it to Babies R US and they deny it ever being bought at a Babies R Us although it says bouoght and paid for on registry. When I get involved a Toys R Us agrees to take it back, but only at the clearance price of $33.00.

    All I wanted was to exchange it for a working product.

    I have contacted Even Flo and Babies R Us Corporate with letters but I do not expect any response. If Possible I would return all of the other unopened Items I have from them at this time.

  • Me
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I had that same guy the other night. I am trying to get my childs toddler bed delivered (it's been 3 weeks now) and he did the same thing on me. Now I have made a compaint to the BBB and will be on the news this weekend. I am making sure no one orders from Toys r us. and yes I registered with them and they never take things of the list.

  • Re
      22nd of Mar, 2009
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    I was very frustrated and angry and never take my wife to Babies r us ever again. First of all we went to go get a crib and dresser set. We had a coupon so she was excited about the set. We asked employee looked it up and they had the crib but not the dresser. She informed us that we could not get the set for the coupon price. This was when wife was just getting started to be upset. So we decided on another set. more expensive but what the hell, we had a coupon. Again they had the crib but not the dresser. But on this one we could us the coupon because the other cheaper on the dresser wouldn't come in until 3 months later. (which I thought was kinda wierd) The new one they said they could get the dresser in the store within 14 business days. Whatever right? So we'll come back and get it, no big deal, or so I thought. They said we can only pick up our dresser tuesdays through friday between 5pm and 7pm. If you dont pick it up within 15 days once it comes in they charge you 20% for inventory stocking or something. Now that I happen to work 7:30 to 7:30 monday through friday its goona be a pain to get off early to go pick it up. So I was just like whatever. Then we grab the crib bedding set and go to get rung out. the lady at the cashier statiion was the most unpersonable person on earth. we pull out the coupon, she sighs. I was like whoa my bad did I inconvenience you by make you work a little harder, geez. so she takes forever and then my mother in law was buying the crib bedding set and the sign in the store said we match prices from competitors. She showed the cashier the ad from Burlington but the cashier had no idea if they price match. She called a manager (giving us the attitude that she was being inconvenienced again) The the manager comes up(its the same person which we had an ordeal with with the actual crib and dresser(no personality either) She then said they don't match online ads. the ad was not for ordering online but and ad for the store we told her and showed her. She said nope cant do it. So I said don't worry we'll buy it from Burlington. Thats $300 going to Burlington and we were really only saving about $20. Then the guy who took the crib box outside couldn't eben confirm it was our box. the cashier had to come out and show him the number. He took it ouside for us and my pregnant wife (7 months) and her mother had to try to fit this in her mothers car. I was putting the other boxes in my car when I came up and ask what was goin on. The said he just brought it out and left it there. I was furious at this point. Now I know times are tough (economy) but you would think after spending almost $1000.00 at their place they could have at least helped. I am a General Manager of an automotive shop. Our biggest thing is customer service. We do automotive work but we make sure every customer is taken care off. Our corporate office has made it a point to make sure of this. You would think a place that has mostly women that are pregnant for customers would be more attentive and try to help their customers or even show them that they are trying. These employees were horrible up to the manager. I will not shop there ever again and will tell anybody that I can not to go the Babies r us in Pasadena Maryland.

  • Ja
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    I agree we went to babied or us over the weekend t register they were out of register book and the gifts you are SUPPOSE to receive at time of registerring. The manager and employees all seem new and very hard to get someone to help you. I would not shop there they are expensive and the service is HORRIBLE !!

  • Se
      9th of Apr, 2010
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    I took my daughter and newborn granddaughter to the Lynnwood, WA Babies R Us recently to treat them both to a little shopping spree. When I arrived, it was as though we were unwelcome terrorists: customers not only glared at us as though we were criminals (and we dress nicely, are clean and are quiet), some of them audibly mocked us. If that was not a shock enough, after feeling rather unwelcome, we proceeded to checkout and the clerk who served us was detached, scornful and dismissive. We left the store, my daughter's eyes brimming with tears. I will never, ever set foot in another Babies R Us or Toys R Us store again or visit their websites. This experience was wholly inexcusable.

  • An
      14th of May, 2010
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    Here's something interesting and totally appalling about Babies R Us that you may not realize. I have always been annoyed by the robotic questions that the cashiers at Babies R Us go through at the checkout. They try to push their credit card applications on me, try to sell me batteries when I'm buying diapers, and generally just harass me with stupid offers and questions. Even if you get upset with the cashier for hassling you with these things, they just keep right on going. Well, do you know why that is? I was complaining about this to a friend of mine who works at Babies R Us, and found out that this is a corporate initiative. In fact, is is SUCH a strong corporate iniative that the the cashiers are treated in a very heavy-handed manner about making sure they ask all the questions, and they actually fire cashiers who not ask these questions to every single customer. In fact... and here's the REALLY offensive part... they will put a cashier on probation and then fire him or her if they cannot get enough customers to agree to sign up for their credit card offers. Can you believe that?!? In an economy where people are struggling, they have the audacity to force us to sign up for more debt, and to fire their employees if they are not able to convince us to sign up for more debt. Now now only am I annoyed with these questions that CLEARLY show Babies R Us is more concerned with their bottom line, even at the customer's economic expense, but I'm also totally offended. I will never shop at a Babies R Us again. Since I do not intend to sign up for credit cards I don't need, nor am I going to have batteries or other products forced down my throat, each time I say no could be the time that some poor cashier gets fired because his or her numbers on selling these things is not high enough. So, by not shopping at Babies R Us, not only am I avoiding their heavy-handed offers that prove they don't care about me as a customer, but I'm also avoiding being the customer thats helps contribute to a firing of a cashier, simply because they can't get me as a customer to buy into their things that Babies R Us has no business trying to force onto me in the first place. I suspect that when a company gets this desperate to hawk credit, it probably means they have serious financial problems as a business. Either that, or they are just completely out of touch with how to treat their customers.

  • Sk
      25th of Feb, 2011
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    anninohio I am not sure what babies r us your friend works at but I would report that store. I work in an illinois babies r us and we are not like to our employees yes we have to ask those questions but we do not fire people who do not sign people up.

  • La
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    Very very disappointing customer service at 48 street between northern blvd & barnet ave in queens. It used to be my store for all my baby needs & I always spent portion of my salary check there but no more. Why? Please read below.
    I bought some stuff at that 48 street babies r us store. I usually trust them so never ever check my receipts. That evening my husband asked me about one item that he didn't see but was on the receipt. I 100% knew I didn't purchase that item so it wouldn't be on my shopping bag. Next day I went with my original receipt & all items I bought and reported to customer service about the problem. Out of nowhere a employee who I had not seen comes to customer cashier counter & witnessed he saw me put it in the bag. after a long discussion they finally says we will check cameras. The manager comes & says he saw me take that item. I disagree & ask them if that's the case let me see the camera & prove it. They get nervous and utter umm customers aren't allowed to see camera. I smile and ask them if the camera recording shows I took the stuff what is the problem for you to show me. Actually you should proudly show the recording to me so that you can prove me wrong. Then they tell me to file police report if I wanted to see the camera. long story short I am 100% honest & sure I didn't take that item. They are bunch of liars & there was no camera proof otherwise they would have shown it to me. I returned all my stuff & got my money back for whatever I bought & they took the money for that particular item which I didn't buy & didn't have in my shopping bag.
    Ever since I warned all my friends about that store. I will never e er shop at any of their stores.

  • Ci
      12th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    My daughter recently had a baby shower and registered only with babies r us. Much to my dismay there were several complaints regarding the registry (not in stock, only on line). If complaints were made to me at the shower, I am sure there were many more unsaid at this time. If items are on line only, it should be noted at the time when the registry is arranged, also several items were discontinued and not taken off the registry which made it very inconvenient for guests to pick out an item. Many ended up going to target and walmart as a result. Would not recommend this registry to anyone.

  • Ac
      6th of Jul, 2011
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    I hate Toys R Us/Babies R Us. I signed up for their rewards club and spent about $1500. I had racked up several reward coupons but they hadn't arrived. After a couple of months I actively pursued my certificates only to find out they had expired and that although I never received them, they could not reissue them to me. The best solution they gave me was to write corporate a letter. I won't be giving them anymore of my money as I can see they do not care about their consumers.

  • We
      14th of Apr, 2012
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    We purchased a crib from babies r us, conversion to toddler bed and full is available. That is all we were told. Low n' behold what they left out was, this is an exculsive crib to BRU only, special order comes from China or Japan, and they will not take your orde for conversion kit until it is in stock in babies r us warehouse and then it still takes 10-15 WEEKS, yes WEEKS, even though manufacturer has the in stock and says it goes out 3-5 days after BRU orders. We have now waited over 7 months for these rails and now our child has outgrown her crib and has no bed of her own due to waiting on these rails and cost over $200 for just the rails. I would NEVER purchase again from Babies r us. We call BRU and all you get is attitude and excuses.

  • Pe
      20th of Sep, 2012
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    I currently have a baby registry with Babies R US and am expecting my first child in 11 weeks. I am extremely upset by the customer service I received from the BRU store and UPS when delivering an item. A shower guest ordered a dresser off my registry and had arranged for it to be delivered to my apartment. When I registered for these items, I was told they would be delivered to my apartment to the location I wished. I had called UPS and arranged with Kristin and Scott to have the dresser delivered between 11-1 on Tuesday September 18. The shipment did not arrive until 2pm and when it did, was told that they could only leave the dresser downstairs and NOT assist in bringing the piece upstairs to the apartment. As you can imagine, this created quite a problem as the piece weighs almost 200 lbs. With 11 weeks to go before my child arrives, worrying about the delivery of her nursery items and how to maneuver them should be the last thing on mind. Additionally, when someone has been generous enough to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a gift for me, this should not be the way the transaction is handled. I am appalled and disgusted with this company and its customer service. I will most likely buy the matching crib from them because I have no choice but after that will remove my registry and never shop with them again. Additionally, I have had several complaints from relatives at the lack of availability of the items on my registry. This is extremely disappointing as this is supposed to one of the greatest times of my life and I am wasting my time writing about BRU instead of enjoying preparing for my daughter’s arrival.

    I highly suggest you offering me a much discounted rate on the crib which I will now have to arrange for special pick up services since your company does not provided adequate delivery service and also as a token of your apology for my completely unnecessary stress due to this grave inconvenience.

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